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Can you see Joy?

Why do some things seem to create such universal joy? This one, one of the podcasts I listened to featured Ingrid Fetell Lee who has been researching Joy. She talks about the the surprisingly tangible roots of joy and shows how we all can find — and create — more of it in the world around us. I wanted to share it with you.

I was intrigued enough by Lee to also find her website, which is a colorful burst of Joy itself. While I may not start decorating my home as a rainbow, I am inspired to think more about how I can use this information. And, it’s so interesting that it’s all backed by science.

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DIY, in a little black dress?

I’m sure you’re familiar with the DIY concept — do it yourself?  But what does that mean in a dress?

With the Summer 2018 collection, Ruby Ribbon has launched a black DIY dress — one dress, worn as many ways as your imagination can come up with!  In a super polyester spandex fabric, what this dress offers is options:

  • Wear it at your natural waist, as an empire waist or as a halter
  • Two sashes allow you to configure the straps in a variety of ways — create a different look for each event you wear it too
  • Take it along on an vacation or trip and DIY your way into daily fashions, dressed up or dressed down

Watch Ruby Ribbon’s Sr Designer, Cami Raymond, style this dress in her favorite six ways.  (PS don’t blink when you’re watching – it goes fast)

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See the entire Summer 2018 Capsule

1 Dress. 6 Ways! The go to wedding, vacay, reunion, girls night, date night dress!#Chic #flattering #versatile

Bridal favorites from Ruby Ribbon

White lace is THE thing for brides, and at Ruby Ribbon, we’ve got you covered (literally, Ha!).
Some of the comfortable Ruby Ribbon shapewear most frequently selected by brides includes:
Convertible Slip — strapless, with the most shaping in the tummy or add the straps that are included to make it work for most necklines
V-neck Slip — smoothing and comfortable
Lace Classic or Full Support Cami in white — pair with the matching Shaping Briefs or OnWaist Thigh Slimmer for a full body shaping with comfort
Sheer High Waisted Briefs — sexy and stunning with the shaping you need
bridal favorites
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"And it also comes in Black"

One of the phrases that I’m finding myself saying over and over and over (and over) at my Ruby Ribbon trunk shows lately is “and it also comes in black.”
This is a big, big change from when I started with Ruby Ribbon three years ago. As a matter of fact, I recall thinking when I got my startup kit back then, that EVERYTHING was black. I mean, each piece in the kit was black, seriously!
Well, all that has sure changed over the years. We have so many colors (gorgeous, amazing, beautiful) colors to choose from now, and to show off those colors, I usually get my samples in colors now.
But, we also often have color choices in our collection now, so while I have a color on my rack, I will also tell you “but this also comes in black.”  See, I say it over and over. And while I know so many of you love (love, love) black, you must forget, because you all are buying colors so much now.
So, as a reminder, here are just a few of my latest fashions, in (wait for it) – BLACK!  From Left — Lux Tunic, Pleated Chiffon Extender (you may have missed this one as it kind of “snuck up” into the latest fashion line), Flounce Skirt, Layered Tunic and Bell Sleeve Top. (I also thought about adding the Suedette Leggings in black but I just ran out of room)
and in black too.png
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What I wore first from the Winter and Holiday Collection

Ruby Ribbon launched the Winter and Holiday Collection this week and I got many of the samples right away (still waiting to pick up a few of the items with my own hostess rewards!).
Of course, I immediately unpacked the box and tried on everything that was in my size. These pieces are going to be a hit with you!
lux shawl gray suedetteSo, are you curious what I wore first?  I’ve actually worn it twice already — the Lux Shawl. Available in either Black or  Silvery Heather color, this is the softest thing ever, not kidding. While it’s not cashmere, it certainly feels like it. And it has a button detail that can be worn on the shoulder, or down the front for a cardigan look.
Oh, and you can also wear it as a beautiful winter scarf too. Get one for yourself (of course!) and another for a holiday gift for a woman you love!
The model shown here is wearing it with the Gray Suedette Leggings, but I paired mine this week with the Spruce Suedette Leggings and wore our Asymmetric Tunic in black under it. Just a long necklace with black booties and I had a great fall outfit. (I can also picture this shawl with the Wine colored Suedettes too, can’t you?)
As usual, I’ll be highlighting many of the new items for Winter 2017 over the next few weeks, and you can find them all curated (word of the year, lol) here:
Winter and Holiday Capsule Summary
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Fan Favorites this Fall

In our last Ruby Ribbon call, they shared the list of Fall items that you all are loving.  Here’s what are the fan favorites (ie top sellers) right now.

  • Suedette Leggings –  a limited edition item only available in September, but gorgeous and soft – choose from 5 colors (you still have a few days to get them)
  • Ponte Blazer — aka a “boyfriend” blazer with pockets and a style all it’s own
  • Chiffon Poncho — I should check but I think I’ve sold more than a dozen of these myself. So flattering on many figures
  • Effortless Top — My sample in the rose color gets tried on by everyone. I love it over the white Lace Extender and the tiger print is very cute too
  • Denim Leggings — hey, not new for Fall, but we are all ready to put our summer clothes away I think. They are great for tailgating, date night, you get the idea
  • Flip Skirt — what’s not to love about a reversible skirt that gives you two complete looks with one piece

(I’m surprised the new Stretch Woven Pants didn’t make this list, just saying)
Fall 2017 top sellers
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And we won!

I think Ruby Ribbon’s Executive Vice President of Product said it great when she posted this last night on Facebook! All in a day’s work for freeing women from the tyranny of a bra!
Our Demiette won an innovation award last night! Here it’s shown in our Viper print but it also comes in Cheetah and a range of other colors.  We have them in sizes up to a 44 bra band.
demiette wins.PNG
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What is Ponte?

ponte jacket flare leg pants minkIf you’ve been following on this site very long, you’ve seen me to refer to Ponte fabric over and over again. It’s a staple in the Ruby Ribbon clothing line. But what is Ponte?

Well, I know I love it, because it’s a “heartier” fabric that stands up to wear. But that’s not a lot to go on, so here’s a bit more. We have ponte pants, jackets, leggings, skirts and dresses. Ruby Ribbon offers ponte clothing in black, mink brown and sapphire blue.

First, how do you pronounce Ponte? You say “ponteee” so now we have that covered. Ponte clothing items are constructed from a double-jersey knit fabric, typically made with some combination of two or three fibers that most often include rayon, nylon, spandex, and polyester.

So what is the difference between regular pants and leggings and those made from ponte? Ponte pants are likely thicker and have more structure. In leggings, they have less stretch and they hold you firmly in place. Ponte pants fit snugly, but not so snugly that they reveal every bone in your knees and touch of fat on your thighs. They also keep you warm during colder temperatures.

You can wear ponte pants to work and look perfectly professional, or you can sizzle ’em up for a hot date and absolutely kill it, but unlike other work pants and hot-date pants, they’re comfy enough that you won’t be distracted with visions of how good it’s going to feel to peel them the second you walk in your door.

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