Bye Bye Bra Cami!

bye bye bra 2016.png
At Ruby Ribbon, our signature product is the Ruby Ribbon Cami — the “Bye Bye Bra” cami, or maybe you’re calling it the “Ditch Your Bra” cami!  Any of these names work!
This cami replaces your bra with a comfortable and beautiful cami that will fit women from a 32B bra size to a 50K bra size. And yes, I know you’re skeptical, but it will work. I have personally helped hundreds of women ditch their bra forever!
When women see our before and after pictures, showing women who wearing a Ruby Ribbon cami and getting so much support with no underwires, plus losing an inch off their waist, they are convinced to “step into a cami” and just see if it will work for them.
Before and After Montage
From the pictures, you can see some of the benefits:

  • More lift and support than with their bra
  • Smooth backs
  • Slimmer waists (I have had women say their pants no longer fit, LOL)

You get this great confident look with no rolling, no “uniboob” and a wicking fabric that isn’t too hot.
I would love to help you pick out the right Ruby Ribbon cami for you so you too can say “Bye Bye Bra!” (Women with a D cup or higher should go up one bra band size for best fit)

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