A day definitely worth celebrating!

No Housework DayApril 7 is officially No Housework Day and to me, that is certainly a day to celebrate. Who’s with me?
What that means (as if you need this day explained) is that there should be:

  • No dishwashing
  • No vacuuming
  • No dusting
  • No making beds
  • No laundry
  • No ironing
  • (Do you need me to keep going?)
  • No scrubbing
  • No window washing
  • No shower cleaning
  • No picking up
  • No mopping

So, celebrate No Housework Day by taking it easy and give yourself a day of leisure. Call me if you need someone to pour the wine!
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The promise of Ruby Ribbon

RR stylist logo squareLast fall, Ruby Ribbon CEO Anna Zornosa published an open letter to the Ruby Ribbon community about the Ruby Ribbon promise. This letter was to help both stylists and customers understand her commitment to them.
You can read the entire letter here (and I hope you do). Here’s my summary of the key points of the Promise of Ruby Ribbon.

Our Ruby Ribbon Promises:

  • Products that delight customers and enhance their lives
  • Giving independent Stylists the training and coaching support they need to serve their customers beautifully through a sustainable and thriving business model
  • Starter kit offers are valued much higher than the price the new stylist pays, and are carefully built with product & business supplies that allow our Stylists to produce a profit
  • No requirement for an ongoing investment plans samples of upcoming product launches can be earned
  • Discourage the practice of purchasing inventory for the purpose of resale and don’t compensate for personal purchases
  • Member of the Direct Selling Association and abides by its code of ethics

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Business Tips We Can All Learn From

As part of my holiday shopping, I reached out to some friends to get their ideas on gifts I could purchase from local businesses. I wanted to get many of my gifts from friends, and friends of friends.
I got many great ideas and I was able to purchase some gifts from other women with home-based businesses, but one story really stands out.
20171201_232359142_ios.jpgA friend of mine shared with me that her father makes handmade and personalized leather wallets, checkbooks and tool pouches. Men can be challenging to find gifts for so I asked a few more questions. “How much?” and “Can I see a picture?”
After seeing a picture, I told her that I wanted to purchase two tool pouches. It was a super fun exchange after that. After hearing that I needed them ASAP for the weekend, since my family was having Christmas a bit early, she contacted her father. He was willing to send me the pouches right away, no money exchanged hands and no one asked how I planned to pay.
They arrived a few days later, along with a handwritten note with the cost for the pouches and it just said “plus shipping,” and I guess it was up to me to determine how much shipping actually was. I dropped a check in the mail right away (although I’ll admit that it took me a while to find my checkbook in this debit card world) and got the gifts wrapped.
As I was reflecting on this transaction later, I feel like many businesses could learn a few lessons or take a tip or two from this businessman:

Trust others — no one asked me if or how I planned to pay

Go the extra mile — the pouches were in my mailbox in just two days

Care about your customers — the service I got from the man was exceptional in my opinion

PS: I told my friend that her father didn’t charge near enough for his handiwork and she just said “He hasn’t changed his prices since the early 80’s.” I guess if you have a hobby that you love, one more tip is this:  It’s not just about the money
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They're back!

One of the newest fashion trends hitting the streets may catch you a little off guard. You may have worn them in the 80’s and guess what, they’re back!  Introducing our chunky cable knit Leg Warmers in black. (Why said history didn’t repeat itself?)
legwarmer_black_frontTo get you into the leg warmer mood, I thought I would share a few tips on how to style them in the most trendy ways:

  1. Pull them over your jeans — your skinny jeans and any shoe will take on a fresh look (let them rumple a little – leg warmers aren’t meant to be stretched flat)
  2. Let them peak out of your calf-height boots — More texture, some additional warmth (maybe at an outdoor sporting event), and total style
  3. Pair them with a heel – check out the picture on the right for how to pull off this slouchy look.
  4. Stay warm on your commute — For those of you that need to walk outside in skirts and dresses this winter, leg warmers are a great option to keep you warm and then take them off at the office if they don’t “go” with your look
  5. Share them with a friend — as a stocking stuffer for a millennial… or her super cool Mom!

So, who’s ready to rock the new Ruby Ribbon Leg Warmers.

Summary of Winter and Holiday Treasures

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Light and floaty Layered Tunic delivers

When I saw this Layered Tunic, I knew immediately it was going to be one of my personal favorites in this collection.  It’s light and floaty with a mix of chiffon and jersey knit.
While it looks like two pieces, the draped “jacket” is attached to the body of the top, so it’s all one piece. I LOVED it in the Spruce color (and could already envision it with the black Jacquard Leggings), and later I realized that we also can get it in black. I find that I can always find space in my closet for another black tunic, don’t you?

What to wear with the Spruce?

  • Black — of course, like the Ankle Leggings or the Ponte Leggings or the Bootcut Leggings or the Panel Leggings or the Ottoman Ponte Leggings (So. Many. Choices.)
  • It will be gorgeous with the Stretch Woven Pants in either color — mink brown or black
  • Try it with the Asymmetric Skirt for a dressier look
  • Next spring, pair it with the gray or black Criss Cross Capri Leggings (or don’t wait – go on vacation so you can try this outfit now!)

What to wear with the Black?

  • Suedette Leggings in ANY of the five colors — camel, wine, gray, spruce or black – you can’t go wrong
  • In the spring, the black will be chic with the white Jacquard Leggings
  • Pair it with our sapphire Slim Leg Pants or Flounce Skirt for a “breaking the rules” look
  • Maybe even try it with our Sequin Skirt? Who knows?

Layered Tunic_
Winter Capsule Summary
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