Fall 2018 Collection Overview

We launched our Fall 2018 Collection July 9 and it’s hot! Check out all the new items in the blog posts referenced here:


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What types of products does Ruby Ribbon offer?

So who is Ruby Ribbon?  We are a company that supports women in every moment of their crazy busy, typically untypical, ever-changing, always abundant life.

We offer camis to unlock bra-free days. We have the perfect pant, legging or shaping bottom that looks great! We go with you from play dates to date nights, from power meetings to power Pilates. Let’s walk through our product line.

Beautiful Shapes

First is our incredible shapes category with seriously life-changing foundations for any outfit. What makes us different?  We deliver real results with comfort.  This is not your once-in-a-blue-moon torture device.  This is bra-replacement while feeling like you’re wrapped in a cloud product!


  • Support any cup size with NO precise cup-measuring required
  • NO underwire
  • Lift your bust & butt
  • Smooth your back, hips & waist
  • Sculpt a little bit or a lot but always comfortable
  • Banish bra and panty lines
  • Stay Put – with our gripper edge that keeps your cami in place!

Editors love our product as do our customers.  90% of our customers return to purchase more.  And 90% tell a friend.   It;s one of the best parts of my business.

RR Swim

We’ve added our slimming and shaping technology to our RR Swim line. Banish the awful cramped quarters and florescent lighting of department store dressing rooms. Shop with me in comfort! I will help you select a suit you’ll look great and feel great in, lose and inch from your waist smoothing out your curves with invishape technology and no underwire!


Our next category of products is Essentials:  the modern woman’s wardrobe staples made better with Intomi – our built in smoothing and shaping – designed to give you the long, lean and lifted look. These are your favorite go to items- the 20% of your closet you wear 80% of the time. Think pants, leggings, skirts and dresses that you pull out over and over again.

Complete the look

Our last category is Complete the look:  the perfect top, jacket or layer to complete any outfit.  These products are released four-times a year and provide a little bit of seasonal fun to complete any look.

Connect with me to get all the latest info on Ruby Ribbon – we release new styles every few months!

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This could not be more on trend – our Choker Plunge Top

Look anywhere right now and you’ll see that Ruby Ribbon’s design team is in tune with the trends. Not only are we debuting a Choker Plunge Top in two color options, but many other lines also are offering them.
Ours is light and soft and gathered at the shoulder. In a Deep Sea and a Wine tone, these tops will be perfect for many events you’re attending this season. With a bracelet-length sleeve, you’ll be able to show off your favorite bling, and there’s really no need for any other jewelry.
This top is a longer length that can be easily tucked in or worn out. Pair with skirts, our Palazzo Pants, or the ponte pants we’re known for. Either of these colors will be perfect with both black and mink brown.
Choker Top
Winter and Holiday Capsule Defined
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Once a fashionista, always a fashionista

20170810_211110096_iOSThis week I spent the night at my Mom’s house, and my sister was there too. For fun, she had us dig out all our old Barbie items, including the camper and the posh house and the dream boat.  We also found a stash of Barbie’s clothes.
At our house, Barbie didn’t have just any clothes, she had high fashion items, mostly homemade. (Many of her items were uniquely fashioned out of children’s socks, but that’s another story.)
She also had a wardrobe made by Mom, and I’m guessing many were without a pattern. She was the prima fashion designer in our family. There were even handbags and boots!
20170810_172948870_iOS.jpgI’m attaching a few pictures that I took to save the memories. My sister took some of the clothes herself. Just check out the detail and the pattern and the love that went into these fashions!
I’ll note that Mom remains my biggest supporter and she also loves Ruby Ribbon (and has the closet to prove it!).
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Nothin' But Net!

net dress on Michelle.jpgSo, maybe you are usually used to hearing “Nothin’ but net” as a basketball term but we are reinventing it at Ruby Ribbon with our newest tunic – the Nothin’ But Net Tunic.
With mesh detailing on the front and back and removable slip, this ultra-chic tunic is a crowd-pleaser. It can be worn over leggings (white, black, patterned) as a tunic or on it’s own as a sporty dress. It will also be amazing as a swimsuit cover-up without the slip.
Oh, and hey, this limited-edition tunic is going fast. We carry sizes from XS to 3XL, but XS is already sold out.
A Look at the Entire Fall Collection
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A trio of flounce

Flounce Skirt montageAvailable in a trio of colors (black, mink or sapphire), our new Ruby Ribbon Flounce Skirt will quickly become one of your wardrobe essentials.
It features a built-in slip to smooth your shape, but that slip won’t ride up because of the signature Ruby Ribbon gripper edge.
In an A-line silhouette with a flounce detail in the back, this slip will pair well with a fitted top or maybe the Ruffle Top tucked in or the Kinomo Top in black.  For those that work in an office, add one of the Ruby Ribbon jackets for a professional look.
This new skirt is definitely fun, flirty and fabulous!
Fall Collection Summary
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Fall Collection launches soon

Inkedanimal print coming_LIJust a note that our Ruby Ribbon Fall Collection launches this week with a great array of fun new pieces and perfect wardrobe basics.
I’ll be posting my traditional series of info posts on the new pieces, how to style them and what makes them special.
But the best way to experience them to see them in person!
Fall Collection Summary
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Clothes tell your story

As I landed in Dallas this morning for the annual Ruby Ribbon stylist conference (we call it Runway), I couldn’t help but chuckle.
519_north_dakota_state-bisons-secondary-2012As a fan of the North Dakota State University football team, I’ve been to Dallas several times when the team has played in the national championship game. The team has a strong fan following and during the trip, you will encounter many other fans at the airport, on the streets of Dallas and the suburbs, in restaurants and shops, pretty much everywhere!  And you can recognize them by what they’re wearing — green and gold, the team’s colors.
Inkedtrio of summer_LIAs I was in the airport and getting to my hotel for this conference, I grinned because I realized the similarities just then. While I wasn’t watching for green and gold, I was on the lookout for Ruby Ribbon fashions. As you can guess, with hundreds of Ruby Ribbon stylists converging on the same place, anywhere you look, you can easily recognize us by our fashion.
See what I mean?  It’s the clothing that is making my friends, even those I haven’t yet met, recognizable, both when I’m hear for football and when I’m hear for training, recognition, and to see the new 2017 Fall Collection.
There is one other similarity too — both of these reasons to visit Dallas are just a whole lot of fun!
Here’s to a great few days in Dallas, lots of fashion and fun, and lots of learning to help build for the future!
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PS: I think some of the hottest items being worn this week by Ruby Ribbon stylists are the Pleated Mesh Dress, Tuck Tunic in Smudge and the Criss Cross Leggings (both black and sapphire camo).

Flip – Flip – My Morning Today

So, here’s a breakdown on how my morning went today:

  • ruffle top flip skirt (3)Put on Ruby Ribbon Flip Skirt (black side out) paired with cute black and white pattern top
  • Remembered my white patterned t-shirt with rhinestones and swapped that for the black and white top
  • Realized that the white t-shirt might match my super fun and funky multi-colored summer sandals. Slipped them on and stood in front of the mirror
  • Decided that the sandals and t-shirt really didn’t go together, not so much because of colors but more about different vibes with fabric and such
  • Realized the fun shoes would look much better with the dark brown side of the Flip Skirt so I “flipped” it (this skirt is reversible – one side is black and other brown)
  • Went back into closet to look for a top of an appropriate color to match the shoes and settled on a fuscia colored jersey tee
  • Tossed on an animal print scarf and a ivory colored jean jacket and headed out the door

Can you relate? Maybe a little?
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