4 Ways to Refresh your Wardrobe with Timeless Essentials

4 Ways to Refresh your Wardrobe with Timeless Essentials

Occasionally, we all feel like we could use a wardrobe refresh. If you’re ready for a change this season, I suggest you refresh your wardrobe with timeless essentials because these are pieces that will last for you past this season. If you add a few contemporary classic pieces to your wardrobe, you’ll find yourself reaching for them repeatedly and season after season.

Here are my four recommendations to refresh your wardrobe with the basics you need this year and beyond.

  • Mix and match with modern neutrals
  • Flatter your figure with tonality
  • Try a fresh polished style
  • Learn to get dressed effortlessly

Mix and match with modern neutrals

Break free from the traditional basics in black and white by choosing modern shades of neutrals like a soft shade of taupe, soft blush pink, bone, indigo and light gray.

These soft, muted hues are endlessly versatile, mixing and matching in your wardrobe with all the classic basics you already own.

Here are a few ideas of what shades to pair with some of the modern neutrals.

  • Soft taupe – A soft taupe is an approachable modern neutral that looks great with black or white. But you can also find tones of nearly any color that will pair with a soft taupe and flatter your own coloring. Look for shades of green, blue, or another of your favorites with an undertone (cool or warm) for the taupe you’ve selected.
  • Indigo – Look beyond the obvious white (although it’s a great option) and choose any of these shades with indigo; consider soft gray, French vanilla, a heathered light blue, or a mint green. Or find a multicolored scarf that includes indigo and pull an accent color from it to use as an indigo pairing.
  • Light gray – So many colors will pair perfectly with light gray. Select another light shade for a subtle look, such as white or a soft sage green. Or paid light gray with a deeper punch color like indigo, burgundy, a jewel-toned red or black. Wearing blush pink with light gray is a soft play on a retro color pairing.

Flatter your figure with tonality

Outfit in varying shades of sage green

Tonality, a trending fashion approach, is both easy to do and a way to use clothing you probably already have. Use different shades of a color in the same main color group to create a cohesive and flattering outfit.

Also sometimes called monochromatic, a simple and chic outfit in tonal colors makes you look slimmer (and who doesn’t want that?). Your silhouette will be elongated and uninterrupted, so you’ll appear taller and thinner.

Tonality doesn’t need to be boring. Along with varying the shades of one color, you can experiment with fabrics and textures also, such as mesh panels, lace, or embroidery.

Try a fresh polished style

Another way to refresh your wardrobe with timeless essentials to try a fresh clothing style that you aren’t already wearing. Two of the classic trends making a comeback are the crop flare pant and the power blazer. When you refresh your wardrobe with timeless essentials, you’ll have options for years to come.

  • Crop Flare Pant – This iconic wardrobe staple is getting a modern refresh right now as trends move into relaxed silhouettes (and maybe fewer days wearing leggings). Consider a crop flare pant in comfortable fabrics that moves with you like a Ponte knit or even stretch denim. A crop flare pant is flattering to most body shapes, by wearing them with top that balances your frame.
  • Power Blazer — An updated longer blazer silhouette is turning heads of fashionistas and career women for its “put together” feel with so many outfits. Pull it on over a dress for an instant office look, pair with matching Ponte pants for a power suit, or scrunch the sleeves up and wear with jeans for everyday chic.
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Learn to get dressed effortlessly

As we enter the new year, the fashion world is buzzing with the idea of a curated collection of wardrobe staples, but if you’ve been following Style with Char Studio for any length of time, you know that I’ve been teaching this concept for several years.

Using my Formula for Getting Dressed Effortlessly, you’ll have the direction you need to select just the right timeless essentials for your work wardrobe. A curated wardrobe of staples offers versatility and longevity and mix and match effortlessly to take the stress out of getting dressed and the overwhelming feeling of having too many options and no idea where to start.

This approach brings simplicity to your wardrobe, gives you fewer decisions to make each morning and ensures you’re confident that you look polished and pulled together. And it helps you maximize your clothing budget because you buy what you need, and what you will work with what you already have.

Palermo Blazer with gray leggings

Stop worrying about what you’re going to wear tomorrow

The Formula for Dressing Effortlessly e-book will change the way you look at your closet. What if you knew that every piece in your closet had a purpose and that it could be worn with many other items easily and well, effortlessly?  Get started now with the FREE ebook.

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