Introducing Peach: Fashion for gym, work and play

To ensure that I can continue to help you with your fashion and wardrobe needs, I wanted to introduce you to the newest clothing line that I’m offering from Style with Char. The line is called Peach and it’s a contemporary fashion collection for work, casual and the gym.

With Ruby Ribbon slimming down their fashion collections, I wanted to be sure I could still serve all my clients from over the last five years with apparel for any of their needs. By adding Peach, I will continue to have high quality tops, jackets, pants, leggings and more, plus my current options for revolutionary shapewear and slimming swimsuits. I will have options for all your hangers and drawers.

I didn’t just jump in without doing research to be sure I had products that I would be willing to represent and to share with my clients. I evaluated 8 different clothing lines before deciding on Peach.

Introducing Peach!

I chose Peach to bring to you because I found this line offers:

  • A complete line of fashions for all occasions. You will find clothes for work and weekends, plus activewear for however you work out; think jackets, tops, tunics, cardigans, pants, leggings, even skorts!
  • An “Essentials” collection of black and white wardrobe basics that you’ll wear all the time
  • New stylish and on-trend collections that come out four times year, with the seasons
  • Pieces that are easy to care for and washable, with quality construction and great fabrics

Peach’s designer, Daniela Bascunan, has been designing clothes for years and has designed for Victoria’s Secret, Under Armour, and L.L. Bean.

Not only will I offer great wardrobe options from Peach, but it’s fun that they also offer accessories and jewelry. They showcase two or three hidden gems each season, with an emphasis on female-founded brands that are not well known.

I’m just getting started with Peach and I’d love to help you learn more about their new line right along with me. The easiest way for you to do that is to join my free online community where I share sneak peaks, fashion tips, early sales information and sometimes a free gift.

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3 Things I’m Wearing This Summer

We all have wardrobe staples, items we find ourselves consistently wearing, and loving. This summer, I realized that I have three things that I have been wearing over and over thi summer. (Well, not the same thing over and over but the same type of item that I have in multiples.) I thought I would share them with you.

Dual Tank

Dual Tank
Dual Tank – comes in black or white

I’m sure that I’ve shared my addiction to our Dual Tank with you before, but I continue to find myself pulling it out of my closet. I have it in black, white and royal blue (and the blue has been sold out a long time) and I wear at least one of these colors once a week.

They are great with nearly any pants or skirt, and hit at a perfect hip line to give you a great streamlined look, but not too long. You can wear it as a tank, or add a light layer. I often wear mine with a scarf or a scarf tied as a vest.  It’s even designed so you can wear it backwards or frontwards, depending upon if you want a crew neck or a v-neck. (As you probably know from past posts, I’m all about the v-neck.)

Original Demiette

Until this year, I haven’t worn our demiettes much. I’m not sure why. Lately, I think I wear the Original Demiette nearly every day. In fact, I found myself wearing them so much that I added two new ones (even the Ditsy print) to my lingerie drawer (stylist perk!).

I’m finding that are easy to wear, still give me great support and are just as comfortable as my standard cami, maybe even a little more.

R&R Pant

R&R Pant
R&R Pant

I didn’t expect to like the R&R Pant, thinking I might like the loose fit, but I was wrong.  They are a soft bamboo and cotton fabric that makes you never want to take them off! They are comfy and cute, super trendy and even have pockets. Yes, pockets!

Typically, I’m pairing them with a fitted tank and super casual sandals or shoes. They’ve become a weekend “go to” this summer, that’s for sure.  I have them in black, but I’m admitting today that I also have the heather gray in my size as a sample for others to see and try on. (I”m sure it will come home with me someday….)

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Tips for packing light!

Going on vacation is all about planning your adventure, dreaming about how much fun you’ll have, embracing the memories you plan to make, packing all the perfect clothes for the trip. Oh wait, the packing part isn’t all that fun?  I agree! I’ve been known to wait until the very last minute to pack for a trip (actually most of the time.)

I want to look great when I get there and be prepared for whatever comes my way. So I lay out multiple outfits, usually by day, and I overpack. (Almost every trip, when I get home again, I unpack several items that I didn’t wear.) And I bring too many pairs of shoes because well, SHOES! But I don’t wear them all either, and they make my suitcase even heavier.

But what if packing didn’t need to be that way? What if you knew you could pack a handful of items with the confidence of knowing that each of these pieces would work great together, giving you lots of outfit choices without the huge suitcase?

So here are a few tips that I can give you to help you not overload your suitcase and still look great every day of your vacation.

  • Pack fewer items but make sure you can mix-and-match them. Instead of packing single outfits, pack fewer items but ensure they have a coordinating color palette. For example, pack three bottoms (skirts, pants, shorts and leggings), 3 tops and 3 layers in colors that complement each other, such as blacks and grays with an accent color. You’ll then be able to use these “building blocks” to come up with many outfits and it will feel like you packed more than you actually did.
  • Add interest with accessories, which are small and easy to pack and they don’t add weight to your suitcase. Pull out a couple scarves that you can wear around your neck, tie as a sarong or use as a cape or vest. And, make your jewelry count. Each piece you bring should match or accent your color palette but also help you make a statement so the outfit you wear it with really shines.
  • Finally, pair down your shoes (I know, the gal who loves shoes really can’t believe she’s saying this but you won’t wear them all anyway, right?) Take into account the activities you have planned for your vacation and also consider the color palette you’ve used for your wardrobe. You can likely get by with a more comfortable flat”ish” shoe that you’ll use for active days, and a dressier shoe that can be worn for dinner or when you need to dress up.
Tips for packing light

These tips will lay the foundation for your next trip, no matter where you’re going. If you want to learn even more, I’ve put together a “mini course (5 minutes a day for 4 days, that’s it) on how to create a travel or capsule wardrobe featuring just 10 items that can help you create more than 40 outfits. It includes examples, as well as a worksheet to get you going. If you’re interested in this course, you can sign up here.

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3 Summer must haves for your closet

Summer days are just around the corner and it’s time to make sure you the right wardrobe basics in your closet. Today, I’m sharing with you my recommendations for three items you need, essentially the “summer must-haves” for your closet.

My recommendations include the Dual Tank, a Ruby Ribbon demiette and our long-time favorite, the Fit and Flare Skirt.

Our Dual Tank was introduced last year and has been a fan favorite ever since. This season, you can get it in two basics — black and white — and I’d recommend you get one of each color. This tank skims your body perfectly to give you the perfect silhouette. I find myself wearing one of them all the time under jackets and cardigans right now.

It features a v-neck on the front and a scoop neck on the back, but feel free to wear the back as the front (did you follow me there?) to really get two tanks in one. I also love that it’s long enough that it lands about at my hips at just the right point to be extra flattering (at least that’s my opinion).

Ruby Ribbon Dual Tank in black (also available in white)

My next summer recommendation is one of our three styles of demiettes. A demiette gives you all the same support and definition that you get from a bra but with comfort and no underwires. If you’re already enjoyed the wirefree Ruby Ribbon cami, give the demiette a try this summer for a lighter option on a humid day. Our award-winning demiettes come in bra band sizes 32 to 44.

Ruby Ribbon Demiettes styles include (from left) Lace Demiette in blue floral, Sheer Demiette in plum and Original Demiette in ditsy print. All are available in pale, white and nude from a variety colors and patterns

My final “Summer must have” is the Fit and Flare Skirt, which has been in our collection for several years, but remains a great item for your closet. I like this swingy skirt as a dressy replacement for shorts in the summer. It’s easy to wear with sandals and a tank for a great summer look. It also features the signature Ruby Ribbon “skinny waistband.”

And, of course, one way to wear the Fit and Flare Skirt is to pair it with either of the colors in the Dual Tank! I personally find this skirt to be more flattering than shorts on my pear-shaped frame.

Wear the Fit and Flare Skirt all summer, and you can even pull it on over your swimsuit for a quick cover-up.

With this summer “must haves,” you will have the basis for many warm weather outfits. They are easy to pack for a weekend away and so versatile that you’ll find yourself pulling them out of your closet over and over all season.

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What’s a Capsule Wardrobe?

For a while now, I’ve been sort of infatuated with capsule wardrobes – and by infatuated, I mean both intrigued and a little scared. 

A capsule wardrobe is a curated set of clothing items that are designed to work well together in a mix-and-match way. Some women like to create a capsule wardrobe that they wear all the time, while other women create them for specific situations, such as a trip.

By creating and using a capsule wardrobe, you simplify your wardrobe and the process of getting dressed. You have to make fewer wardrobe decisions, but know that you look polished. You also may find you maximize your clothing budget. 

Here is an example of a simple capsule wardrobe featuring two tops, a pair of pants, a skirt and a shawl. (These pieces are all from the last two seasons of Ruby Ribbon collections.) These pieces give you six outfits. If you add in a few accessories, such as statement jewelry or a scarf or two, you will extend it into even more looks. 

I’m intrigued with capsule wardrobes because they seem so streamlined. Just a few pieces, some quick decisions and done! But they also scare me because I wonder if I might feel limited? Is just a handful of mix and match pieces enough to fulfill my fashion creativity? 

If you’ve ever tried out a capsule wardrobe, give us some feedback? What worked and what didn’t?  If you are interested in learning more about capsule wardrobes, take my Capsule Wardrobe Mini Course. You will learn the benefits of a capsule wardrobe, see some examples and get a free Capsule Wardrobe planning tool too.

Then, follow more blog for more on capsule wardrobes over the new few weeks. 

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What are the Holidays without plaid?

Now the holiday trees are going up… let’s talk about Plaid!  What are the Holidays without plaid?

One way to accent plaid is with great scarves.  Whether it is for a pop of color with an outfit or an to keep warm on these cold days…who doesn’t love fashion with a function too?

There are so many plaids to chose from and plaids work well all year round but at the holidays, we tend to gravitate towards a few favorites like Buffalo Plaid and Tartan, especially in holiday colors.

In fact the Red Tartan Print is a favorite for Christmas wrapping paper under the tree as well!

Here are some tips for wearing plaid this season:

  1. Go with an old-standby, the flannel shirt. It’s classic and always in fashion. Feel free to pair with jeans. I like to wear it over a tee with the buttons open, more like a plaid jacket (I also often wear mine with my Skirted Leggings on the weekend)
  2. Try a plaid scarf or shawl worn with a monochrome outfit such as head-to-toe black
  3. Find a plaid skirt and wear it with a crisp white blouse for instant classic; Our blouse, belted, would give this outfit a modern twist.
  4. Go fashionista by pairing two complementary plaids in a single outfit. Oh so bold!

How do you do your plaid?

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My Top 5 Suggestions for Ruby Ribbon Flash Sale Happening Now

It’s sometimes challenging to determine what you might like when you’re shopping from a sale rack. To help you out, here are my top five suggestions on what to check out from the Flash Sale.

  1. Ponte Jacket — A versatile jacket in black or mink brown that can be worn so many ways. Pair with pants or a skirt for a polished office look or dress it down with jeans for a super casual and oh so cute look.
  2. Flare Leg Pants — My favorite “work pants” and I have them in both black and navy (aka sapphire blue). Catch me most of the year at the office and I’m probably wearing them. They look great and are so comfortable. (These pants also come in a Short length)
  3. Fit and Flare Dress – Need a chameleon dress, this is it! A basic “little black dress” that you can style differently every time you wear it. It’s cute with a cropped sweater, or try a bright scarf or statement jewelry. Oh, and think about animal print shoes with it! This dress also has a Ruby Ribbon secret, a built-in shaping slip to smooth and control you.
  4. Ponte Leggings — Love the look of leggings but just not sure they’re for you?  These Ponte Leggings are not only a “no see through” fabric, but they also include the signature Ruby Ribbon “skinny band” at the waist and have side panels that add a slimming stylish touch.
  5. Fit and Flare Skirt — A Ruby Ribbon client favorite, this skirt perfect for all seasons.  On a warm summer day, it looks great with a tank top and sandals. But it’s equally fashionable on a day next winter with a cozy sweater, tights and boots. You’ll find yourself reaching for it all the time.

Each item on this sale comes in XS to 3XL and most are made from our Ponte fabric, which is a tightly woven fabric that keeps its shape well with extended use without color fading. Items from this list are all 30% off and the sale on these items ends August 28, 2018, but some of these items will sell out in some sizes.

Want to get advance notice of Ruby Ribbon sales?  Join my online style community for advance sale notices, plus early previews of new products, fashion tips and more.

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10 reasons to love your Ruby Ribbon Boutique-in-a-Box!

Looking for why out stylists are loving their Boutique in a Box? Here’s 10!

  1. Your personal website is active immediately and you can start earning right away!
  2. You are selling something all women want! If you Google “I hate my bra” you will get 5.7 million results.
  3. We have all the training you need to get started in Ruby Ribbon Academy! And if you complete the online curriculum, you’ll earn $25 in free product!
  4. Your Boutique-in-a-Box includes 9 camis and a demiette in sizes to fit 90% of the women you’ll meet.
  5. 9 out of 10 customers return to purchase again—and you’ll have  a selection of colors across our 3 design families to offer more options for her next purchase.
  6. 1 out of 3 customers will add on petals or a Shaping Brief with their cami and you’ll have a sample of both to share.
  7. Customers usually start with camis and then move to our game-changing leggings. If you purchase the Ultimate or Ultimate Plus, you will have a selection of our best selling styles!
  8. The average customer spends $145 and an average show is $850**— if you hold 6 shows this month, you could earn up to $1,000 – $2,000!
  9. 9 out of 10 customers refer friends and enjoy benefits (including free, 50% and 75% off items) in our Sharing Rewards program. Learn more in the “Host” section of my   website!
  10. Our Free Cami Calls are a fun way for your friends to learn about your new business while entering a drawing to win a free cami! When you share with friends, you’ll earn business supplies!
Want to learn more? Join my online style community to ask questions.

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(***INCOME DISCLAIMER: Ruby Ribbon does not guarantee that Stylists will generate any income. As with any business, each Stylist business results may vary based on a number of factors, including individual effort, time and circumstances. For statistics on actual earnings of our Stylist, please review the Income Disclosure Statement on

My best travel jacket

I just returned from a fun vacation to the Caribbean and while there I realized one thing about the Ruby Ribbon Ponte Jacket. I value it more when I travel than when I don’t?  Not sure why.
But when I’m traveling, I nearly always bring it. It went to Finland with me two summers ago, and is almost always in my laptop bag on a business trip.
brown ponte jacketHere’s why:

  • It packs so easily — no chance of getting wrinkled no matter where you stash it
  • It goes with any outfit. Mine is black so that helps (but you can also get it in mink brown), and the fabric is just dressy enough to wear with a skirt or nice pants, but it’s also perfect casually with jeans.
  • It’s stretchy and comfy but still professional looking when you need it
  • And the detailing on the back just makes it fit so well

Sorry, enough raving, but it’s just a great versatile jacket that I probably haven’t told you enough about.
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