Tips for packing light!

Going on vacation is all about planning your adventure, dreaming about how much fun you’ll have, embracing the memories you plan to make, packing all the perfect clothes for the trip. Oh wait, the packing part isn’t all that fun?  I agree! I’ve been known to wait until the very last minute to pack for a trip (actually most of the time.)

I want to look great when I get there and be prepared for whatever comes my way. So I lay out multiple outfits, usually by day, and I overpack. (Almost every trip, when I get home again, I unpack several items that I didn’t wear.) And I bring too many pairs of shoes because well, SHOES! But I don’t wear them all either, and they make my suitcase even heavier.

But what if packing didn’t need to be that way? What if you knew you could pack a handful of items with the confidence of knowing that each of these pieces would work great together, giving you lots of outfit choices without the huge suitcase?

So here are a few tips that I can give you to help you not overload your suitcase and still look great every day of your vacation.

  • Pack fewer items but make sure you can mix-and-match them. Instead of packing single outfits, pack fewer items but ensure they have a coordinating color palette. For example, pack three bottoms (skirts, pants, shorts and leggings), 3 tops and 3 layers in colors that complement each other, such as blacks and grays with an accent color. You’ll then be able to use these “building blocks” to come up with many outfits and it will feel like you packed more than you actually did.
  • Add interest with accessories, which are small and easy to pack and they don’t add weight to your suitcase. Pull out a couple scarves that you can wear around your neck, tie as a sarong or use as a cape or vest. And, make your jewelry count. Each piece you bring should match or accent your color palette but also help you make a statement so the outfit you wear it with really shines.
  • Finally, pair down your shoes (I know, the gal who loves shoes really can’t believe she’s saying this but you won’t wear them all anyway, right?) Take into account the activities you have planned for your vacation and also consider the color palette you’ve used for your wardrobe. You can likely get by with a more comfortable flat”ish” shoe that you’ll use for active days, and a dressier shoe that can be worn for dinner or when you need to dress up.
Tips for packing light

These tips will lay the foundation for your next trip, no matter where you’re going. If you want to learn even more, I’ve put together a “mini course” (5 minutes a day for 4 days, that’s it) on how to create a travel or capsule wardrobe featuring just 10 items that can help you create more than 40 outfits. It includes examples, as well as a worksheet to get you going. If you’re interested in this course, you can sign up here.

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My Capsule Wardrobe Trial

I’ve been infatuated with Capsule Wardrobes for a while (possibly years). I’ve always wondered if I have the “chops” to use one successfully. Since I’m away from home for a month right now, I decided to give a Capsule Wardrobe a trial run.

A Capsule Wardrobe is a curated set of clothing items that are designed to work well together in a mix-and-match way.  I’m in Arizona so I was able to maximize my Capsule Wardrobe for a warmer climate, although it’s been unseasonable cold here this week and I’m a little bit sorry I didn’t pack jeans in my capsule.

In the Capsule Wardrobe Mini Course that I offer, I provide guidance on how to use a 1o-piece Capsule Wardrobe to create more than 40 outfits. As I started packing for my month in Arizona, at first I thought I would bring only 10 pieces, but today I’m admitting that for my first time trying a Capsule Wardrobe, I doubled that number (and of course, I also have the 3 items I wore on the plane the day I left).

Just 2o pieces

Are you curious what I packed in my Capsule Wardrobe? When I jotted down the items, I noticed that it’s a mix of Ruby Ribbon current pieces, plus several Ruby Ribbon “vintage” items from over the last four years. I also did bring a few other of my favorite summer garments. Here is a quick breakdown….

  1. Dual Tank in black
  2. Dual Tank in cobalt blue
  3. Wildflower Top
  4. Navy tank from ND Tough
  5. Gray t-shirt from Revelation Ale in Hallock MN
  6. Navy tee from ND Tough
  7. Spruce Green tee from ND Tough
  8. White gauzy top with red embroidery
  9. MVP Tunic
  10. Long red vest
  11. Shirt Dress in Cherry Bomb Paisley
  12. Hang Out Hoodie
  13. Denim Leggings in blue
  14. R&R Pants in black
  15. Criss Cross Capri Leggings in black
  16. Crop Stripe Pant
  17. Flip Skirt
  18. Black skort
  19. Gray and black skort
  20. Multicolored skort

Like I said, I also wore three pieces on the plane including my favorite Jacquard Leggings, a gray tee from ND Tough and the black Judi Cardigan (which I find is one of my travel “go-to” pieces that I often have in my computer bag).

I’ve been here about a week now, and so far, I haven’t been frustrated with this capsule, and that was my main worry. I wondered if it might feel like I was wearing the same thing over and over. But it doesn’t. I am able to mix and match these pieces so that I’m not wearing the exact thing twice. And, hey, that’s really the point of a Capsule Wardrobe, isn’t it. The weather has been chilly so I haven’t even worn the skorts yet. (One morning, it was 3 degrees warmer back home in North Dakota than it was in Arizona!)

A few extras

I also packed a few other things that I didn’t count in my 20-piece wardrobe, including 3 swim suits (I love the Bora Bora swimsuit and brought it in Tropical, Black and Panther), an NDSU t-shirt to wear while watching the championship game, and one outfit for work meetings (Trace of Lace Tunic with Crop Ponte Trouser in Dash, which I will pair with the Judi Cardigan if it’s chilly). I also packed workout leggings and tanks.

Check back later this month to see how this Capsule Wardrobe is fairing as I get a chance to wear it and wear it and wear it. (See, I’m still a little worried, can you tell?) I hope to get a few snapshots and share them in a follow-up blog post. Stay tuned!


Learn more about Capsule Wardrobes in my Capsule Wardrobe Mini Course. This course, which takes only about 5 minutes a day over 4 days, will help you understand how to maximize the Capsule Wardrobe concept, saving you time in the morning when you’re getting dressed.

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New Extender style launched with Summer

About a year ago, Ruby Ribbon launched a new concept called the “Extender,” a multipurpose tank that you can wear three ways.

  • Wear as a long tank top over leggings or skirts
  • Wear as a layer under another top, especially a top that needs a little length (think lettings!)
  • Layer under a jacket for another fun look

Before the launch of Summer 2018, we have two versions of these Extenders. We had the Lace Extender in black or white, which featured a wide band of stretchy lace at the bottom. We also had the black Pleated Chiffon Extender, with a cute chiffon detail as the “extender” band.

Now, we also have a new Tiered Crochet Extender in two new shades; choose either Charged Pink or Olive. The Olive will be terrific with our mink brown skirts and leggings or consider it with the khaki Stretch Woven Pants. This extender features three tiers of crocheted lace at the bottom band. All three styles of extenders area available in size XS to 3XL.

Pair any of these extenders with other pieces from the 2018 Summer Capsule.

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Who needs a popover?

When I said Popover, I bet your mind went straight to a delicious breakfast pastry?  Mine did too.

But, the latest popover in my world is the Ruby Ribbon Lace Popover, a fun and flirty top that screams summer.  Wear it over a tank or a cami with your favorite capris and you’re set for a summer day. And it’s an obvious swimsuit coverup option.

You’ll want to check out all the fashions in the Summer Capsule.

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Let's Hang Out

hangouthoodie_blackfleck_frontI’m not sure I would have expected a hoodie from Ruby Ribbon, but our new Hang Out Hoodie is the perfect way for us to bring casual to your wardrobe.
In sizes XS to 3XL, it’s the perfect length to wear with any of your Ruby Ribbon leggings, and I know that this is important to me. I’ve looked for exactly this length in a more casual top with long sleeves and I’m certain that I’ll wear this new hoodie ALL THE TIME.
Like many of your Ruby Ribbon pieces, the seams are strategically placed to add a slimming silhouette and it even has some handy pockets. Wear it for a workout or just wear it on a lazy and relaxing day.

Spring 2018 Fashion Summary

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Lace-up Tunic Delivers

Lace up tunic close up.jpgWear the new Lace-up Tunic now as a swim coverup or fun summer top, or later as a great topper with pants (maybe with the matching Fast Track Leggings?).
This fashionable color-blocking in sapphire and black and distinctive V-neck provide lengthening for a lean look. And the 3/4 length sleeves allow you to show off some fun bracelets too.
In addition to pairing with leggings, this top will be cute with your jeans or with our Denim Leggings. Or, pair it with the Criss Cross Leggings in black for a casual outdoor look. This top comes in sizes 3XL to XS.
Fall Collection Summary
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