Lace Demiette Updated

This week, Ruby Ribbon has debuted and updated version of the Lace Demiette, designed to with variable compression and NO BRA required (just say “no” to underwires).
If you tried it before, rest assured there is no more rolling, and the straps have additional adjustment options. Our molded cups lift and separate for a natural bustline and the invisible gripper edge helps it stay where you put it.
Available in black, pale and white in bra sizes of 32-40.  You can even shop online. (Women with a D cup or higher should go up one bra band size for best fit)
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Ruby Ribbon Cares (always, but especially in October)

Breast Cancer is a disease that’s had tremendous impact on our Ruby Ribbon Community. We know that 9-out-of-10 of our independent Stylists, who represent and share our brand, have either been diagnosed themselves, or have held the hand – literally or figuratively – of a mother, a sister or sister-in-law, or a best friend. And since our customer base is so much like our Stylist base, we imagine it is this way for you as well.
In 2013, our CEO and Founder Anna Zornosa had the chance to learn, first hand, of the research efforts of City of Hope, and she became convinced that this organization – which had a role in taming both TB and polio in this country – could help us find a cure for breast cancer. Click here to watch a video describing more about City of Hope’s efforts.
This October will be the fourth year the Ruby Ribbon community comes together to raise funds for the City of Hope. And we are hoping to make our biggest donation yet.  Here’s how you can help.
During October, your participation can add to our donation:
– 10% of sales of #RubyRibbonCares Boutique items, available exclusively this month only, will go towards our donation.
– $10 for every show hosted in October will go towards our donation
– $10 for every new Stylists who joins Ruby Ribbon in October will go towards our donation
Inked14705781_10211189576125288_5671364771516326323_n_LI.jpgWhile these activities will take place ALL month, there are two special day
#RubyRibbonCares Days: Oct. 12th & 13th! These days coincide with “National No Bra Days” and the donations we make for shopping, hosting or joining these days will DOUBLED.
Thank you, as always, for your connection to Ruby Ribbon and your support of your Independent Stylist. And THANK YOU for working with us in October towards our donation to City of Hope. Together we can make a difference!
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You have to see it sometimes….

With Ruby Ribbon, one of the most powerful ways for women to understand what happens when you put on a Ruby Ribbon cami, is to see these before and after pictures.  As stylists, we take a ton of these and stockpile them.
Not only do these women look better, sleeker, more supported, often you also can see their face perk up, their confidence shines. It’s my favorite part and a lot of why I do what I do.
Enjoy! Be inspired! Celebrate confidence! (and don’t forget – no bra!)
teal before after
before after sheer full support
Ruby Ribbon Cami Size and Style Selector – find out which Ruby Ribbon cami is right for you
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And we won!

I think Ruby Ribbon’s Executive Vice President of Product said it great when she posted this last night on Facebook! All in a day’s work for freeing women from the tyranny of a bra!
Our Demiette won an innovation award last night! Here it’s shown in our Viper print but it also comes in Cheetah and a range of other colors.  We have them in sizes up to a 44 bra band.
demiette wins.PNG
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Ruby Ribbon Cami Fit Tips

Most of my clients LOVE their Ruby Ribbon cami! They have replaced their bra forever and experienced the freedom of no more underwires.

If you’re wearing our cami, or just considering one, keep in mind these fit tips:

  • The seams under your arms should be straight, no waviness. If they are wavy, you probably need to go up one size
  • Your cami should feel snug but not uncomfortable
  • To get the most support, check out the how to adjust the straps properly. The cami should be higher up on your back for the best support (and the smoothest look
  • Not sure what size you need in a Ruby Ribbon, I offer an online sizing tool here:

cami fitting.jpg


Get more tips when you
join my free “Style with Char  Studio.”


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Shapewear Myth Busters: Part 3

In the last of this series on Shapewear Myth Busting, I’m going to address the uniboob (yep, I said that out loud!). What’s a uniboob you might ask? Or maybe you’ve seen one? I found this technical definition in the Urban Dictionary: when it looks like you have one massive breast; this usally happens when a girl wears a sports bra or one of those tank tops with the shelf bra
Now that’s funny sounding, isn’t it. And guess what, it’s funny looking too.
byebye-bratm-fb800x800-bye-bye-braSo, no one wants this uniboob, and with the Ruby Ribbon cami, you won’t get one.  The cups are built into the garment so you are lifted and supported but still have the same “non uniboob” (here I go making up words) that you get with a bra. It’s the technology in the garment that will give you the support you need. Our camis will work for women up to a 46K cup size. (I am still waiting to meet this woman, but I’ve fitted women that are up to a G cup and they are happy with to ditch their bra.
By now, I know you’re skeptical. After all, I’ve fitted hundreds of women so I’m starting to see by their expressions when they just don’t believe. Honestly, the best thing to do is just try on one. There is no charge to see if it will work for you, so what do you have to lose (except about an inch in your waistline).
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