Fashion Tip Friday: Tips from my friends

Last night, I wasn’t really sure what Fashion Tip I was going to share today, so I did a Shout Out to my Facebook friends to get their ideas. 
21314840_10154989563693435_5190964156407575996_nAt first, my intention was to just pick the best idea and run with it, but after reading what they shared, I’m going to give you some bonus tips this Friday (although you may believe some are better than others!)

I heard that dark florals are all the rage for fall!

 How to properly wear leggings — make sure tush is covered

 Do you wear white after Labor Day?  – the answer is Yes!

 Polish your outfit with the perfect belt – and make sure it’s THE belt (more to come on this topic)

 Keep what you have until it’s worn out. (Or until it comes back into fashion?!?!?)

 Always wear one thing that makes you smile

 Buy timeless, quality gear and wear it for decades.

 It’s better to look good, than feel good! (Said no man ever.)

 On trend…black and white with lace up shoes

 Blue is the new black  (I was already planning a future blog post on this topic – stay tuned)

 Just because it’s in style or you can squeeze into it, doesn’t mean you’ll look amazing in what’s trendy. Dress the body you have and feel fabulous

 There was also a reference to the “column of color” and while I think I know what that means, I’m not confident, so I’ll save that idea for a future Friday Fashion Tip.
 And my friend and professional stylist Sunil R shared one of his tips too – see the graphic in this blog. His work is so amazing!
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Fashion Tip Friday: It's sometimes about fit

Well, looks like this week got away from me a bit, no blog posts?
For Fashion Tip Friday, let’s talk about fit. Fit can be one of your best fashion friends. When clothes fit your body and shape well, their quality looks even better. Find a local tailor or seamstress who knows your body and taste and make friends with her. Get pants hemmed, maybe a tuck here or there. And, making sure you have the right foundational garments also can affect the fit of your clothes in a significant way.
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Curious about what flatters you best?

Which neckline on a top looks best on you? Often, you will get compliments on a certain top and it may be the color or something else that makes it be especially flattering on you.
Check out this infographic that will help you identify the best neckline for your attributes. (I’m not certain of the original source of this graphic.)
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