Capsule Wardrobe Magic: Be Adventure Ready with Just 10 Pieces (2023 case study)

Capsule Wardrobe Magic: Be Adventure Ready with Just 10 Pieces (2023 case study)

Have you ever struggled with overpacking for a trip and ended up with a heavy, unmanageable suitcase? Or perhaps you’ve wanted to pack light but didn’t know where to start. In this blog post, we’ll explore and define the concept of a capsule wardrobe and showcase a case study of a 10-piece travel capsule wardrobe that my friend Carolyn took on her recent trip to Alaska.

Capsule Wardrobe Defined

A capsule wardrobe is defined as a curated collection of essential clothing items that can be mixed and matched to create a variety of outfits. The idea is to choose versatile, high-quality pieces that you love and that work well together, so you can create a functional, cohesive wardrobe with just a few items.

In this video, Carolyn (who is also a Storyline Collection editor like I am) gives us a first-hand look at a capsule wardrobe case study. She shows us the 10 pieces she took on vacation for an Alaskan cruise and side trip to Denali and talks about the benefits of packing light for ease and simplicity. With these 10 pieces, Carolyn was able to create many different outfits. For example, just by ensuring that her four tops each matched the two pairs of pants she brought, she knew she had eight different outfits.

A 10-Piece Travel Wardrobe

My friend’s cruise capsule wardrobe for her trip to Alaska consisted of the items listed below. All pieces are from Storyline Collection and are designed to mix and match. Many of these pieces also can be worn forwards or backward to emphasize a different neckline each way.

  1. Wide Leg Pant — Chose classic black in these versatile jersey pants
  2. Perfect Pants — Mix it up with a gray pair of the most perfect pants
  3. Turnaround Top — Select a simple tank in black, with two neckline options
  4. Keyhole Top — Bring more colors into your travel capsule with the Night Dots print
  5. Hi-Lo Tunic — Great to wear on its own or as an upscale “sweatshirt” and Carolyn choose black
  6. Classic Tunic — Beautiful and flattering in Key Largo blue for this travel collection
  7. Turnaround Dress – Pick a dress you can wear with many other pieces – this Sorrento Remix print is a great choice.
  8. Hero Jacket in Key Largo blue — A comfortable layer your can dress up or down
  9. Hero Jacket in gray — This jacket matches the Perfect Pants.
  10. Wrap Cardigan in black — Wear it as a wrap or a ruched top
10-piece Travel Wardrobe from Storyline Collection
10-piece Travel Wardrobe from Storyline Collection

Outfits Created with this Capsule Wardrobe

Here are a few examples of outfits my friend created from her 10-piece capsule wardrobe. This capsule wardrobe case study, shows how you have so many options with a color palette of two bottoms, four tops, three jackets and a dress in a complementary color palette.

For a fun evening out, pair the Hi-Lo Tunic with the Wide Leg Pants for a dressy monochromatic look. Pair with heels, some metallic bling and a wide black belt.

Head out on a shopping adventure in the Turnaround Dress as a top, with the Key Large Blue Hero Jacket and black Wide Leg Pants.

Date night anyone? Wear the Classic Tunic in key largo blue under the Turnaround Dress for a fresh look.

Be ready for whatever your day brings with the Turnaround Dress belted as a tunic and worn with black pants. The print in this dress mix and match with many others pieces.

Meet a friend for lunch in the fun Night Dots Print Keyhole Top worn over the Hi-Lo Tunic and paired with the Wide Leg Pants.

Let the Key Largo blue take center stage in this sightseeing outfit using the Classic Tunic and the Wide Leg Pants.

Tips for Maximizing your Travel Wardrobe

One of the benefits of a capsule wardrobe is the ability to mix and match items to create multiple outfits. Here are a few tips for making the most of a capsule wardrobe:

  • Decide on a color palette: Choose colors that work well together, so you can easily mix and match items. Carolyn used a color palette primarily of Key Largo blue, black and gray, and then mixed in some pieces with patterns to add variety. Be sure these are colors that also complement your skin tone.
  • Layer strategically: Layering allows you to create different looks and adjust for changes in temperature.
  • Look for versatility in clothing pieces: the Wrap Cardigan can be worn as a top, for example, and belting the Turnaround Dress makes a great tunic to wear with leggings
  • Accessorize to complete your looks: Add accessories like scarves, hats, and jewelry to add variety and personality to your outfits. Think about the various types of activities you’ll do on your trip and bring the right accessories to finish your looks.
  • ALways be wrinkle-free: Shop for fabrics designed not to wrinkle and require ironing. This will help you looked polished on your vacation or trip.
  • Wear your capsule on travel days: To pack even lighter, be sure to wear at least two — maybe even three — of the pieces in your travel capsule.

Benefits of a Travel Capsule Wardrobe

There are many benefits to packing a capsule wardrobe for travel, including:

  • Reduce stress: Knowing you have everything you need and can create multiple outfits with a minimal number of items can help reduce stress and make traveling more enjoyable.
  • Saves space: A travel capsule wardrobe allows you to pack fewer clothes. With fewer items, you can pack everything in a smaller suitcase, or use a backpack like Carolyn did.
  • Saves time: Having a limited number of clothing options means less time spent deciding what to wear each day.
  • Easy to pack and unpack: A travel capsule wardrobe is easy to pack and unpack, which means you can spend more time enjoying your vacation.
  • Helps you stay organized: A travel capsule wardrobe makes it easier to stay organized and keep track of your belongings.

My friend’s 10-piece capsule wardrobe for her trip to Alaska is a great case study of minimalist packing done right. By carefully choosing versatile, functional pieces, she was able to create a wardrobe that was both stylish and practical. Whether traveling to Alaska or elsewhere, a capsule wardrobe is a great way to simplify your packing and make traveling more enjoyable.

Looking for even more detailed tips on how to create a capsule wardrobe of your own? Download my free ebook that will walk you through the steps to take to get dressed effortlessly on your next trip.

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