I’ve always got black leggings (always)

Black leggings are what everyone wants, right?  They are right at the intersection of fashion and comfort. They are everywhere, with varying lengths and unique details and guess what, at Ruby Ribbon, we’ve got them all.  All the black leggings, all the time.

Our black leggings go the extra mile for you. They feature the signature Ruby Ribbon “skinny band” at the waist, giving you just a little shaping on your tummy. And they are high quality and will last so long (no fading).

And what a selection. Our options go beyond just ankle or capri?  We have details, lots and lots of details. Check out the Criss Cross Capris, my favorite Jacquard Leggings, the Skirted Leggings or even the black Denim Leggings.  So. Many. Options. (Which will you choose?)

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Summer is for Capris!

Here are the two latest styles we’ve added to our capri mix.

  • Fast Track Capri — a bright desert “Camo” print adds color to your work-out…even if that workout involves sipping iced tea on the patio. A slimming black stripe down the side flatters, while these capris coordinate with a lot of tops. Pair with our Summer brights: Cobalt (or Black) Dual Tank, Charged Pink or Olive Tiered Crochet Extenders. They would also be so cute with the Nothing But Net Tunic and flip-flops.
  • Dual Track Capri – Fitted, sporty, trend-right, comfortable, these capris are just the right amount of sporty to wear to the coffee shop while also making you the star of your walking group. Perfect witht the Laid Back Tank, just add a Talented Tunic for cooler days.

Get the fast track to fashion in my online Fashion Studio that is totally free to join! These capris are just pieces in a trendy Summer 2018 Collection.

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Wear this long button-down so many ways

char spring 2018 denim tunicI couldn’t resist getting one of these crisp button-ups for myself. Our new Shirt Dress is so versatile – belt it, wear it as a long top, try it as a dress, or leave it open as a jacket. I’m betting you’ll be wearing this All. The. Time.
In either a shiny blue denim or a crisp white, you’ll find a ton of ways to style it too. The length screams leggings to me. I already wore the blue with black leggings, but just think of the various options you have either either color. Pair with boots now, but super fun later with sandals too. Available in sizes XS to 3XL, as usual.

Spring 2018 Fashion Summary

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Wanna spend your day in your PJs?

jog pants with demiette photo croppedI’m admitting right now that I spent most yesterday in my PJs. (Sorry, not sorry) I was working around the house and following up with clients from my business and I guess I both got caught up in my activities but also wanted that PJ comfort.
As a seasoned Ruby Ribbon stylist, I know that I should have took one of the favorite aspects of Ruby Ribbon – comfort – and put on a few of my favorite casual pieces.
A great example is our new R&R Pant; I mean even the name says it will be a great lazy weekend piece. They are #fashleisure at their best! Comfort, trendy, functional, super soft and so much more.
Made from a combo of bamboo and cotton, they are so soft you’ll actually never want to take them off. And in sizes in XS to 3XL, there is probably a pair just for you. Wear the waistband as you typically would, or go with today’s trend and turn the waistband rolled out. It also has a functioning drawstring for a snug fit, and pockets!
For the weekend, I suggest pairing them with a loose fitting top and a Ruby Ribbon demiette. If you’re going out the house, they will look great with our Laid Back Top and Hangout Hoodie, with casual shoes, of course.
2018 Spring Fashion Summary
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Let's Hang Out

hangouthoodie_blackfleck_frontI’m not sure I would have expected a hoodie from Ruby Ribbon, but our new Hang Out Hoodie is the perfect way for us to bring casual to your wardrobe.
In sizes XS to 3XL, it’s the perfect length to wear with any of your Ruby Ribbon leggings, and I know that this is important to me. I’ve looked for exactly this length in a more casual top with long sleeves and I’m certain that I’ll wear this new hoodie ALL THE TIME.
Like many of your Ruby Ribbon pieces, the seams are strategically placed to add a slimming silhouette and it even has some handy pockets. Wear it for a workout or just wear it on a lazy and relaxing day.

Spring 2018 Fashion Summary

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Weekend OOTD

This weekend (yeah, late in posting this), I put together a new Outfit of the Day using one of our newer leggings and a top from last winter. I love how my Ruby Ribbon items mix and match from season to season.
topper and fast track leggingsI paired our Reversible Topper (I like to wear it with the long panels in the front) with our Fast Track Leggings, which are navy with a cute black strip on each leg, for a fashleisure look that was stylist and comfortable.
I wore this to a Christmas concert in my hometown on Sunday afternoon and felt just dressed up enough. I even added a Lux Shawl instead of my winter coat since it was quite warm.
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Best tip yet, the Reversible Topper just went on sale while supplies last.

They're back!

One of the newest fashion trends hitting the streets may catch you a little off guard. You may have worn them in the 80’s and guess what, they’re back!  Introducing our chunky cable knit Leg Warmers in black. (Why said history didn’t repeat itself?)
legwarmer_black_frontTo get you into the leg warmer mood, I thought I would share a few tips on how to style them in the most trendy ways:

  1. Pull them over your jeans — your skinny jeans and any shoe will take on a fresh look (let them rumple a little – leg warmers aren’t meant to be stretched flat)
  2. Let them peak out of your calf-height boots — More texture, some additional warmth (maybe at an outdoor sporting event), and total style
  3. Pair them with a heel – check out the picture on the right for how to pull off this slouchy look.
  4. Stay warm on your commute — For those of you that need to walk outside in skirts and dresses this winter, leg warmers are a great option to keep you warm and then take them off at the office if they don’t “go” with your look
  5. Share them with a friend — as a stocking stuffer for a millennial… or her super cool Mom!

So, who’s ready to rock the new Ruby Ribbon Leg Warmers.

Summary of Winter and Holiday Treasures

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The most popular tunic out there…hands down!

As my friends and clients have reviewed the new pieces in the Winter and Holiday Collection, the new Suedette Tunic is the most popular, by far!
This versatile piece is made of a fall favorite, our “Suedette” which is a faux suede that can’t get any softer, really. First, we had the leggings in five fashion colors, and now we’ve added this tunic that can be worn with or without the belt that’s included.
With a light stretch built into the tunic, you’ll find it super easy to wear. Wear it alone as a fun dress (with tights and boots or even our new leg warmers). The model on the left added the Ruby Ribbon belt and buckle too. Be sure to notice the pockets.
Or, the mid-thigh length means it will look awesome with almost any of the Ruby Ribbon leggings – think the new Ottoman Leggings, or the Bootcut Leggings, or the black Denim Leggings or the standard Ankle Leggings — someone please stop me!
I hope you also notice that the model on the right chose to wear it backwards and, guess what, I think it looks great that way too. Don’t you?
Winter and Holiday Capsule Summary
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Breaking the rules!

If you think wearing black with navy is a fashion “don’t,” then I’ve been breaking the rules lately. I think, with our new Fall collection, I’ve worn black and navy together (in the same outfit) at least once a week for the past few weeks.
It’s easy since several of our newest pieces are navy with super cute black accents. Here are some examples of the outfits I’ve worn and how I’ve worn them.

See, you are getting the idea. So go ahead and break one of your fashion rules this season!
black and navy

Perfect for fall tailgating!

20170827_230055333_iOSWhen I saw the new color options for our Suedette Leggings, I was so excited. Around here, a lot of us are NDSU Bison fans, and the Spruce color is just what we needed. Imagine tailgating in these warm and super soft suedette leggings with a “Go Bison” top and a warm jacket (maybe even our new Ponte Blazer).
When the season’s over (hopefully later in January), you’ll have great leggings to wear with so many other outfits too!
#NDSU #GoBison #stylewithchar #rubyribbon #leggings #can’twaitfortheseasontostart
PS: Spruce not your team color, we’ve got a few other options too, like wine, camel, black and gray — something for every team, I think.