Successful Women Discuss Six Mistakes Women Make

Anna Zornosa, the CEO at Ruby Ribbon, was recently featured in an article on CNBC, highlighting her perception of the “gig economy” and the most common mistakes women make in business. The gig economy is a labor market characterized by the prevalence of short-term contracts or freelance work as opposed to permanent job.

She’s featured with two other female CEOs who joined together to poll 1000 working women to learn more about how women feel about the gig economy.

“It’s not a competition between traditional work and a side hustle,” said Anna Zornosa, CEO and founder of the shapewear and fashion site Ruby Ribbon. The company has had year-over-year growth of 60 percent to 100 percent since starting in 2012, Zornosa says.

The article even includes a graph highlighting the key business skills that women learn while working a side hustle. Customer service skills was touted as the primary business skill learned.

You should read the entire article to really get the best tips and explanation on what mistakes you should avoid in business, but here are the top six.

For me, every job I’ve had has helped me hone business skills, and I often think about how the job I work during the day and my side hustle complement one another. When I’m working with a team that builds software for real estate professionals, I can relate to them in a meaningful way as I understand their challenges in sales, staying motivated, using their time wisely and so much more.

I hope you enjoy reading this article and my perspectives on it. If you want to stay connected and continue this conversations (and others), join my free online community.

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10 reasons to love your Ruby Ribbon Boutique-in-a-Box!

Looking for why out stylists are loving their Boutique in a Box? Here’s 10!

  1. Your personal website is active immediately and you can start earning right away!
  2. You are selling something all women want! If you Google “I hate my bra” you will get 5.7 million results.
  3. We have all the training you need to get started in Ruby Ribbon Academy! And if you complete the online curriculum, you’ll earn $25 in free product!
  4. Your Boutique-in-a-Box includes 9 camis and a demiette in sizes to fit 90% of the women you’ll meet.
  5. 9 out of 10 customers return to purchase again—and you’ll have  a selection of colors across our 3 design families to offer more options for her next purchase.
  6. 1 out of 3 customers will add on petals or a Shaping Brief with their cami and you’ll have a sample of both to share.
  7. Customers usually start with camis and then move to our game-changing leggings. If you purchase the Ultimate or Ultimate Plus, you will have a selection of our best selling styles!
  8. The average customer spends $145 and an average show is $850**— if you hold 6 shows this month, you could earn up to $1,000 – $2,000!
  9. 9 out of 10 customers refer friends and enjoy benefits (including free, 50% and 75% off items) in our Sharing Rewards program. Learn more in the “Host” section of my   website!
  10. Our Free Cami Calls are a fun way for your friends to learn about your new business while entering a drawing to win a free cami! When you share with friends, you’ll earn business supplies!
Want to learn more? Join my online style community to ask questions.

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(***INCOME DISCLAIMER: Ruby Ribbon does not guarantee that Stylists will generate any income. As with any business, each Stylist business results may vary based on a number of factors, including individual effort, time and circumstances. For statistics on actual earnings of our Stylist, please review the Income Disclosure Statement on

Back in the Mobile Boutique – starting today!

I hopped in my Style with Char Mobile Boutique this AM and drove to my day job at a real estate software company because today’s the day that I officially kick off the 2018 Mobile Boutique season!

While I’m working on some fun new updates to the boutique, I’m also making sure it’s mobile throughout the project.  So far, I’ve added new benches in the dressing rooms and placed some orders for a few of the other changes that are coming soon.

If you’re in the Fargo area, you’re officially invited to stop in tonight to see what’s been cooking with Ruby Ribbon. I’ll be parked in the Gander Mountain parking lot starting at 5 PM and will be there until about 7:30 PM.  I look forward to seeing you.

Want to stay connected and know where I’ll be?  Just follow me on my Facebook page or the Events tab in my blog.

The promise of Ruby Ribbon

RR stylist logo squareLast fall, Ruby Ribbon CEO Anna Zornosa published an open letter to the Ruby Ribbon community about the Ruby Ribbon promise. This letter was to help both stylists and customers understand her commitment to them.
You can read the entire letter here (and I hope you do). Here’s my summary of the key points of the Promise of Ruby Ribbon.

Our Ruby Ribbon Promises:

  • Products that delight customers and enhance their lives
  • Giving independent Stylists the training and coaching support they need to serve their customers beautifully through a sustainable and thriving business model
  • Starter kit offers are valued much higher than the price the new stylist pays, and are carefully built with product & business supplies that allow our Stylists to produce a profit
  • No requirement for an ongoing investment plans samples of upcoming product launches can be earned
  • Discourage the practice of purchasing inventory for the purpose of resale and don’t compensate for personal purchases
  • Member of the Direct Selling Association and abides by its code of ethics

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It's a Boutique-in-a-Box!

Starting a business with Ruby Ribbon just got easier with our new Boutique-in-a-Box start-up options designed to give our newest Stylists a fun and easy start with product that will serve 90% of her Cami customers (at a great value) plus additional items of the new Stylist’s choice.
These options work seamlessly with our 35-day launch plan to help her get out the door, learn the skills she needs to build her business, while earning free product along the way, keeping her profits in her pocket!

shape startShape Start for $249 – 10 clothing items; over $600 value

Help women ditch the underwire and find comfortable support with our wire-free Camis & Demiette™. This kit offers everything needed to hold 45-minute “Bye Bye Bra!” shows with Camis to fit 90% of your customers with a Cami in each of our three designs: Original, Lace and Sheer. AND it includes an opportunity to select one additional Original Cami in her choice of size and color.

Ultimate StartUltimate Start for $399 – 21 items, over $1538 value

Everything in the Shape Start plus additional shape items AND pants and leggings from our Essentials collection. Along with the choice of a Cami, a Stylist also selects a Denim Legging or Woven Pant in her size. With this kit, she can hold “Bye Bye Bra!” shows and/or the perfect 90-minute “Ultimate” Trunk Show.

ultimate Plus StartUltimate Plus Start for $549 – 21 items PLUS $300 in product choice; over $1800 in value

Everything in the Ultimate Start (including the choice of an Original Cami & pant or legging) PLUS $300 in product credit. Choose additional items for you to wear to showcase Ruby Ribbon or more items for your clients and their guests to try on.
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Celebration Rewards continue

Just a quick preview of my most recent gift that showed up in my mailbox. Here’s my new weekend bag with a fun Ruby Ribbon logo on it. These gifts come in beautiful packaging and I just can’t wait to open them.
Great to be rewarded just for sharing Ruby Ribbon with women everyday.
Celebration Rewards gift 3
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A business that fits in the seat of your car

Before I started with Ruby Ribbon, I often commented that I would love to have my own business, but it was too “something” — too expensive, too risky, too time consuming to get started, too “something.”
I have chatted with several women lately that are feeling the same so I’ve been thinking about how Ruby Ribbon meets you where you are.  For women who have the “too somethings,” my recommendation would be to become my business partner using a Ruby Ribbon Shape Box.
The ShapeBox gives you everything you need to start a side-business, and is a great place to see if Ruby Ribbon will fit in your life. This box, about the size of a large laptop briefcase, contains Ruby Ribbon camis to fit 90% of the women you’ll meet, a slip, shaping brief and a boy short, plus catalogs and your own Ruby Ribbon website. Plus a connection with me as your business partner, to help you get going.
It’s not “too expensive,” in fact, many women pay off their initial costs for a ShapeBox (only $299) in just their first month with the 25% commission they earned on their sales.
It’s not “too risky” either, since you can commit to this business on your own terms — just keep it in your car and when you hear yourself raving about how much you love your Ruby Ribbon, yon can pull the ShapeBox out and let a friend try one on. You aren’t obligated to hold trunk shows or attend vendor events if that doesn’t fit into your life right now.
And, with the freedom of a ShapeBox business, it’s not “too time consuming” either. It’s there when you have time for it, and if you have it with you, it’ll be available in small snippets. Think of where you already are with women, such as your children’s sporting events, the office, and during your girlfriend time, and you’ll quickly find that you can share Ruby Ribbon and earn the rewards.
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Sometimes, you get little surprises in the mail

One of the rewards of being a Ruby Ribbon Stylist is that sometimes you get a surprise in the mail. It can be something small, like a fun notebook with an inspirational quote or something more. Between the company and my fellow stylists, it’s fun to lift each other up.
This week, I got a really fun surprise.
We are in the middle of our contest to earn a trip to the beach next year, and while I haven’t earned the trip (yet!), I did reach the first milestone. They are offering motivational prizes along the way and this was the first one — a cute canvas pouch. What do you think I should use it for?
As I head into two trunk shows yet this week, I believe I’ll be earning the next level of prizes before the month ends. So, check back to see what lands in my mailbox next! Does your job do this? (I’m looking for business partners and you could be next)
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What does a Ruby Ribbon Stylist do?

ruby_ribbon_12_2_15_set-1_12812_resizeI’ve been a Ruby Ribbon stylist for two and a half years now, working a very flexible business helping women look and feel better in their clothes. At the same time, I also work a full -time job in real estate software.
Curious about what it’s like to be a Ruby Ribbon stylist? Basically I get paid to socialize with other great women both in person and online (like right here in my blog).  I help style them in beautiful clothing that boosts their confidence and and I keep in touch to share information about Ruby Ribbon’s newest products.
That’s really how easy it is! (Oh, and I get new clothes for free anytime I want.)
I would love to tell you more!  What questions do you have? We have regular calls to help you learn just a bit more about Ruby Ribbon and we give away at a Free Cami (!!) at every call.   Text “FreeCami” to 22828 and I’ll get you the details.
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