3 Ways to Easily Accessorize with Glasses from Pair Eyewear

3 Ways to Easily Accessorize with Glasses from Pair Eyewear

Eyeglasses may be a necessary accessory, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish. With the newest customizable glasses from Pair Eyewear, you can use your glasses as a primary accessory for any outfit.

In this article, I’ll give you 3 tips to easily accessorize with glasses and customizable toppers from Pair Eyewear.

3 ways to easily accessorize with Pair Eyewear

Get the right style of Pair Eyewear

The first step in using Pair Eyewear to accessorize your outfits is to select your base frame. You’ll select both the frame style and the frame color.

When determining the best frame style, you’ll need to take into account both your face shape and the fit of each frame style. When I selected my style, I first narrowed down my options using the frame widths of narrow, medium and wide. I measured the width of some of my favorite reading glasses and sunglasses and used that as a guide.

Then, I used the virtual try-on feature on the Pair website to try on the frames to see how they looked with my face shape. I even took a few screenshots and shared the pictures with my friends to get their perspectives. I ended up with the Finley frame style.

Next, determine the frame color. I chose the tortoise-pattern frame for my base style because I thought they would be versatile to wear without a Pair topper. While this assumption was true, I think a better color choice would have been either the black or clear frame colors. When you add on a topper to your frame, the temples of the base frame show. Black or clear will look better with more colors and patterns of toppers. For example, the white toppers with a brightly-colored confetti pattern don’t match the tortoise base frame that well.

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Choose toppers in your wardrobe color palette

One of the key concepts that drive my mantra of dressing effortlessly is to standardize your wardrobe in a single color palette. Selecting toppers for your Pair Eyewear is fun and it would be easy to go crazy picking out colors and patterns.

I suggest you use your standardized color palette to help guide you when selecting your toppers to ensure that you easily mix and match your toppers with your current outfit options. You also can select a topper in an abstract pattern that contains several of the colors in your palette.

Of course, you also can use toppers for your Pair Eyewear to make a statement with just one accessory. Choose toppers that reflect your style personality, as well, such as your favorite animal print, or a topper that is all about your style vibe. For example, as an avid shoe lover, I would love a topper with a variety of colorful shoes on them.

My personal collection of Pair Eyewear toppers

Extend your toppers to keep your accessories fresh

As you wear your Pair Eyewear, you’ll have a chance to extend your toppers. Here are some reasons you might decide to add a new topper to your collection:

  • Most of us wear sunglasses and Pair offers magnetic sunglass toppers to turn your glasses into sunglasses with one click of the magnet.
  • Pick up a new topper when the seasons change and the colors in your wardrobe change. For spring, add in a soft pastel, or in the fall, find a pumpkin color.
  • Watch the Pair Eyewear website for new themes in the topper selection. You might find a fresh topper that goes great with your current style, such as a favorite artist or a favorite pop culture trend.

Pair Eyewear FAQ

If you’re new to Pair Eyewear, here are some common questions about them, along with my thoughts.

How many toppers should I purchase?

Now that’s a challenging question! As a busy woman who wants to simplify their morning routine, you can think of your toppers in one of two ways:

  1. Use Pair Eyewear toppers as your statement accessory. Collect toppers to add interest and personality to all your outfits, replacing the need to wear other accessories with most outfits. In this case, you might decide to have twenty or more toppers.
  2. Purchase 5-7 toppers to add variety to your wardrobe, choosing mostly neutral shades and subtle versatile patterns. You can still enjoy selecting the best topper for your outfit but minimize decision-making with just a handful of choices.

How can I get a discount or promo code for Pair Eyewear?

Who doesn’t love a discount! Use my referral link to get $25 off your first order of $60 or more. Here is the link: www.stylewithchar.com/glasses

What’s the best way to store Pair Eyewear toppers?

Here are a few ideas on how to store the toppers for your Pair eyeglasses as you collect them.

4 storage ideas for Pair Eyewear

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