Get the Scoop on the new Everyday Collection

Get the Scoop on the new Everyday Shape collection from Ruby Ribbon

One of the latest collections from Ruby Ribbon is called the Everyday Shape Collection, a new all-over light compression collection. This collection contains three pieces, including a cami, demiette and high waist briefs, designed to be “just right” for every day. Read the Q&As below to learn everything you need to know about the Everyday Shape Collection from Ruby Ribbon.

What makes the Everyday Shape collection special?

The Everyday Shape Collection is special because:

  • You get shaping and support with light compression (Level 3) created using fabric and design details
  • The cami and demiette both feature a peekaboo bustline using a mesh triangle inset
  • Extremely comfortable to wear
  • Adjustable and convertible straps for extra lift and versatility
  • Stays in place with an invisible gripper edge made from medical-grade silicone
  • Wicking fabric keeps you cool & dry

Who can wear the Everyday Shape collection?

Women who will like the Everyday Shape Collection the most will include those that:

Cami and demiette

  • Looking for a bra or cami with light compression and good bust support but without underwires
  • Wear a B cup or larger and measure 34 to 46 in bra band size
  • Women who aren’t in the mood for a tight shapewear garment, just some shaping
  • Women wearing an outfit where they don’t need shaping

High Waist briefs

  • Prefer a shaping brief that is comfortable while still helping smooth and shape
  • Wear pants size small to 3XL

What are the pieces in the Everyday Shape collection?

The Everyday Shape collection includes three pieces:

  • Everyday Shape Cami — This shaping Cami provides light all-over compression along with high breast lift and support. Unique details include a sweetheart neckline with dyed to match satin elastic trim and a mesh triangle inset.
  • Everyday Shape Demiette — This comfortable Demiette® provides lighter compression but doesn’t lack any of the support you need. Beautiful details including elegant matte fabric, a sweetheart neckline, and satin trim
  • Everyday Shape High Waist Brief — This high waist brief hugs your body with lightweight shaping. It features silicone at the waistband and leg openings to keep the brief in place so there’s never any riding up or rolling down.

What type of fabric is used in the collection?

Each of the pieces in the Everyday Shape collection is made from a matte shaping fabric that is a blend of 66% nylon and 34% spandex.

What size do I need in this collection?

To determine your size in the Everyday Shape collection, you can use the fit charts linked to the products on the website. But if you prefer me to help you find your size, just fill out this quick sizing form that is only a few questions and I’ll get back to you with a personal recommendation.

How do I take care of pieces in this collection?

All of the pieces in this collection can be washed in cold water in your washing machine using the Gentle Cycle. You should lay them flat to dry. We recommend that you don’t bleach them or dry clean and do not iron them.

What if I need more bust coverage when wearing this collection?

Like all Ruby Ribbon camis and demiettes, the cups are thin in the Everyday Shape collection. Here are three options to give you more coverage:

  • Petals Petals are worn inside the molded cups of the cami or demiette and will provide a bit of shaping or some discrete coverage for those who want it. Both the cami and demiette have pockets to keep the petals in place.
  • Dew Drops — Dew Drops are smooth foam-covered petals in a teardrop shape. They have added shape under the bust to give you an extra lift.
  • Posies Posies are reusable adhesive nipple covers for smooth, seamless coverage. Their tapered ultra-thin edges blend seamlessly into your skin.

Check out this video for 360-degree videos of this collection

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