Caring for your Ruby Ribbon shapewear

You love your Ruby Ribbon cami! Yes! And you want it to last as long as possible (we all do!) So how should you take care of it to ensure maximum support and longevity?

Today, I’m giving you the low down on how to care for your Ruby Ribbon shapewear to extend the life of these important pieces in your lingerie drawer.

  • Handle with care – Pull on your cami or slip gently from the neckline. Don’t pull up from the straps.
  • Rest between wearings – We recommend you wait 24 hours between wearings to extend the life of your Ruby Ribbon cami or slip. I like to say “it needs time to go back where it came from.”
  • Mind the edge – The first place you’ll likely notice waer on your Ruby Ribbon  cami is the invisible gripper edge. The gripper edge should always be placed on clean, dry, and lotion-free skin or on top of Ruby Ribbon shaping bottoms. The silicone will fray over time, but this is normal wear and tear and I find that that it will still stay put. It helps to roll up the gripper edge before you pull up your cami in order to protect it.
  • Machine Wash – Use cold water with regular detergent after 2-3 washes. Never use Woolite or fabric softener. Make sure your cami it “outside-out,” (not inside out) when washing. Wash it in a lingerie bag if you have one. (It’s also fine to hand wash your Ruby Ribbon  shapewear if you wish.)
  • Air Dry – Dry it flat or on a line. Our wicking material dries quickly. You should never put your Ruby Ribbon  shapewear in the dryer.

These tips will help you get the longest life from the Ruby Ribbon items you love.

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New activewear tanks complete your workout look

Last week, I told you about the two new styles of activewear leggings that we are now offering as part of our new Activewear Collection that debuted in July.

Well, we also have two new activewear tank tops to mix and match with our other activewear pieces. All our new Activewear is made from performance fabrics that are wicking, movable and durable. And, they all come in sizes XS to 3XL so we likely have a fit for you.

Colorblock Tank

Look smart during your yoga or gym class in this fashion-forward Colorblock Tank with slimming color block detailing.

The neckline and back feature a fine mesh detailing that is both cooling and chic. This tank has a racerback too that matches up with the back of the Sport Demiette you’ll want to wear under it.

Wear this tank with either of the new Cropped Legging options and your favorite sneakers.

Mesh Racerback Tank

Keep your cool while looking hot at the gym in this cute Mesh Racerback Tank. This tank features mesh detailing across the top of the front and back, but the color block liner under the mesh keeps you covered and is also slimming..

Not only is this top a racerback, but it also has a criss-cross detail at the neckline to amp it up a bit. And it has an empire-waist to slim you. (Oh, and be sure to check out the discrete pockets to hold petals, if you want them.)

This tank looks great with either side of the Reversible Sport Crop Leggings. And of course, wear it over the Sport Demiette for complete support during your workout.


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3 ways to wear a Ruby Ribbon Tank Top

One of the top sellers from Ruby Ribbon each summer are our “extenders,” a top that is a fashionable way to extend your tops and layer over our leggings.

Here are three easy ways to wear our Extenders.

  1. Tank Top — Every loves a tank top in the summer and our extenders are offer a long, lean line to pair with a skirt, capris or shorts.
  2. Layering at the Office — Want to have a simply layering option at work? Wear a sleeveless extender under a jacket for a pulled-together look that will still keep you cool.
  3. Swimsuit Cover-up — Toss a long extender over your swimsuit for quick cover-up that is flattering and simple.

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There is no typical Ruby Ribbon stylist

Let me tell you a little bit about the life of a Ruby Ribbon stylist – who she is and how you might see yourself in her shoes. (I know, since I am one myself.)

Being a Stylist means you can run your own business, at your desired pace, earning an income that’s truly worth your time and effort.

If you were to come to one of our Ruby Ribbon events, you would find Stylists who have full time jobs as varied as they come! From corporate employees & attorneys to police officers, flight attendants and nurses.  I work as a VP at a software company as my “day job,” for example. You’ll also find Stylists who flex in and out based on their life: teachers and students who prefer to run their business during the summer, or full-time moms who squeeze a few Trunk Shows wherever they can.

Some of them do it to supplement their income. Some women do it for the incredible business network and community of like-minded women who share business tips and support one another with advice, humor and love.

And others still become Stylists simply to bring bring joy, girlfriends, travel and adventure into their lives. (This is mainly the reason I do it — the joy of seeing a woman’s face light up when she finds the perfect outfit that fits just right.)

Travel?  Sure!  Many women specifically work just to earn our all-expense paid vacations,  And others work to travel and see the world.  We also have optional business training conferences throughout the year in San Francisco and this year our annual conference is in Chicago.

And most of our Stylists have team members across the country that they’ve met online or through friends!  For my team, just a handful are local here in ND but we stay connected virtually.

The best part about this business is that you don’t have to choose your “reason” for being a Stylist forever!  This isn’t a 9-to-5 job with a 30-minute commute and 2-weeks of vacation a year.  This is a job that actually fits with your ever-changing life and can flex up or down based on what you want it for.

To learn more about becoming a Ruby Ribbon stylist, and possibly also win a free Ruby Ribbon cami, contact me and I will invite you to our 30-minute call. It’s often hosted by our CEO Anna Zornosa. 

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Some of our best innovations are in your lingerie drawer

Recently, we’ve taken some of the best innovations in our product and extended it to other items in your lingerie drawer too, including sleeping, nursing, and even Swim!

  1. We’ve added our slimming and shaping technology to our RR Swim line. You can banish the awful cramped quarters and florescent lighting of department store dressing rooms. Shop in comfort, when and where you want! I can help you select a suit you’ll look great and feel great in, lose and inch from your waist smoothing out your curves with invishapeTM technology and no underwire!
  2. Our Nursing Cami has  an easy one-hand clasp, plus full belly coverage that smooths and trims, all while providing extra back support. You’ll never want to wear your old nursing bra again. You’ll want one in each color – black and pale.
  3. For sleeping, we offer the Dream Cami, so comfortable you will sleep in it!  It features a beautiful lace v-neck and hem and just enough shaping. Shown on the right in the photo and comes in white, pale and black.

To learn more about all the innovations offered from Ruby Ribbon, join my online community.

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Ruby Ribbon Essentials: Wardrobe Staples Made Better

One of our main product categories at Ruby Ribbon is called “Essentials.”  These are the modern woman’s wardrobe staples made better with Intomi, which isuur built in smoothing and shaping, designed to give you the long, lean and lifted look.

Essentials are your favorite go to items- the 20% of your closet you wear 80% of the time. Think those black leggings, yoga pants, comfortable dress pants for the office, the dress or skirt you pull out for date night. Or put another way, it’s that piece you love so much that you’ll take the time to launder it, rather than wear a back-up piece. You get the idea.

One of the main things that makes our Essentials unique is the “skinny band,” that gives you just a little extra shaping in the 5-inch waistband. Our clothes come in XS to 3XL and will fit most women. And in our pants and leggings, the sizing is consistent so once you find your size, you’ve found your size. It makes reorders a breeze.

Some of our most popular Essentials include:

  • Ankle or Capri leggings — a fabric you can’t see through, even when you’re wearing them in white
  • Ponte Pants in either a Slim or Flare Leg — a basic office pant that just isn’t so basic. In black, mink brown or navy, these pants are as comfortable as yoga pants but always professional looking
  • Bootcut Leggings — speaking of yoga pants, we’ve got those too
  • Flip Skirt — reversible and can be worn either with the black or the mink brown side facing out. And, in a jersey fabric that washes and travels well

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What’s an Instagram Grid?

Who doesn’t love scrolling through Instagram to check out all the amazing photos that are getting added by the millions every day?

One of the latest Instagram fads is to post your photos so that when displayed in the Grid format, that they tell a bigger picture or story. There are so many amazing grids out there and they also are super fun. The photo above is a “before” picture of my Instagram grid.

This week, I’m starting to do my own Instagram Grid and I thought I would share my Instagram handle (@stylewithchar) so you can follow along and tell me what you think!

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Who needs a popover?

When I said Popover, I bet your mind went straight to a delicious breakfast pastry?  Mine did too.

But, the latest popover in my world is the Ruby Ribbon Lace Popover, a fun and flirty top that screams summer.  Wear it over a tank or a cami with your favorite capris and you’re set for a summer day. And it’s an obvious swimsuit coverup option.

You’ll want to check out all the fashions in the Summer Capsule.

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5 random facts about swimsuits

Because I thought you might like to know….

  1. Untitled design (2)When the Barbie doll debuted on March 9, 1959, her first outfit was a black-and-white striped swimsuit
  2. In 1907, when Australian swimmer Annette Kellerman (1887-1975) wore a one-piece suit in Boston that revealed her arms and legs, she was promptly arrested for indecent exposure.
  3. In 1923, New York ballet dancer Pearl Howell donned an unusual bathing suit made entirely of seaweed.
  4. The bikini was worn for the first time by French model and nude dancer Micheline Bernardini for a poolside fashion show at the Piscine Molitor in Paris on July 5, 1946. She later received 50,000 fan letters.
  5. In Australia, swimsuits are known as “cossies.” In the UK and Ireland, they are called “togs.”

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