Simplify your wardrobe with fewer neutrals

There’s nothing wrong with neutrals and having lots of them, but about a year ago, I found that some of the neutrals in my closet weren’t getting worn at the same rate. After analyzing it, I realized that I wore anything black or gray probably five more times than I ever worn tans or browns.
So, one day, I took all the brown/tan toned items and donated them. Gone! No more shades of brown! It was mainly pants and skirts, but I also donated any tops or jackets that wouldn’t look good with blacks and grays. Basically, I streamlined my wardrobe by removing one color family.
No brown boots neededI’m attaching a picture from last week, that made me think of this drastic wardrobe change. You see, the brown boots I wore that day didn’t leave the house with the brown clothes, and before I put them last week, I had to wipe the dust off them.
I guess what I learned is that I should also have donated the shoes and boots that went with the brown outfits. They worked last week with denim leggings and a cozy sweater, but I’m realizing that getting back that floor space in my closet would be better. (And maybe a reason to get a fun pair of colorful shoes that can be worn with black, LOL)
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Fashion Tip Friday: Have a signature pair of shoes

“A woman with good shoes is never ugly!”While it’s fun to have a lot of shoes (just ask me!), you don’t need a thousand pair of shoes to look fabulous. You only need a few really great pairs.
In the words of Coco Chanel: “A woman with good shoes is never ugly!”
First, get a signature pair of shoes you can wear in most situations. In my case, it’s a pair of gray crocodile dress shoes with a mid-heel. They have a classic style and look great with dress pants or with a skirt a tights. They are my “go to” shoes all winter. You might select a similar neutral sandal for warmer months.
Then, add in your choice of one or two of these and you might have your personal shoe collection covered:

  • Ballet Flats – versatile and polished, you can easily pair them with jeans or a cute knee-length skirt; choose black for the most wearability, but a fun tan, red or silver is also an excellent choice
  • Heeled Pumps – perfect for a dressed up look for the office or with your favorite skinny jeans; your best bet is basic black
  • Ankle Boots – so much in style right now, you’ll wear them everywhere. Perfect paired with your favorite leggings! With so many styles to choose from right now, you’ll have a blast picking them out
  • The Perfect Sandals – tasteful, casual for a beach visit, a trip out shopping or with your favorite capris. Kick them up a notch with metallic hardware or a touch of color
  • Classic White Sneakers – the ultimate in casual, they will dress down your outfit for a weekend look; think message t-shirt and a fun pair of shorts or pair with a great summer dress

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Fashion Tip Friday: Packing smart!

When I packed for my recent cruise, I made a commitment to myself not to pack so many “options” that I came home with a suitcase full of clothes that I never wore. Here’s one strategy I used to cut down on the number of items I brought along.
Many of the items that I packed doubled as swim cover-ups later. I would wear them as an outfit one day, then as a swimsuit cover-up the next day (or a day later if you have a thing about people seeing you in the same clothes again).
Here are three examples of Ruby Ribbon items that I wore first as an outfit, then as a cover-up (but I also did it with two sundresses too). From left, it’s the Nothin but Net Tunic, Crochet Poncho and the Pleated Mesh Dress. The poncho is stretchy and just super fun over a swimsuit. The tunic and dress both have removable liners that make them airy and breezy and beautiful as swim cover-ups. (Of course, I wore these over my favorite Ruby Ribbon swimsuits!)
swim coverups
Keep this idea in mind the next time you’re packing for a warm weather trip!
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Fashion Tip Friday: From work to holiday party in minutes

I’ve often shared fashion tips from my friend Sunil R, and today I’m sharing a video that he recorded a few years ago, but still is so relevant today.
So here’s Sunil giving you tips to go from your professional day look to a holiday party in minutes:

So here are Sunil’s tips from the videos:

  1. Swap your shoes for something a holiday vibe like metalic
  2. Put on a festive piece of clothing, like a dressier evening jacket
  3. Add an accessory that feels right with your holiday look
  4. Touch up your makeup with a bit more evening drama

Hope you find these helpful as we go into party season!
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Summer can be hard on our feet

This morning (well maybe not just this morning but time to do something about it), I realized that even though I’ve had pedicures quite often this summer, my feet were well, just plain awful. I guess wearing sandals for days on end (and loving that, BTW), just takes a toll on your feet.
sandal-1521801_960_720After a quick tour through the Internet, I decided to soak my feet in a mixture of Epsom salt, sea salt, baking soda and essential oil. First I had to find a container large enough to hold the water and both my feet. Harder than it sounds, I’ll tell you.
Then I filled it using the recipe below, pulled up a chair next to it, grabbed a magazine to read, and plunged in my tootsies. (Grateful for polished concrete floors when I realized I didn’t grab a towel too)
I’m pretty surprised how great my feet felt after 15 minutes. While not perfect, this combo did a nice job of exfoliating, and then I did a bit more with some sugar scrub in the shower.
Here’s the recipe I used:

  • 1/3 cup Epsom sale
  • 1/3 cup sea salt
  • 1 cup baking soda
  • 10 drops of a favorite essential oil (lavender, lemon, peppermint, you get the idea)

Sorry, I didn’t take a picture of my feet (you should be glad I spared you of that!) but I found one of those on the internet too (full disclose, this is from a site that provides free stock photos so need to turn me into the Internet police)
If you try out this luxury for your own feet, drop me a line and tell me if it worked as good for you!
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Breaking the rules!

If you think wearing black with navy is a fashion “don’t,” then I’ve been breaking the rules lately. I think, with our new Fall collection, I’ve worn black and navy together (in the same outfit) at least once a week for the past few weeks.
It’s easy since several of our newest pieces are navy with super cute black accents. Here are some examples of the outfits I’ve worn and how I’ve worn them.

See, you are getting the idea. So go ahead and break one of your fashion rules this season!
black and navy

Fashion Tip Friday: Who doesn't love chocolate?

All you Chocolate lovers have reason to rejoice you have great calorie-free versions to indulge in this Fall. Shades of Cocoa are making a big comeback.
Opt for head to toe dark chocolate or mix it with winter white, cream, camel and tan for sophisticated tonal dressing.
Tip courtesy of Sunil from #sunilstyles blog
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Fashion Tip Friday: Tips from my friends

Last night, I wasn’t really sure what Fashion Tip I was going to share today, so I did a Shout Out to my Facebook friends to get their ideas. 
21314840_10154989563693435_5190964156407575996_nAt first, my intention was to just pick the best idea and run with it, but after reading what they shared, I’m going to give you some bonus tips this Friday (although you may believe some are better than others!)

I heard that dark florals are all the rage for fall!

 How to properly wear leggings — make sure tush is covered

 Do you wear white after Labor Day?  – the answer is Yes!

 Polish your outfit with the perfect belt – and make sure it’s THE belt (more to come on this topic)

 Keep what you have until it’s worn out. (Or until it comes back into fashion?!?!?)

 Always wear one thing that makes you smile

 Buy timeless, quality gear and wear it for decades.

 It’s better to look good, than feel good! (Said no man ever.)

 On trend…black and white with lace up shoes

 Blue is the new black  (I was already planning a future blog post on this topic – stay tuned)

 Just because it’s in style or you can squeeze into it, doesn’t mean you’ll look amazing in what’s trendy. Dress the body you have and feel fabulous

 There was also a reference to the “column of color” and while I think I know what that means, I’m not confident, so I’ll save that idea for a future Friday Fashion Tip.
 And my friend and professional stylist Sunil R shared one of his tips too – see the graphic in this blog. His work is so amazing!
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