My best travel jacket

I just returned from a fun vacation to the Caribbean and while there I realized one thing about the Ruby Ribbon Ponte Jacket. I value it more when I travel than when I don’t?  Not sure why.
But when I’m traveling, I nearly always bring it. It went to Finland with me two summers ago, and is almost always in my laptop bag on a business trip.
brown ponte jacketHere’s why:

  • It packs so easily — no chance of getting wrinkled no matter where you stash it
  • It goes with any outfit. Mine is black so that helps (but you can also get it in mink brown), and the fabric is just dressy enough to wear with a skirt or nice pants, but it’s also perfect casually with jeans.
  • It’s stretchy and comfy but still professional looking when you need it
  • And the detailing on the back just makes it fit so well

Sorry, enough raving, but it’s just a great versatile jacket that I probably haven’t told you enough about.
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"And it also comes in Black"

One of the phrases that I’m finding myself saying over and over and over (and over) at my Ruby Ribbon trunk shows lately is “and it also comes in black.”
This is a big, big change from when I started with Ruby Ribbon three years ago. As a matter of fact, I recall thinking when I got my startup kit back then, that EVERYTHING was black. I mean, each piece in the kit was black, seriously!
Well, all that has sure changed over the years. We have so many colors (gorgeous, amazing, beautiful) colors to choose from now, and to show off those colors, I usually get my samples in colors now.
But, we also often have color choices in our collection now, so while I have a color on my rack, I will also tell you “but this also comes in black.”  See, I say it over and over. And while I know so many of you love (love, love) black, you must forget, because you all are buying colors so much now.
So, as a reminder, here are just a few of my latest fashions, in (wait for it) – BLACK!  From Left — Lux Tunic, Pleated Chiffon Extender (you may have missed this one as it kind of “snuck up” into the latest fashion line), Flounce Skirt, Layered Tunic and Bell Sleeve Top. (I also thought about adding the Suedette Leggings in black but I just ran out of room)
and in black too.png
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Hello Saturday! Hello New Colors!

When you find something you love (like Saturday or a pair of pants that fit so great), sometimes you want them in a variety.
Well, for Saturday, I can’t really help you get that feeling other days (OK, maybe I can? Redesign your life with a flexible and fun fashion career?  But I digress).
When I’m sharing Ruby Ribbon with women out there, I often get requests for more colors in some of our best basic items. So, with Fall, I have more colors in several of our most-loved pieces!  The key colors for our wardrobe basics are now:  Black (everyone’s favorite), Mink Brown and Sapphire Blue (so gorgeous).
We now offer these fashion favorites in this range of colors:

  • Flare Leg Ponte Pants in Black, Mink and Sapphire — my personal favorite “work pant” that flatters many body types
  • Ponte leggings in Black, Mink and Sapphire — slimming and fashionable leggings in a sturdy fabric
  • Slim Leg Ponte Pants in Black, Mink and Sapphire — a customer favorite
  • Wrap Jacket in Black, Mink and Sapphire — a chic update to a classic blazer, and features a Ponte belt too

So happy to have wardrobe basics in new colors!
Go here to see all the great pieces in our Fall 2017 Collection
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Make it a black and white summer

I was watching the Today show this morning (lazy rainy day) and they were showcasing how to wear black and white this summer. I was inspired to put together a few mix-and-match pieces in these same colors to share with you.
Here are four tops and four bottoms (more details below) that could be amazing basics to wear together or with other colors all summer.
mix and match white and black

  • Empire Lace Tank – stretchy lace in either black or white, designed to layer over a Ruby Ribbon cami
  • Drape Front Tunic – unique ladder detail on the sleeve, wear over Ruby Ribbon white leggings
  • Versatile Tank – a wardrobe basic in black, white or three color options
  • Mesh sleeve top – the feel of a tank top but no exposure on your arms – also comes in white
  • Convertible skirt – a matte jersey skirt that is also super cute as a halter or strapless dress and this fabric travels so well
  • Jacquard leggings – a brocade fabric that flatters all sizes and these leggings also come in black
  • Wrap pant – the same matte jersey as the skirt with a unique wrap detail. Wear with a fitted top. (We have these same pants in a palazzo style also
  • Capri leggings — pick them in both black and white!

Style any of these black and white outfits with statement jewelry, toss on a color scarf or jacket or accent with any color shoe!
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Get ready for Prom season

I have both a nephew and an “almost” niece and I’ve been hearing rumblings about proms for both of them. So, I thought it might be a good day to post a reminder about the best foundational garments to wear with your prom dress.
Ruby Ribbon has two options for slips, and both come in pale and black. We have the convertible strap slip that can accommodate most dress styles, and it also has a nice “hug” in the tummy. We also have a smoothing V-neck slip that is super popular with teens.
Pair either of these slips with our amazing boy shorts for a comfortable and smooth look under any dress. The boy shorts also come in both black and pale.
If you need another option, we also have high-waisted slimmers that are designed to wear with your own bra or our demiette. So many options… you’ll look amazing!
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Your favorites in new colors

Some of your favorite items are showing up in new colors for Spring 2017! If you own these, you have new options and don’t even need to try on – you already know your size. (I have a record if you don’t.)
It’s a great way to add in a few new basics that will become staples in your wardrobe. Any many of these can be worn now, some as layering pieces, so if you live in the north like I do, you won’t need to wait for spring.

Slim Leg Ponte Pant

slim-leg-pants-3-colorsThese Slim Leg Pants are designed to stop at your ankle and have a side slit detail at the bottom of the leg. We’ve had them in black and now added two new color options — mink brown and sapphire blue.
With the Ruby Ribbon “skinny band” and the front pin tucks, you’ll feel long and lean when you wear these.
They look great with flats and low heels. Some women tuck them into boots too.

Capri Leggings

capri leggings 3 colors.pngIn past seasons, you loved our capri leggings in black and charcoal gray. And last summer, if you blinked, you missed your change to get them in white. They went so fast! We got them back for this season, but I don’t know how long they will last this year?
No side seams, a “skinny band” and a shorter casual length, and still our great fabric!

Versatile Tank

versatile tank 5 colors.pngWe added two new colors, chambray and apricot, for the Versatile Tank, so you have five options now. (Current colors were black, white and red tile.) This is really two tops in one! Wear the flattering scoop neck or turn it around for a crew neck instead. (My sales director calls it “Saturday night and Sunday morning.” Ha!)
This top has a built-in shelf bra and an inner shaping slip to smooth your bodice. It also has a silicon gripper edge to keep the hem in place.

Ponte Jacket

pontejacket_mink_backThe Ruby Ribbon Ponte Jacket has been so popular in black, and now you also can get a mink brown jacket. Imagine it paired with our mink brown pants or leggings?
It’s great for the office or for a casual weekend. It has a cute cut and is super flattering. (I wish I had a picture of the back!)
Spring 2017 Post Summary
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Spring and Summer Shopping Tips

hats-829509_960_720In my local newspaper this Sunday, there was an article called “Four shopping rules for spring and summer fashion” (by Brittany Anas from You can find this syndicated article in several spots on the web).
I thought I would summarize her rules for you and adapt them to what I offer with Ruby Ribbon.

  1. Abide by the rule of 3 — With new pieces, determine if you can wear it three different ways, such as with other items in your closet or for varying occasions (work, evening)With Ruby Ribbon, we have both wardrobe basics and new on-trend fashions that will either augment your wardrobe staples or complement them.
  2. Shop nowSpring collections have been around for a few months and many are already on sale.Think about Ruby Ribbon’s capri sale as a great “shop now” to make your wardrobe budget stretch further.
  3. Upgrade your close with key pieces — Make a list before you go shopping of seasonal items or replacement pieces you need. Is there a wedding coming up and you need a dress, or even a new slip?  What about the perfect new accessory to help you be fashion forward?Grab a new legging or pant from Ruby Ribbon and get the extra benefit of the “skinny band.”  Our pants and leggings are timeless.
  4. Sign up for store emails — Stay in the know by connecting with your favorite brands and getting advance knowledge of sales and new releases.Join my mailing list by texting RUBYRIBBONCHAR to 22828 — it’s that easy!

A 20-piece Ruby Ribbon wardrobe

Yesterday, I shared an infographic about the 23 pieces that you need to build your wardrobe. I also challenged myself to come up with the 23 Ruby Ribbon pieces that would fill out that wardrobe.
Here’s a video where I’ve picked out my own personal favorites to make up that Ruby Ribbon wardrobe. Right now, we don’t have any sweaters or coats, so I left those out. I’m wondering if I should actually try to wear this wardrobe for a few weeks and test it out? Who’s game?
Oh, and what do you think of my selections?