The Power of a Great Belt

No matter what your body shape is, the perfect belt can give you curves in all the right places! Use a belt to enhance and flatter your look.

Here are tips on how to wear a belt for your body shape (from my friend Sunil):

  • AppleSoft knit belts or cord belts tied to the side create an illusion of a waist without emphasizing it. Never wear a belt across your mid section and stay with colors that match your outfit.
  • Pear – Choose a mid-width belt; avoid anything skinny or very wide. Stay in the same color family as your outfit and wear it slightly lower on your waist.
  • Pencil – Avoid anything too wide; wear it at your true waistband create a soft blouson effect by pulling at the fabric on top.This will give the effect of soft curves and is very flattering.
  • Hourglass – Belts are great on you and you should be wearing them almost all the time. They should always be worn at the middle of your waist and the smallest point and dark colors flatter you best.

Not only will a belt enhance your shape, it can be a pop of color that accents your waist over an all black ensemble or a neutral colored belt to cinch in your waist as an accessory, too.

In any season, a belt can be the perfect accessory to a shirt, dress or high-waisted pants.  It can make you feel “thinner” on those bloated days and/or give you the curves you are looking for all while being fashionable, too!

Want more style tips, join my online fashion tribe! We would love to have your opinions and ideas.

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You get some ✨sparkle, and you get some sparkle✨ and you get some ✨sparkle!

One of the best gift items we have right now from Ruby Ribbon is the new Sparkle Scarf. Women of nearly any age will love it, especially those that like the on-trend rose gold metallic.

In an oatmeal heather color, this scarf will go with so many outfits. Wear it over a sweater for a cozy winter look. Or, use it with a coat (any color, really) as an outwear scarf. Or, wrap it around yourself like a shawl for the perfect additional layer over nearly any top, or even a dress.

This scarf can only be described as extra cozy and it’s also super soft in a knit that feels like cashmere. It also feature rose gold sparkly nailheads scattered across it.

Here’s a link to all my posts showcasing the 2018 Winter and Holiday Collection.


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Who Needs Jewelry?

Our new Necklace Trim Top is definitely an outfit maker and a “must have” for your spring wardrobe. Choose basic black (always a great choice) or an energetic Melon color. This swingy top can be worn neatly tucked into a skirt, or loose and flowing with dress pants.
A brushed metal gold necklace detail attached to a flatter shirring at the neckline means you don’t need to worry about jewelry – it’s more or less built into this tank. It’s dressy but not too fancy to wear with jeans. (Oh, and it’s still machine washable too)
How to wear it?

  • The melon color looks perfect with the Gingham Cropped Trousers and of course will pair well with skirts or pants in either mink brown or black.
  • Get a lean look when you pair the black version with a black Flounce Skirt and black pumps. Or love the look of jeans with the black tank and either the chalk or black Suedette jacket.

2018 Spring Capsule Summary

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The belt of the season

We introduced the Ruby Ribbon Belt and Buckle Set in the Fall Capsule, but I’m seeing it really take off more recently.
It’s a mix and match belt that you can purchase individually or as a set. It features an adjustable belt that is stretchy, and comes in both mink brown and basic black. Then, select one of three metal buckles — gold, silver or a burnished gold.
My clients are finding they love it with the new Ottoman Ponte Dress and the Lux Tunic. But it’s also cute added to the Boyfriend Blazer and the Suedette Tunic.
Here’s our VP of Product and Merchanding, Meg, giving tips on how to wear “the belt.” She looks great in her pink Dance Top.

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Fashion Tip Friday – What kind of bag do you carry?

I ran across a fun graphic that defines the various types of handbags – a glossary of purses more or less. It’s kind of fun to see the options.
glossary of bags
I like small bags with short handles (but I think I’m different from most women). I tend to get wristlets or small satchels.
What are your favorites?

Want to join my tribe of fashion-minded women. Head over to Style with Char Online Studio

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New accessories added to Fall Capsule

Any outfit is often better with just the right accessories, and with the Fall 2016 Collection, we’re offering four new items for you.
Ruby Ribbon Signature Scarf — A square silky feeling scarf that will add a pop of color to your outfit.
Chiffon Scarf — Give your outfit a long lean look when you tie on this rectangle scarf in our Fall 2016 tile print of blue and cinnabar. Same print as the Exposed Shoulder Tunic
Tie Tassel Belt — Available in camel or black, this belt can be worn on many tops and tunics as a belt, but also is super cute as a long necklace.

Fall Capsule 2016 Post Summary


Fashion tips for cold weather

weather.pngHere’s the current forecast in my neck of the woods. Pretty much, it’s freezing (literally) out there!
Those of us that live in this full-time, have some strategies for staying warm in this and I thought I’d share a few tips, maybe for those moving to colder climates or just visiting or maybe even those of us that live hear can get a tip or two.

  1. Dress in layers — this one probably is obvious, but your choice of layers might be. Don’t just layer up with a top and a sweater. Think tights (or even long johns) under your pants or leggings. And, be sure you’re wearing your Ruby Ribbon cami as a base layer under you top.
  2. Be smart about your accessories — Now is not the time to put on that chunky metal necklace. Yikes, you’ll be freezing when you walk outside with that cold metal on your skin!  Instead, choose a cute scarf that will be both fashionable, but also useful when you go outside.
  3. Wear boots – again kind of obvious but choose a pair with a solid sole and not too high. It’s probably icy out there, so don’t be the one that learns about the ice the hard way. And, the height of the boots will help you stay warm too.

That’s my tips for today. For those of you wondering why we live here, just know that it doesn’t last long! (And too my other ND friends, what tips did I miss? Please share!)