What are your Friday night plans?

Hey, did you realize it’s Friday? Got plans? Maybe you’re planning a Girls Night Out, or possibly it’s date night? But whatever your Friday night plans might be, I’ve got some ideas on what you might wear. (You never expected anything less of me, right?)

I recently held a style show, where I had local models showcasing outfits for many different occasions. One of them was a category I called “Let’s go out” and you can see four of the pictures from that night in the main photo for this post. (From left)

  • Our Ottoman Ponte Dress, with a “moto” vibe to is a great dress to have at your fingertips for any evening. It features faux pockets with silvery metallic zippers and it’s one chic, easy style to wear. Pair it with metallic sandals and a shiny bracelet.
  • Check out this soft and feminine Gypsy Top that’s just perfect for date night. It’s really two tops in one. The outer layer is a flowy poly-silk in beautiful dusty blue with 3/4 sleeves and a loose cropped cut. The second layer is a long v-neck tank top with gorgeous chantilly lace edge. Of course, either piece also can be worn alone or with another layering piece you already have in your closet. We pair this top in the fashion show with the Lace Capris to keep the look light.
Ruby Ribbon Lace Capris
  • Our next outfit also was all about lace, but wearing it with a different vibe. We took those same Lace Capris and paired them with the Trace of Lace Tunic for a monochromatic look with lace accents on both the top and capris. To keep the GNO or date night feel, we added sparkly sandals and some jewelry with glitz and glam.
  • Our last look is so fun – with this model wearing just one look for the DIY Jumpsuit. Honestly, you will wear this jumpsuit over and over and never the same way twice. You can style the scarf-like straps in so many ways. Here, we did something pretty traditional with a tank look that crossed across an open back. And, she wore beautiful heels for date night. Here are some alternate ideas for styling this jumpsuit.
Ruby Ribbon DIY Jumpsuit

We hope this gives you inspiration and ideas for tonight or your next date night or girls night out. Here’s to great Friday plans!

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What’s happening this week at Style With Char?

It’s a super busy time for all of us, so I’d like to offer a bit of help. Here are a few upcoming things this week that you might find valuable for shopping for gifts or for holiday outfits, plus a chance to take a bit of time out for entertainment. (Each link will help you determine where online this event is happening.)

  • Our holiDAYS sale featuring 30% off fashion items and leggings starting Monday, Dec 3Holidays sale
  • Christmas Mystery event online on Tuesday night at 8 PM Central with puzzles and prizes, including a chance to purchase a Ruby Ribbon cami for 50% off. Are you the one that will solve this holiday crime?  
  • A Cozy and Comfy Style Show LIVE online on Facebook Wednesday night at 8 PM Central
  • Get holiday gifts on time with upgraded 3-day shipping FREE from Ruby Ribbon
  • Get reminders from Demi, my online assistant (she’s a style bot) by sending a message to me here; just type “Hi” or ask a questionDemi, the style bot

Oh, don’t forget to take a bit of time for yourself. I know it’s easy to put everyone else first, but you deserve some of your time too.

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What’s an Instagram Grid?

Who doesn’t love scrolling through Instagram to check out all the amazing photos that are getting added by the millions every day?

One of the latest Instagram fads is to post your photos so that when displayed in the Grid format, that they tell a bigger picture or story. There are so many amazing grids out there and they also are super fun. The photo above is a “before” picture of my Instagram grid.

This week, I’m starting to do my own Instagram Grid and I thought I would share my Instagram handle (@stylewithchar) so you can follow along and tell me what you think!

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A day definitely worth celebrating!

No Housework DayApril 7 is officially No Housework Day and to me, that is certainly a day to celebrate. Who’s with me?
What that means (as if you need this day explained) is that there should be:

  • No dishwashing
  • No vacuuming
  • No dusting
  • No making beds
  • No laundry
  • No ironing
  • (Do you need me to keep going?)
  • No scrubbing
  • No window washing
  • No shower cleaning
  • No picking up
  • No mopping

So, celebrate No Housework Day by taking it easy and give yourself a day of leisure. Call me if you need someone to pour the wine!
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What's your cami mood?

cami mood.jpgYou may not realize it but Ruby Ribbon offers three different designs of the revolutionary Ruby Ribbon “Bye Bye Bra” cami, and women select them for different reasons all the time.
The most popular is the Original with a scoop neck and a great selection of colors. While black and pale are most popular, many women pick a fun print like cheetah or viper.
My favorite style is the Sheer Collection cami.  It’s got a V-neck and beautiful sheer details. I love the fit (but not everyone does).  I have all four colors and find myself choosing the midnight blue most often.
Women love lace and the Lace Collection cami is also a hit with many women. It’s a date night cami but most wear it all the time to feel and look great.  Pick it up in wine or deep sea to treat yourself.
No matter which design you choose, you’ll be totally brafree (what an amazing feeling!)  No more underwires with comfort and shaping. Women of all styles continue to be so impressed and surprised that it works for them.
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3rd Anniversary Giveaway!

animation (8).gif
On Thursday, Dec 28, I’m  will be celebrating my third anniversary of bringing joy, confidence, new clothes and an exceptional business opportunity to women in North Dakota and beyond.
Since the day I said “Yes” to building my Ruby Ribbon business I have had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know many beautiful women as customers, hostesses, teammates and friends. With more than $125,000 in personal sales (that’s a lot of camis and changed closets) over those three years – what a ride it has been! 
This week, I would love to include you in my celebration with a chance to win a prize basket featuring a Ruby Ribbon cami, a Lux Shawl and a bloom planners 2018 calendar. It’s just a small way for me to give you a big THANK YOU!
prizes (1)
To participate, simply send me an email and be sure to include your complete name and home address, as well as at least two (or all would be even better) of the following:

  1. A fashion topic you’d like to see featured in 2018
  2. A fashion or Ruby Ribbon question
  3. Your favorite Ruby Ribbon item and why
  4. A fashion tip that you want to share

Entries must be submitted via email by 5 PM on Sunday, Dec 31 and the winner will be announced early in January 2018
I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for following me, connecting and for supporting me these last three years. Good luck to all who enter!
Your friend in fashion and style,
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A new type of "wine cooler"

It’s always fun to get these packages in the mail! Here’s the beautiful package I received recently as a milestone reward as I work to earn a trip to Jamaica! (I can actually see that trip from here.)
It’s always nice to feel appreciated, isn’t it.  This is an insulated cooler that is just the perfect size to hold a bottle of Pinot Grigio. I guess you could call it a “wine cooler,” but we all think of something else when we hear that?
Wine bottle rewards
I’m always looking for women who want to become my business partners with Ruby Ribbon. It’s a mix of fun, flexibility and of course, some work, but you’re always building your own business, your way!
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Not so "eggscellant"

So, this post has nothing whatsoever to do with fashion or clothing but I think it might brighten your day.
egg-25369_960_720.pngThis morning, I learned what happens when you start to make hard-boiled eggs and forget about them on the stove. (Right, I learned the hard way).  Did you know that once they reach a certain temp with no water left in the pan that they actually explode?
And, did you know that when you hear the first pop from the other room and wonder what it is, you should probably get up and go find out?
And did you know that when you hear the second pop and your curiosity gets the best of you, that when you determine that your eggs have been boiling so long that there is no longer water in the pan, that you should NOT take the cover off?
And did you know that when a boiled egg explodes with the cover off, it makes a terrible mess?
Well, now you know….
(PS. Did you know that you can even find a picture of a hard boiled egg on Pixabay?)
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Think soft and feminine

cascade tunic with black leggingsThe new Cascade Tunic will have you thinking soft and feminine as you style it for Fall and Winter days. In a beautiful dusty rose color, it’s going to look great with nearly any neutral — gray, winter white, tan, black, you get the idea.
It’s a tunic length top that fits roomy. In a mix of chiffon and knit, it will cascade across you for a naturally slimming effect.
Here are some ideas on how to wear it:

  • Pair with the Ruched Skirt and heels (height of your choice) for an office look
  • Wear it over either the black or white Jacquard Leggings (my personal favorites) on “casual Friday” and it almost won’t need any accessories
  • Or, of course, wear it with your favorite jeans for a lazy weekend, maybe topped with a long fleece jacket

Winter and Holiday Capsule Summary
#dustyroseisback #wearitwithneutrals #stylewithchar #rubyribbon #winter #layerit

Beauty Queens back in 1966

I ran across an article recently that showed what beauty queens looked like through the past 50+ years.
Here’s the beauty queen from the year I was born:
I think this article surfaced because it was the Miss America pageant that same week. I’m from North Dakota and to the surprise of many, our own Miss North Dakota was crowned Miss America that evening. We are so proud! I’ve seen her interviewed a few times now and not only is she beautiful, she has a genuine ND charm.
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