It's a perfect fit

As an owner of a gym, you already realize that the satisfaction you get from empowering women and helping them feel great is a real uplift to you personally. You can get double that feeling by adding Ruby Ribbon to the offering at your gym or fitness center.
Read what an owner of Curves in Texas has to say about her experience adding Ruby Ribbon to her offering. If you want to learn more, let’s chat.
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Be an Instaglammer

Each of the Ruby Ribbon team leaders select a name for their team, and while my team has been growing, I struggled to find the right team name for us.

But I’ve settled on one that I really love — the Instagrams. It’s whimsical and fun with a little nod to my own technology background (I work in tech). While my team and I regularly are connected via email and phone, we try to get together one Wednesday each month for recognition, brainstorming, sharing business tips and just having fun together.

Each of us brings something different to the team. One of us is self-employed, another works at a hospital lab, another is an art teacher, and I work at a local software company. We all work our Ruby Ribbon businesses our own, and we have the flexibility we need to make money on our own terms, plus we share our love of fashion with women we meet.

When I first got started with Ruby Ribbon, I would never have imagined what it would mean to me almost two years later.

Want to learn a bit more, join my online community to connect. 

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Hair stylist adds revenue with Shape Box

haircut-834280_960_720Last night on a Ruby Ribbon training call, we learned about a hair stylist was was able to add money to her wallet in a low key and fun way.
For just a $299 minimum investment to get her Ruby Ribbon Shape Pop Box, she is able to display the box in her salon with the camis and other shapewear that’s included in the box. The box is just the right size to fit into her salon decor.
She is having clients try on a Ruby Ribbon “bye bye bra” cami during their appointments, plus hosting just one open house at her salon each month. That’s been her business plan.
In her first month as a Ruby Ribbon Shapewear Specialist, she’s sold 12 Ruby Ribbon camis, plus other pieces. She earned $224.50 in commission, plus another $214 in product credit (that she can use to get fun new clothes for herself or pieces she can sell to her clients).
And look, she’s already nearly made enough cash to pay for her initial investment, and that’s just in one month.
If you’re interested, her’s what the Shape Pop Box looks like and what it contains:


Viva La Ruby Ribbon!

1457971274632Today, I’m heading to Vegas to attend the annual Ruby Ribbon stylist conference and, as you might expect, I’m so excited!
It’s not really that I’m going to Las Vegas; my best guess is that I’ve been there 50 times. (Yep, 50, probably correct. My other job is in the software industry and it seems we go to Vegas for every conference.  Not really every, but one year, I went to Vegas six times for work. Not kidding!) There’s a very good chance I won’t even leave the hotel.
Here’s why it’s going to be exciting for me.

  • See the Fall fashions – Ruby Ribbon uses this conference to launch the Fall Collection. I can’t wait to see what we’ll be offering for Fall. Can you?
  • Training – one of my personal goals for the conference is to learn new skills. I’m excited for some of the sessions. Some of the sessions that I’m looking forward to include fitting a cami correctly (always good to have a refresher), using social media in my business, and wardrobing tips from the Ruby Ribbon designer (can’t wait share this with you!).
  • Connect with friends – some of my fellow stylists call it a “sisterhood” and that’s really how it feels. We interact every day in private Facebook groups, sharing tips and plans and supporting one another. Runway gives us a chance to take those relationships face to face!
  • Celebrate — we definitely take time to celebrate!  We’ll be recognizing the top stylists for a variety of things. Last year, I got my Ruby Ribbon Leader bracelet at!. We’ll also learn more about our annual reward trip. We won’t know until Sunday where we’re all hoping to go on a trip that earn!