What's your cami mood?

cami mood.jpgYou may not realize it but Ruby Ribbon offers three different designs of the revolutionary Ruby Ribbon “Bye Bye Bra” cami, and women select them for different reasons all the time.
The most popular is the Original with a scoop neck and a great selection of colors. While black and pale are most popular, many women pick a fun print like cheetah or viper.
My favorite style is the Sheer Collection cami.  It’s got a V-neck and beautiful sheer details. I love the fit (but not everyone does).  I have all four colors and find myself choosing the midnight blue most often.
Women love lace and the Lace Collection cami is also a hit with many women. It’s a date night cami but most wear it all the time to feel and look great.  Pick it up in wine or deep sea to treat yourself.
No matter which design you choose, you’ll be totally brafree (what an amazing feeling!)  No more underwires with comfort and shaping. Women of all styles continue to be so impressed and surprised that it works for them.
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Lace Demiette Updated

This week, Ruby Ribbon has debuted and updated version of the Lace Demiette, designed to with variable compression and NO BRA required (just say “no” to underwires).
If you tried it before, rest assured there is no more rolling, and the straps have additional adjustment options. Our molded cups lift and separate for a natural bustline and the invisible gripper edge helps it stay where you put it.
Available in black, pale and white in bra sizes of 32-40.  You can even shop online. (Women with a D cup or higher should go up one bra band size for best fit)
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Don't forget to "step in"

Don't Forget_I had a super fun Ruby Ribbon trunk show last night, with a big groups of fun women that were waiting to ditch their bras…
A few of the women arrived a bit late and missed out on my short presentation on what makes Ruby Ribbon so unique. When one of them took the Convertible Slip to try it on, she came out and told me it just didn’t fit right in the bust area.
Lucky for me, I remember that she missed the presentation and I asked her if she “stepped in.” She flashed me a look of surprise that told me she didn’t know that part. So I “suggested” that she take it off and try it on again, this time stepping in.
She was amazed, and she now has a new Convertible Slip on it’s way to her closet. We chatted about how much difference just how you put it on made. Since this something so easy to forget, I thought today might be a good day to give you that reminder. Cheers!
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We love colors in our lingerie

hostess specialWhile black, white and pale are my best sellers in Ruby Ribbon camis, women love to have color in their lingerie.
This month we are launching two gorgeous new colors in our Lace Collection — Teal and Wine!  Both come in both Classic and Full Support and will fit women from 32B to 46K bra sizes. (Women with a D cup or higher should go up one bra band size for best fit) The Lace style also runs a little longer so some women like that they tuck in further too.  I wear the Classic style often and I can’t wait to add a teal cami to my lingerie drawer!
While the new colors are a hostess-only option for September, it won’t be long until all of you can have them in October! Be ready to add some color when you say “Bye Bye Bra!” In the picture, the camis are shown with matching Shaping Briefs.
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Her name was really Cami!

When I found Ruby Ribbon and learned about the special “Bye Bye Bra” cami, I was amazed. The cami helped me ditch my bra about three years ago and never look back. No more underwires, and the smoothing and shaping on my stomach was another benefit.
Capture.PNGBut, I was amazed again when I learned about and met the Ruby Ribbon designer. It was crazy because not only was she talented (smart, powerful and beautiful, as we say in Ruby Ribbon), but her name was Cami!  Can you believe it? It almost felt like they made it up, but they didn’t.
The designer of all the Ruby Ribbon clothing, shapewear, camis and swimsuits is named Cami! Here’s a picture of her riding, because she’s awesome at that too! (And she wears her own signature “cami” when she rides!)
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It's my job to reach 65,000 women

Not enough women in the US right now know that they don’t need to wear a bra every day.

originalfullsupportcami_viper_back.jpgThey haven’t learned about Ruby Ribbon and the amazing/revolutionary cami that we offer.
When I was meeting with my fellow Ruby Ribbon stylists last week, one of the things I learned is that each of us needs to reach 65,000 women – yeah, you read that right. With only 2,100 stylists, to reach all the women in the US, that’s our personal goal.
I gotta get moving and I’m going to need some help. If you want to help, here’s how you can:

  • Feel free to let your friends know – I know many of you already do and that’s helping! I would love to tell them more about the benefits of ditching your bra.
  • Help make the per stylist number smaller by joining me in spreading the word. Start sharing Ruby Ribbon camis for only $249 right now and you’ll have a cami that will fit 90% of women

1 stylist for 65000 women.PNG

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You have to see it sometimes….

With Ruby Ribbon, one of the most powerful ways for women to understand what happens when you put on a Ruby Ribbon cami, is to see these before and after pictures.  As stylists, we take a ton of these and stockpile them.
Not only do these women look better, sleeker, more supported, often you also can see their face perk up, their confidence shines. It’s my favorite part and a lot of why I do what I do.
Enjoy! Be inspired! Celebrate confidence! (and don’t forget – no bra!)
teal before after
before after sheer full support
Ruby Ribbon Cami Size and Style Selector – find out which Ruby Ribbon cami is right for you
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