20 pieces over 31 days – Capsule Wardrobe Recap

Over the last 31 days, I made my “outfit of the day” selection choosing only from 20 pieces that I brought along on my month-long trip to Arizona. I was testing out using a capsule wardrobe of only 20 pieces of clothing. Yep, I wore just 20 pieces in 31 days!

The 20 pieces included four tank tops, three t-shirts, a cute long vest, three skorts, a skirt, four pair of pants and leggings,¬†¬†a hoodie and 3 long-sleeve tops. I tried to do the math on how many outfits these 20 pieces might represent but I’ll admit that I wasn’t able to come up with an answer other than, “it’s a lot.”

Here are just four pictures from this month of the various outfits I was able to put together with these 20 pieces.

After testing out a capsule wardrobe for a month, here are my takeaways:

  • Each morning, I found choosing what to wear was much simpler. I would choose a skort or a legging and then pick out a top to go with it. It was usually a quick decision.
  • I didn’t feel like I wore the same thing over and over. I was careful to select 20 pieces in my capsule that had colors in common and I felt that it was easy to use these pieces to mix and match in different ways. I don’t think that I wore the same exact outfit twice during the month. (My plain black skort was probably worn the most of all the items I brought.)
  • I even had clothes that I didn’t wear this month! Specifically, I wore the Spruce Green t-shirt home on the plane but I didn’t wear it during the month. It was too long to wear with the skorts and I guess I never selected it when I wore leggings.

PS: It’s always fun as a Ruby Ribbon stylist to dig into my samples to get “new clothes” when I feel a whim. I did pull one item from the new Spring Collection to wear for the launch event.

After thinking more about it, I would definitely try a capsule wardrobe again. When I got home and dressed for work this week, I realized how many clothes I do have in my closet, and I’ll admit that many of those items rarely get worn. For sure when I’m packing for even a short trip, I think I will be able to use what I learned with this trial to maximize my wardrobe pieces and minimize the size of my suitcase.


If you are interested in learning more about a capsule wardrobe, consider signing up for my free Capsule Wardrobe Mini Course , where I provide guidance on how to use a 1o-piece Capsule Wardrobe to create more than 40 outfits. This mini course is delivered to you over a 4-day period and takes only about five minutes a day to complete.

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Bianca Top features jewel-tone colorblocking

Here’s a great multi-purpose tank that will take you from office to holiday party. We call it Bianca!

This colored block tank in jewel shades of eggplant and teal, paired with classic black will definitely be a wardrobe “go-to.” It features a keyhole button in the back and a slight scoop neckline. The back is a bit longer for more coverage.

Pair this on-trend top with a great black Skirt and a polished black¬†Blazer for the office. Pair it with black pumps and you’re polished looking all day. This top will layer well in all seasons, and work great as a tank in warm temps.

When it’s time for the holiday party, swap the blazer for a holiday wrap and your favorite eggplant or even teal heels. Add in some glitzy jewelry and you’re set!

Here’s a link to all my posts showcasing the 2018 Winter and Holiday Collection. Check back as it takes a few weeks to get them all previewed for you.


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Be ready for work in a “dash”!

Last night, the newest Winter and Holiday items debuted from Ruby Ribbon and, as usual, Ruby Ribbon’s designer Cami Raymond hit it out of the park — offering some new items, a dash of glam and glitz and restyles on some of our popular wardrobe essentials.

Two of those fan favorites – the Ponte Blazer and the Crop Ponte Trouser – now come in a great new print called Dash. Dash features a black background with a subtle navy print with “dashes” of white. The Ponte Blazer is a best seller and the Crop Ponte Trouser sold out in a few weeks the last time we offered it.

These pieces are great worn together for the look of a sassy professional suit. Add a crisp white blouse or even the Ruby Ribbon white Versatile Tank and some classy bangles.

They are equally useful as standalone pieces. The Ponte Blazer can easily be worn casually with black or tan pants or even jeans; the length even works with leggings. And the trousers will work great in all seasons with a variety of tops – think white, tan, maybe even a pop of your favorite brighter color. You will love the handy pockets.

Here’s a link to all the posts I’m doing for the 2018 Winter and Holiday Collection. Check back as it takes a few weeks to get them all previewed for you.

Like what you’re seeing here? Join my free online style tribe for even more fashion, fun and Ruby Ribbon sneak peaks. Plus, I always give this group a heads up on flash sales.

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Classic Bomber Jacket styling delivers Fall fashion vibe

Check the dictionary and you’ll learn that a Bomber Jacket¬†a¬†short¬†jacket¬†ending at¬†the¬†waist¬†with¬†an elastic waistband,¬†usually¬†having¬†a¬†zip¬†front¬†and¬†cuffed¬†sleeves.¬† That’s a great description of the new Diamond Bomber Jacket now offered from Ruby Ribbon with the 2018 Fall Capsule.

The perfect jacket for Fall, I think you’ll find yourself reaching for this often. It’s made from a¬†diamond double-knit jacquard fabric — think texture! It’s self-lined and features a ribbed detailed at the neckline and on the cuffs.

The bomber jacket may have started its life as a highly-functional clothing during the war but now it’s as fashionable as they come.

Here a few ideas on how to wear it:

  • Slightly obvious, but tuck your hands into the front pockets of your Bomber as you pair it with jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers for a classic look
  • Think #fashleisure by popping your Bomber Jacket (naturally over-sized) over athletic-inspired leggings and long tunic
  • Transform a little black dress with the boxy look of a Bomber Jacket for an unexpected twist
  • Go “all black” with black pants (or maybe our Ottoman Ponte Leggings), a black shirt and a black Diamond Bomber. Accent with metallics and you’ll just exude “cool”


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