Bye Bye Bra Cami!

At Ruby Ribbon, our signature product is the Ruby Ribbon Cami — the “Bye Bye Bra” cami, or some women call it the “Ditch Your Bra” cami!  Any of these names work! (Full disclosure, I personally haven’t worn a bra in more than 4 years!)

This cami replaces your bra with a comfortable and beautiful cami that will fit women from a 32B bra size to a 50K bra size. And yes, I know you’re skeptical, but it will work. I have personally helped hundreds of women ditch their bra forever!

When women see our before and after pictures, showing women who wearing a Ruby Ribbon cami and getting so much support with no underwires, plus losing an inch off their waist, they are convinced to “step into a cami” and just see if it will work for them.

From the pictures, you can see some of the benefits:

  • Support any cup size with NO precise cup-measuring required
  • No underwire
  • Banish bra lines
  • Stay Put – with our gripper edge that keeps your cami in place!
  •  Takes about an inch off your waist too (I have had women say their pants are sliding down, LOL)

You get this great confident look with no rolling, no “uniboob” and a wicking fabric that isn’t too hot.

Before and After Montage
 Before and After Ruby Ribbon Bye Bye Bra cami pictures

I would love to help you pick out the right Ruby Ribbon cami or demiette for you so you too can say “Bye Bye Bra!” (Women with a D cup or higher should go up one bra band size for best fit). Just fill out this sizing survey or join my online Facebook community to ask questions!

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