Caring for your Ruby Ribbon shapewear

You love your Ruby Ribbon cami! Yes! And you want it to last as long as possible (we all do!) So how should you take care of it to ensure maximum support and longevity?

Today, I’m giving you the low down on how to care for your Ruby Ribbon shapewear to extend the life of these important pieces in your lingerie drawer.

  • Handle with care – Pull on your cami or slip gently from the neckline. Don’t pull up from the straps.
  • Rest between wearings – We recommend you wait 24 hours between wearings to extend the life of your Ruby Ribbon cami or slip. I like to say “it needs time to go back where it came from.”
  • Mind the edge – The first place you’ll likely notice waer on your Ruby Ribbon  cami is the invisible gripper edge. The gripper edge should always be placed on clean, dry, and lotion-free skin or on top of Ruby Ribbon shaping bottoms. The silicone will fray over time, but this is normal wear and tear and I find that that it will still stay put. It helps to roll up the gripper edge before you pull up your cami in order to protect it.
  • Machine Wash – Use cold water with regular detergent after 2-3 washes. Never use Woolite or fabric softener. Make sure your cami it “outside-out,” (not inside out) when washing. Wash it in a lingerie bag if you have one. (It’s also fine to hand wash your Ruby Ribbon  shapewear if you wish.)
  • Air Dry – Dry it flat or on a line. Our wicking material dries quickly. You should never put your Ruby Ribbon  shapewear in the dryer.

These tips will help you get the longest life from the Ruby Ribbon items you love.

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Ruby Ribbon delivers on “comfortable and pretty”

CEO Anna Zornosa often says she set out with Ruby Ribbon  to make shapewear products that were both comfortable and pretty and she definitely hit it out of the park with the new Sheer Demiette and matching Sheer Shaping Briefs. Both are comfortable enough for Saturday errands but also sexy enough for Saturday night.

Sheer Demiette

Ruby Ribbon Sheer Demiette designer Cami Raymond

Like our other two demiettes, this new Sheer Demiette delivers! It provides all the definition and support of an underwire bra, but also all the comfort of our famous camis. We find some women just prefer the more “bralike” option that our demiettes provide.

Here are some of the key characteristics of the new Sheer Demiette:

  • Wire-free support for all cup sizes B and above
  • Sexy sheer panel neckline
  • Straps can be worn straight or racerback
  • Wicking fabric keeps you cool and dry
  • Stays put with our invisible gripper edge
  • Offered in three colors – black, pale and a gorgeous Plum option
  • Comfortable and pretty

Sheer Brief

While we’re talking about new shapewear, let’s not forget our beautiful relaunched Sheer Brief, as well. Offered in both black and pale (to match the Sheer Demiette, obviously), the Sheer Briefs feature Ruby Ribbon’s signature tummy control panels. They also have sheer panels on the sides and a sheer fabric in back. The ruching in back will give you a little lift there too.

These Sheer Briefs are making a comeback and I can tell you, when we had them a few years ago, they were my personal favorite for the Ruby Ribbon briefs. I liked them because they were cut a little higher in the leg, making them fit me a bit better. They are worn at your natural waist and have a pretty picot-edged waistband.

Wear the Sheer Briefs under high-waisted pants and any of our Ruby Ribbon leggings for no panty lines and a smooth silhouette. They will leave you feeling both comfortable and pretty.

Make a Set! Did you know… You can add a Sheer Brief for $10 OFF for every Cami or Demiette you purchase?

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Breaking up with your bra is hard

If you’ve been hanging around here on “Style with Char” for a hot minute, you’ve probably heard me talk about ditching your bra. Hopefully, many of you have already had the chance to break up with your bra, but maybe you’re holding out? You maybe have concerns that the Ruby Ribbon Bye Bye Bra cami just won’t work for you. Let’s talk about that….

Here are some of the reasons that I hear from women who are holding out about breaking up with their bra, along with a few thoughts from my perspective.

  • “I doubt it will fit my cup size!” — For nearly all women, we have a cami to fit. Our sizes range from 30B to 50K bra sizes.
  • “There is no way it will give me enough support.” — When you first look at a Ruby Ribbon cami, I agree it looks like it just won’t work. It’s the technology built into the cami that is different from anything you might have tried. It will support up to a K bra size without underwires. I have helped more than 600 women of ALL sizes ditch their bras for good. And, according to the stats that Ruby Ribbon tracks, 90% of our customers tell a friend about Ruby Ribbon because they’re so impressed.
  • “I don’t see enough coverage in the cami?” — The cups in a Ruby Ribbon cami are thin. To give you a little more coverage, we do offer petals, which provide a bit of shaping or some discrete coverage for those who want it. About 1/3 of my clients get petals to tuck into their cami.
  • “I would want something more like a bra, not a cami.” — In addition to the cami, we also have a Demiette, which is more “bralike,” but still gives you great definition and support. Our demiettes fit women with a 32-44 bra band size.
  • “I would get too hot wearing that.” — A Ruby Ribbon cami has wicking properties just like high performance athletic wear, pulling heat and moisture away from your skin. I wear a Ruby Ribbon cami all year, including humid days in ND.
  • “On me, that cami is going to roll up and be uncomfortable.” — Thanks to the invisible silicone gripper edge on a Ruby Ribbon cami, it won’t roll. If it’s rolling, you’re wearing the wrong size.
Rae says “I am not wearing a bra!”

Still have questions? Message me for sizing help or to get your questions answered. Let’s help you “break up with your bra!”

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Ruby Ribbon enters sports bra market with new Sports Demiette

When Ruby Ribbon adds a new line to their product options, they do it BIG!  Introducing the new Active Wear line from Ruby Ribbon, available now. And, check out the Ruby Ribbon option with a Sports Demiette – it’s our version of a sports bra.

This new line features two options for workout leggings and tanks (more to come on those), but the hallmark product in this line is the new Sport Demiette. It’s all the power and comfort that you would expect from Ruby Ribbon, but made to work (out) with you!

This Sport Demiette is made from wicking and antimicrobial performance fabric and features a racerback with adjustable straps. It offers 360 degree stretch to move with you as you run, walk, train, and become a healthier YOU.

Designed for women of all sizes, Ruby Ribbon (experts in wirefree support) has introduced the first active demiette option for women of any size, up to size 50.


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What types of products does Ruby Ribbon offer?

So who is Ruby Ribbon?  We are a company that supports women in every moment of their crazy busy, typically untypical, ever-changing, always abundant life.

We offer camis to unlock bra-free days. We have the perfect pant, legging or shaping bottom that looks great! We go with you from play dates to date nights, from power meetings to power Pilates. Let’s walk through our product line.

Beautiful Shapes

First is our incredible shapes category with seriously life-changing foundations for any outfit. What makes us different?  We deliver real results with comfort.  This is not your once-in-a-blue-moon torture device.  This is bra-replacement while feeling like you’re wrapped in a cloud product!


  • Support any cup size with NO precise cup-measuring required
  • NO underwire
  • Lift your bust & butt
  • Smooth your back, hips & waist
  • Sculpt a little bit or a lot but always comfortable
  • Banish bra and panty lines
  • Stay Put – with our gripper edge that keeps your cami in place!

Editors love our product as do our customers.  90% of our customers return to purchase more.  And 90% tell a friend.   It;s one of the best parts of my business.

RR Swim

We’ve added our slimming and shaping technology to our RR Swim line. Banish the awful cramped quarters and florescent lighting of department store dressing rooms. Shop with me in comfort! I will help you select a suit you’ll look great and feel great in, lose and inch from your waist smoothing out your curves with invishape technology and no underwire!


Our next category of products is Essentials:  the modern woman’s wardrobe staples made better with Intomi – our built in smoothing and shaping – designed to give you the long, lean and lifted look. These are your favorite go to items- the 20% of your closet you wear 80% of the time. Think pants, leggings, skirts and dresses that you pull out over and over again.

Complete the look

Our last category is Complete the look:  the perfect top, jacket or layer to complete any outfit.  These products are released four-times a year and provide a little bit of seasonal fun to complete any look.

Connect with me to get all the latest info on Ruby Ribbon – we release new styles every few months!

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“There is never a wrong time for a polka dot.”

In the words of Marc Jacobs, “There is never a wrong time for a polka dot,” and now, you can rock a Ruby Ribbon polka dot any time. Introducing our Ruby Ribbon Original Full Support and Classic camis, plus the Ruby Ribbon Demiette and the Shaping Brief, in a fun but oh-so-subtle pale pink and white polka dot.
Find your size here

Spring 2018 Fashion Summary

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Lace Demiette Updated

This week, Ruby Ribbon has debuted and updated version of the Lace Demiette, designed to with variable compression and NO BRA required (just say “no” to underwires).
If you tried it before, rest assured there is no more rolling, and the straps have additional adjustment options. Our molded cups lift and separate for a natural bustline and the invisible gripper edge helps it stay where you put it.
Available in black, pale and white in bra sizes of 32-40.  You can even shop online. (Women with a D cup or higher should go up one bra band size for best fit)
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It's not just me saying it

3A few weeks ago, I asked some of my current clients who love their Ruby Ribbon cami Ruby Ribbon cami for their comments on why.  Here is what I heard:

“So comfy! Way better than a bra.”

“I wear my Ruby Ribbon cami(s) almost every day, that’s why I have six or seven. You know the saying, wear one, rest one, wash one, or something like that. I love how it really does take an inch off my waist.””

I love mine have about 5 to 6 of them wear them everyday. I hate bras now for sure. I would love another one.”

“Love my cami it’s comfortable and supportive for my back.”

Shape, smooth and look great under sheer tops!”

“I love hiding my muffin top!

“Currently wearing 1 of mine. Holding all jiggly parts where they should be.”

blush-pink-cami-and-briefs-e1509368561103.jpgblush pink cami and briefs“I’m loved how it fit when I tried it on last week. It was awesome how it skimmed out my rolls and gave me confidence in just that little time of having it on.”

“Comfy and no clasps poking my back.”

“I love the comfy straps and not having to adjust the back or underwire of my bra.”

“I have 3 and find myself wanting to wear one all the time. So comfortable!”

I’ll admit that most of these quotes could have come directly from me too. 
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Don't forget to "step in"

Don't Forget_I had a super fun Ruby Ribbon trunk show last night, with a big groups of fun women that were waiting to ditch their bras…
A few of the women arrived a bit late and missed out on my short presentation on what makes Ruby Ribbon so unique. When one of them took the Convertible Slip to try it on, she came out and told me it just didn’t fit right in the bust area.
Lucky for me, I remember that she missed the presentation and I asked her if she “stepped in.” She flashed me a look of surprise that told me she didn’t know that part. So I “suggested” that she take it off and try it on again, this time stepping in.
She was amazed, and she now has a new Convertible Slip on it’s way to her closet. We chatted about how much difference just how you put it on made. Since this something so easy to forget, I thought today might be a good day to give you that reminder. Cheers!
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Send your teen back to school with a demiette!

As you are thinking about “Back to School” shopping (and I know you are!), consider sending your teen daughter in a Ruby Ribbon demiette.  She will love the comfort and the variety of colors!
Enough support for even larger cup sizes too! Check out what Veena thinks!

Veena Demiette Testimonial from Ruby Ribbon on Vimeo.
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