All black leggings are not the same

Black leggings are typically the most popular. With Ruby Ribbon, we give you a variety of options for comfortable and great looking black leggings.

I put together a quick comparison chart to help you understand how each of these leggings differ. It should help you pick up the right pair just for you. All styles come in sizes XS to 3XL and all feature our signature “skinny band” at the waist to give you a slight tummy tuck.

Before you dive into the graphic, here are a few of my personal thoughts on when I wear each of these black leggings.

  • Ankle Leggings – Basic black leggings but better the average black leggings, and our most affordable option in an ankle length
  • Ponte Leggings – I just added these leggings to my personal closet last month during out Ponte sale. I think of them as a dressier version of the Ankle Leggings.
  • Capri Leggings – I save these for spring and summer, but I have friends who wear them with boots since they are easier to tuck in.
  • Ottoman Ponte Leggings – I love these for the figure-flattering panels built-in, because who doesn’t appreciate a little extra help in making their legs look a little skinnier. These leggings are great for a casual but put-together look.
  • Jacquard Leggings – These are one of my favorite leggings to wear during the summer because the length and the cute zipper detail make them look great with sandals. (They might be my personal favorite, but I hate picking just one)
  • Bootcut Leggings – Ruby Ribbon’s answer to yoga pants – enough said!
  • Skirted Leggings – When I want to be super comfy on the weekend, but still want to feel put together, I pull out my Skirted Leggings every time.

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Rock your July 4 style

Taking style tips from my friend over at #sunilstyles, here are some ways to adapt his “Fabulous 4th of July Style” tips to wear  items in your Ruby Ribbon wardrobe.

Use white as your base

Use your white Ruby Ribbon Capris or Stretch Woven Pants as a clean and refreshing base for your outfit. It will look cool and crisp. Then top it off with a touch of red or blue, like our Sparkle Vee Tunic that sparkles just like the fireworks.

Pick one motif – stars or stripes

I can think of several classic Ruby Ribbon items that feature blue and white stripes, including the Kimono Top, the Side Ruched Dress and the Kimono Shawl. Any one of these would fit into an Independence Summer look with style.

Wear Red

This tip didn’t who up on Sunil’s list, but with all the great Kiss Red options from Ruby Ribbon, I couldn’t resist.

No matter what patriotic outfit you choose, enjoy the day and remember what it stands for!  It’s not just freedom from bras (lol) but so much more! Happy Independence Day!

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Who needs a popover?

When I said Popover, I bet your mind went straight to a delicious breakfast pastry?  Mine did too.

But, the latest popover in my world is the Ruby Ribbon Lace Popover, a fun and flirty top that screams summer.  Wear it over a tank or a cami with your favorite capris and you’re set for a summer day. And it’s an obvious swimsuit coverup option.

You’ll want to check out all the fashions in the Summer Capsule.

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Simplify your wardrobe with fewer neutrals

There’s nothing wrong with neutrals and having lots of them, but about a year ago, I found that some of the neutrals in my closet weren’t getting worn at the same rate. After analyzing it, I realized that I wore anything black or gray probably five more times than I ever worn tans or browns.
So, one day, I took all the brown/tan toned items and donated them. Gone! No more shades of brown! It was mainly pants and skirts, but I also donated any tops or jackets that wouldn’t look good with blacks and grays. Basically, I streamlined my wardrobe by removing one color family.
No brown boots neededI’m attaching a picture from last week, that made me think of this drastic wardrobe change. You see, the brown boots I wore that day didn’t leave the house with the brown clothes, and before I put them last week, I had to wipe the dust off them.
I guess what I learned is that I should also have donated the shoes and boots that went with the brown outfits. They worked last week with denim leggings and a cozy sweater, but I’m realizing that getting back that floor space in my closet would be better. (And maybe a reason to get a fun pair of colorful shoes that can be worn with black, LOL)
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Fashion Tip Friday: Have a signature pair of shoes

“A woman with good shoes is never ugly!”While it’s fun to have a lot of shoes (just ask me!), you don’t need a thousand pair of shoes to look fabulous. You only need a few really great pairs.
In the words of Coco Chanel: “A woman with good shoes is never ugly!”
First, get a signature pair of shoes you can wear in most situations. In my case, it’s a pair of gray crocodile dress shoes with a mid-heel. They have a classic style and look great with dress pants or with a skirt a tights. They are my “go to” shoes all winter. You might select a similar neutral sandal for warmer months.
Then, add in your choice of one or two of these and you might have your personal shoe collection covered:

  • Ballet Flats – versatile and polished, you can easily pair them with jeans or a cute knee-length skirt; choose black for the most wearability, but a fun tan, red or silver is also an excellent choice
  • Heeled Pumps – perfect for a dressed up look for the office or with your favorite skinny jeans; your best bet is basic black
  • Ankle Boots – so much in style right now, you’ll wear them everywhere. Perfect paired with your favorite leggings! With so many styles to choose from right now, you’ll have a blast picking them out
  • The Perfect Sandals – tasteful, casual for a beach visit, a trip out shopping or with your favorite capris. Kick them up a notch with metallic hardware or a touch of color
  • Classic White Sneakers – the ultimate in casual, they will dress down your outfit for a weekend look; think message t-shirt and a fun pair of shorts or pair with a great summer dress

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Be gorgeous when you travel (Tips from Sunil)

Feeling and looking gorgeous when you travel is as easy as A,B,C and D, according to fashion expert Sunil R.  In one of his latest posts, he shares his travel tips, broken down like this:

  1. What to pack
    • Create a color story for the trip, allowing you to mix and match the pieces you packed
    • Which fabrics pack best
    • Ensuring everything you pack has an 80% chance of being worn
    • Adding accessories to transform outfits quickly
    • Using scarves as a secret weapon
    • How to limit the number of shoes you bring
  2. How to pack
    • Why you want to spread out your travel outfits on the bed
    • Tips to pack the most in the least space
    • Resisting the last minute “tuckins”
  3. What to wear for the trip
    • Comfort and style is your mantra
    • Bring a shawl for cold airplanes
    • The travel “musts”
  4. What to do when you arrive
    • Unpack and hang
    • Plan your outfits

So head over to his blog to get the full scoop, but before you go, here are some of the key travel pieces that I recommend for comfort, style and ease of care.
For work, check out our (from left) Wrap Jacket, Asymmetrical Skirt, Flare Leg Pants, Trace of Lace Top, Ponte Jacket, Bell Sleeve Top and Ottoman Skirt.
Business Travel
And if you’re going on a trip for fun and leisure, take along these items (from left), Choker Top, Ottoman Ponte Leggings, Versatile Tank, Criss Cross Leggings, Tahiti Swimsuit, Cape Tunic, Jacquard Leggings, Lace Extender and Ponte Jacket.
Travel for Fun (1).png
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The belt of the season

We introduced the Ruby Ribbon Belt and Buckle Set in the Fall Capsule, but I’m seeing it really take off more recently.
It’s a mix and match belt that you can purchase individually or as a set. It features an adjustable belt that is stretchy, and comes in both mink brown and basic black. Then, select one of three metal buckles — gold, silver or a burnished gold.
My clients are finding they love it with the new Ottoman Ponte Dress and the Lux Tunic. But it’s also cute added to the Boyfriend Blazer and the Suedette Tunic.
Here’s our VP of Product and Merchanding, Meg, giving tips on how to wear “the belt.” She looks great in her pink Dance Top.

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What's Ottoman and what does it have to do with a skirt?

One of the themes of the Ruby Ribbon Winter and Holiday line is a fabric called Ottoman. It was new to me too, so I had to look it up.
ottomanponteskirt_black_frontOttoman is a fabric with a pronounced ribbed or corded effect, often made of silk or a mixture of cotton and other silk like yarns.
Our Ruby Ribbon designer used an Ottoman fabric on several pieces this season, including what I can only describe as a “super cute” skirt. I expect this new skirt to replace a staple skirt in my current wardrobe.
The ottoman fabric is mixed with our signature Ponte in a “moto” look. The ottoman panels are strategically placed on this straight skirt to give a slip hip effect. I say it regular that Ruby Ribbon clothes are designed to be figure flattering and this is just one example.
If you are a skirt wearer like I am, you are going to find some  fun ways to wear this new Ottoman Ponte Skirt. It’s both office appropriate (think Bell Sleeve Top and Ponte Jacket) and weekend approved (worn with our pink Dance Top and a Judi Cardigan maybe).  Use your imagination to really find the ways to stretch the value of this new skirt.
Ottoman skirtSee more from the Winter and Holiday Collection
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Breaking the rules!

If you think wearing black with navy is a fashion “don’t,” then I’ve been breaking the rules lately. I think, with our new Fall collection, I’ve worn black and navy together (in the same outfit) at least once a week for the past few weeks.
It’s easy since several of our newest pieces are navy with super cute black accents. Here are some examples of the outfits I’ve worn and how I’ve worn them.

See, you are getting the idea. So go ahead and break one of your fashion rules this season!
black and navy

Collection of fashion tips

fashion-tip-fridayI try to post a very quick and useful fashion tip every Friday morning – sometimes I miss but I’m mostly consistent.
This week, I updated the collection of fashion tips that I have on this page, making it easier for your browse them when you a minute.  Enjoy!
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