Cinch and Lace-up!

So, with that headline, you may not actually get what you were expecting. I’d like to introduce you to a fun outfit featuring two of the newest Ruby Ribbon items from Spring 2019. Pair the Side Cinch Tunic in ice heather with the black Lace-Up Leggings for a great spring look. Accent this outfit with colorful jewelry or an oblong patterned scarf.

Side Cinch Tunic

When you add this new Side Cinch Tunic to your wardrobe, you’ll find yourself wearing it in a variety of ways. It’s a great layering piece with a jacket, and can be worn in a super casual way with jeans too. It’s sleeveless with a crew neck and is made from a super soft fabric that mimics that well worn and “oh so soft” tee.

One unique thing about this tunic is the side ties that allow you to cinch the top at a tunic length or shorter if you prefer. This cinching will give you a ruched looked that is always flattering. I’m finding my clients need to size up in this tunic for the fit they’re looking for. (You probably also want your Ruby Ribbon Bye Bye Bra cami under it.)

Lace-Up Leggings

With the lace-up accent on the sides of each leg, these are a dressed up version of your favorite ankle leggings. The laces are made of faux suede and they lace up in great looking metal grommets.

You can wear these lace-up leggings with any of your favorites tops or tunics. To make sure you show off the sassy lace-up detail, pair them with flats now and with sandals later this spring. Like all our Ruby Ribbon leggings, these also have the “skinny band” at the waist.

This outfit isn’t the only thing in the 2019 Spring collection. Check out all the new items in the 2019 Spring Capsule in this post.

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Work out in the most unique leggings ever!

Ruby Ribbon Activewear line just got better with the launch of these unique Laser Cut Leggings in black.

With laser cutting, garments have clean cuts and sealed fabric edges to prevent fraying. Using laser cutting, Ruby Ribbon’s lead designer accented these leggings with a pattern of different size circles. This detailing adds interest, but also gives a tiny bit of extra ventilation to your workout too.

At your next trip to the gym, feel free to upgrade beyond your basic black legging. (And no one is stopping you from wearing these Laser Cut Leggings somewhere other than the gym. I’m for sure not telling!)

Like all Ruby Ribbon leggings, these feature built-in slimming and smoothing with a tummy-tuck waistband. In a cropped length, this activewear leggings is wicking, movable and durable and includes a hidden waistband pocket where you can tuck your keys for safe keeping.

Wondering what to wear these leggings with? At the gym, they will look great with any one of our three workout tanks. Or, if you’re wearing them for a casual weekend, pair them with the MVP Tunic or the Zip Back Sweatshirt for fashionable lounging.

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Quality Leggings Make a Difference

What’s the old saying…. “You get what you pay for…..?” It’s oh, so so so true especially when it comes to key fashion pieces.

Leggings for instance, the cheaper they are, usually the “thinner” or more see-through they are, fade faster, fabric pilling occurs, and a few washes later and your money is down the drain.

Great leggings should be thicker, flexible, resilient and have some spandex to smooth any flaws (say “bye bye” to your situation areas).

Whether you are working out, dressing up or dressing casual- a great pair of quality leggings can tighten, smooth and flatter all shapes and sizes!

Here are a few  of my client’s favorites:

  • Denim Leggings — in black or dark blue, with working back pockets and our signature “skinny band”
  • Vegan Leggings — dressing up was never this fun, in a beautiful sable color. The flattering cut elongates legs with tummy shaping too
  • Colorblock Crop Leggings — Strategically placed color block design will flatter while you’re working out. These leggings feature a back zip-pocket big enough for your phone and wicking, movable, durable fabric

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What to wear for a winter pedicure?

So, I’m going to rename the Stevie Leggings for the winter.  If you need the perfect leggings (or pants) to wear to your next pedicure now that it’s colder, just pull out your Stevie Leggings.

Unsnap those shiny silver snaps on each leg and you’re ready to dip those toes into a warm foot soak with no worries about stretching out your leggings while you tug them up to your knees.  #brilliant

That’s my tip for today!

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Crushed velvet reigns as holiday fabric

When you see crushed velvet, I hope it makes you think of the holidays. It’s a perfect festive fabric! In our 2018 Holiday and Winter collection, we are offering two crushed velvet pieces in a deep teal color. We have the Crushed Velvet Kimono and the Edie Extender.

Crushed Velvet Kimono

Depending upon your style, this beautiful deep sea-colored kimono may be the piece of instant holiday flair your wardrobe craves, or it may be just the eclectic piece you’ve been looking for. Either way, this lux piece is crushed velvet is a “wow” when you wear it.

Our kimono comes in one size, and I’ve seen it look great on women of all sizes. It features cold-shoulder cutouts and has side slits with an open front.

Here are some ideas on how to style it:

  • Consider layering it over all black (think turtleneck and sleek pants) for a stunning and memorable look; pair with a beautiful black heel and a long chain
  • Pair it with jeans and a white tee with fun booties and a great velvet headband for a unique boho vibe
  • Grab it as a gorgeous gift for a stylish woman you know

Edie Extender

Named after 1960’s fashion icon Edie Sedgwick, this versatile tank top is a “must have” for the season. It’s teal crushed velvet on one side and reversible to a black poly silk. With either side, a delicate lace hem peaks out at the bottom.

It’s not that I’m rebelling. It’s that I’m just trying to find another way.”  Edie Sedgwick

Here’s a link to all my posts showcasing the 2018 Winter and Holiday Collection.

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You haven’t seen leggings like these!

As part of the new 2018 Winter and Holiday Collection, we got in two special leggings options for you – the Velvet Legging and the Studio 54 Legging.

Both of these leggings can go from casual to high fashion, just in how you style them. They feature the signature Ruby Ribbon “skinny waistband” and sizes run from XS to 3XL.

Velvet Leggings

Our most decadent and plush leggings yet, the Velvet Leggings are a cozy and warm stretch velvet. We are offering them in a rich eggplant color that will pair well with all neutrals.

I’d consider wearing them with the Shimmy Tunic Dress, the black Drape Tunic or the even Chiffon Poncho with the tiger print. The Ponte Blazer also would look great with these leggings. These outfits will be over-the-top with great statement jewelry or other bling.

Studio 54 Leggings

At first glance, the Studio 54 Leggings appear to be inspired by sportswear, and they were. But take a second look at these lux leggings with the metallic gold stripe on each leg.

When you hear “Studio 54,” what do you think of? Elegance and decadence, maybe disco and nightclub. These leggings seem to have all of that and are aptly named.

Style them casually with our Dual Tank or the black Layered Tunic. Or make them ultra holiday by adding the Studio Sequin Tank from last holiday, just one idea.

Here’s a link to all my posts showcasing the 2018 Winter and Holiday Collection. Check back as it takes a few weeks to get them all previewed for you.


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All black leggings are not the same

Black leggings are typically the most popular. With Ruby Ribbon, we give you a variety of options for comfortable and great looking black leggings.

I put together a quick comparison chart to help you understand how each of these leggings differ. It should help you pick up the right pair just for you. All styles come in sizes XS to 3XL and all feature our signature “skinny band” at the waist to give you a slight tummy tuck.

Before you dive into the graphic, here are a few of my personal thoughts on when I wear each of these black leggings.

  • Ankle Leggings – Basic black leggings but better the average black leggings, and our most affordable option in an ankle length
  • Ponte Leggings – I just added these leggings to my personal closet last month during out Ponte sale. I think of them as a dressier version of the Ankle Leggings.
  • Capri Leggings – I save these for spring and summer, but I have friends who wear them with boots since they are easier to tuck in.
  • Ottoman Ponte Leggings – I love these for the figure-flattering panels built-in, because who doesn’t appreciate a little extra help in making their legs look a little skinnier. These leggings are great for a casual but put-together look.
  • Jacquard Leggings – These are one of my favorite leggings to wear during the summer because the length and the cute zipper detail make them look great with sandals. (They might be my personal favorite, but I hate picking just one)
  • Bootcut Leggings – Ruby Ribbon’s answer to yoga pants – enough said!
  • Skirted Leggings – When I want to be super comfy on the weekend, but still want to feel put together, I pull out my Skirted Leggings every time.

Want to have more fashion conversations?

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Popular Suedette Leggings now in Two New Colors

For the last two Fall seasons, we’ve had our exclusive Suedette Leggings just sell off the shelves. Guess what, they’re back!  And for Fall 2018, we added two new colors — Ink and Chocolate.

Suedette is a super soft faux suede fabric with all the same texture and style but machine washable. Once you touch them, you’re hooked.

These two new colors are rich! Ink is a deep blue that will pair well with gray, pearl or a light tan. And you can guess the color of the Chocolate, so scrumptious.

My clients LOVE these Suedettes and I think you will too. Pair with a cozy sweater and boots and you have the perfect Fall outfit.

In August (2018), these are a Hostess Exclusive and will launch to everyone in September.


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Vegan Leggings – “You are the One that I Want”

“I got chills, they’re multiplying
And I’m losing control
‘Cause the power, you’re supplying
It’s electrifying”

This iconic scene from the movie Grease from back in 1978 is what I think of when I see these awesome new Vegan Leggings in the Fall 2018 capsule from Ruby Ribbon.

Just like all our leggings, these will shape your tummy and elongate your legs. These come in sable brown and will be the topic of conversation at all your your social gatherings!

No matter what you’re wearing, the Vegan leather will instantly dress up any outfit. Be confident in the fit since these fit just like our popular Ankle Leggings. These leggings are so soft on the inside and have a great “feel” on the outside too.

Here are some styling ideas for the Vegan Leggings

  • Look even more like Sandy from Grease by topping them with a black Lace Extender and the new Bomber Jacket
  • Go for a casually elegant look by pairing them with the layered Gypsy Top in dusty blue
  •  Take them out for a weekend day trip with the crisp white Shirt Dress


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Ruby Ribbon launches new activewear leggings

Ruby Ribbon does leggings, you all know that. But, guess what? Now, Ruby Ribbon does athletic/activewear leggings, yes, for real! We recently launched two new styles of leggings, both part of our Active collection.

All our new Activewear is made from performance fabrics that are wicking, movable and durable. And, they all come in sizes XS to 3XL so we probably have a fit for you.

Colorblock Crop Leggings

Colorblocking is usually strategic – it helps make a figure flattering line and these new active Colorblock Crop Leggings are no exception. They will move with you and elongate your legs at the same time.

They’re a cropped length, so popular for working out and they feature a back zip-pocket that is even large enough for your phone. Of course, these leggings feature out slimming and smoothing technology also.

Be sure to check out the sporty overlock stitching too.

Reversible Sport Crop Leggings

What could be more perfect than a new pair of workout leggings? How about two pair? That’s what you’ll get with these new Reversible Sport Crop Leggings – one side is a fun Desert Rose print and the alternate side is basic black.  Oh, and you can cuff them to have the reverse side peak through – how cute!

They are ready for your workout too, with a hidden waistband pocket. And these leggares are made of two layers of fabric, so they will not have the same stretch as a single-ply legging. If you prefer more compression, get your regular Ruby Ribbon leggings size, but if you want them a bit looser, get one size up.  Approximately 75% of women who try these leggings on choose their current size.


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