Gift Wrapping Like a Pro

While I was in high school, one of the part-time jobs I had was working at the gift wrap desk at a local department store. With hours of gift wrapping experience, sharing my tips on how to wrap your holiday presents like a professional gift wrapper.

Sidenote: At the gift wrap desk, I worked with a fabulous woman named Letta. She loved to joke around and would often say things in the back room like, “Of course, we would love to wrap your bird cage.”

One of the main items that we wrapped a lot was a single place setting of china. It was (and probably still is) a very common wedding gift. Even 30 years later, I could probably still tear off exactly the right length of silver wrapping paper to wrap a place setting. We even had paper that was the exact width to fit a single place setting. If you tried to choose another paper pattern that was a different, we did our best to talk you out of it (with a smile, of course.)

My best gift wrapping tips are below. But I also recorded this 2 minute video to show my gift wrapping technique in action. 

Here are the top tips I shared in the video:

Gift Wrapping Video

My Gift Wrapping Tips

  1. Cut the wrapping paper as close to the correct size as you need; you can wrap faster if you don’t have to keep trimming the paper
  2. Try to line up the seam of the paper with the edge of the box, giving the appearance of an invisible seam wrap
  3. Slip double-stick tape between layers of the paper; no tape will show on the outside of the package
  4. Fold all edges for a smooth and polished look; the raw edge of the paper shouldn’t show
  5. Crease all the edges of the box after wrapping for a crisp edge

🎄Happy Holidays!🎁 Just enjoy the time you spend gift wrapping. I often find myself thinking both about the person that I am wrapping the gift for, but also how much I think they will like that gift

Love these tips?  Let’s connect via my free online community for more tips, as well as other fashion and fun

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What’s happening this week at Style With Char?

It’s a super busy time for all of us, so I’d like to offer a bit of help. Here are a few upcoming things this week that you might find valuable for shopping for gifts or for holiday outfits, plus a chance to take a bit of time out for entertainment. (Each link will help you determine where online this event is happening.)

  • Our holiDAYS sale featuring 30% off fashion items and leggings starting Monday, Dec 3Holidays sale
  • Christmas Mystery event online on Tuesday night at 8 PM Central with puzzles and prizes, including a chance to purchase a Ruby Ribbon cami for 50% off. Are you the one that will solve this holiday crime?  
  • A Cozy and Comfy Style Show LIVE online on Facebook Wednesday night at 8 PM Central
  • Get holiday gifts on time with upgraded 3-day shipping FREE from Ruby Ribbon
  • Get reminders from Demi, my online assistant (she’s a style bot) by sending a message to me here; just type “Hi” or ask a questionDemi, the style bot

Oh, don’t forget to take a bit of time for yourself. I know it’s easy to put everyone else first, but you deserve some of your time too.

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Shopping for your wife or girlfriend made easy!

You want a personal gift for your wife and girlfriend but just aren’t sure what she might like.  Here are tips for a thoughtful gift that she’s sure to love. Let me help you and I’ll even gift wrap!

  • Dream Cami with matching Lounge Shorts – The Dream Cami is lux but so comfortable she can sleep in it, and the shorts are both pretty and comfy. Choose black or white with pink, depending upon her style.
  • Lounge Hoodie – Wrap her in luxury with our ultra-soft Lounge Hoodie.
  • Ruby Ribbon Bye Bye Bra cami – Surprise her with a beautiful Ruby Ribbon cami that is sexy, but will help her be comfortable every day and totally underwire free. If you’ve heard her say she can’t wait to take her bra off, this is just what she’s been waiting for.


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What to get for the gal who loves the gym? – Gift Giving Guide 2018

Have a friend that loves spending time at the gym? Not sure what to get her for a holiday gift?

Ruby Ribbon’s active wear is a great option for her. With two choices of workout leggings, including a pair of leggings that are reversible with a desert rose pattern on one side and solid black on the other, plus matching workout tanks, she will love whatever you choose for her. Or, consider getting her the unique Ruby Ribbon Sport Demiette, a sports bra unlike any that you’ve seen before.

All these items are available in a range of sizes that will fit her — XS to 3XL and up to a 50 in the Sport Demiette.


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Updated Gift Giving Guide Published

Not sure what to get for that special woman in your life?  Check out my updated 🎁 Gift Giving Guide 🎁 where I offer ideas for many women on your holiday list.

I’ve posted ideas and suggestions for a variety of women, from mom, grandma and a teenage daughter, to that gal who loves leggings or the person who loves traveling.

I have a few more women to add into this guide, so feel free to bookmark this page, both so you can use it for shopping but also to read the updated list.

Want to connect with me to get other gift ideas, join my online community.

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Purr-fect gift for any animal print lover

Make it a gift for that woman in your life that just loves animal prints or hold on to this beautiful shawl as a gift just for you!

Our Fur Collar Shawl is the perfect weight to cover up in cooler temps but with a style all your own. And the brushed woven fabric in Granite Heather is washable.

The faux leopard collar is removable with buttons, so on days when you’re not feeling it, just take it off for a more subtle and streamlined look. Or, add your own scarf for a totally different look — maybe even the our Fur Scarf from last winter.

Wondering how to wear this shawl? How about with everything!  Toss it on with jeans and a tee to instantly dress up your look. Or, layer it over your favorite dress pants and a matching long-sleeve top.

You can even wear the fur collar without the shawl layered over a sweater or a jacket. Be creative with it.

Here’s a link to all my posts showcasing the 2018 Winter and Holiday Collection.

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Celebration Rewards continue

Just a quick preview of my most recent gift that showed up in my mailbox. Here’s my new weekend bag with a fun Ruby Ribbon logo on it. These gifts come in beautiful packaging and I just can’t wait to open them.
Great to be rewarded just for sharing Ruby Ribbon with women everyday.
Celebration Rewards gift 3
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3rd Anniversary Giveaway!

animation (8).gif
On Thursday, Dec 28, I’m  will be celebrating my third anniversary of bringing joy, confidence, new clothes and an exceptional business opportunity to women in North Dakota and beyond.
Since the day I said “Yes” to building my Ruby Ribbon business I have had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know many beautiful women as customers, hostesses, teammates and friends. With more than $125,000 in personal sales (that’s a lot of camis and changed closets) over those three years – what a ride it has been! 
This week, I would love to include you in my celebration with a chance to win a prize basket featuring a Ruby Ribbon cami, a Lux Shawl and a bloom planners 2018 calendar. It’s just a small way for me to give you a big THANK YOU!
prizes (1)
To participate, simply send me an email and be sure to include your complete name and home address, as well as at least two (or all would be even better) of the following:

  1. A fashion topic you’d like to see featured in 2018
  2. A fashion or Ruby Ribbon question
  3. Your favorite Ruby Ribbon item and why
  4. A fashion tip that you want to share

Entries must be submitted via email by 5 PM on Sunday, Dec 31 and the winner will be announced early in January 2018
I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for following me, connecting and for supporting me these last three years. Good luck to all who enter!
Your friend in fashion and style,
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Mission accomplished

On the left is the pic I got from a guy late last week. It was basically a cry for help – LOL. His wife wanted another one of “these” for Christmas and a former stylist told him I could help. He wasn’t even sure what the heck this thing was called.
I got her her name and the town where they live, and after a quick call to Ruby Ribbon Support, I was able to determine the style of cami (Original Full Support) and place an order for him.
When I called him back to say we were good to go, I told him I had it shipped to my house so I could wrap it for him and he was totally amazed.
Fun way to provide holiday service!
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A new type of "wine cooler"

It’s always fun to get these packages in the mail! Here’s the beautiful package I received recently as a milestone reward as I work to earn a trip to Jamaica! (I can actually see that trip from here.)
It’s always nice to feel appreciated, isn’t it.  This is an insulated cooler that is just the perfect size to hold a bottle of Pinot Grigio. I guess you could call it a “wine cooler,” but we all think of something else when we hear that?
Wine bottle rewards
I’m always looking for women who want to become my business partners with Ruby Ribbon. It’s a mix of fun, flexibility and of course, some work, but you’re always building your own business, your way!
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