A virtual "High Five" to you!

high-five-150911_960_720It’s National High Five Day today and I’m spreading the love by giving you this virtual High Five!
National High Five Day started in 2002 at the University of Virginia. A group of students set up shop on the main quad of the campus and gave out high-fives and lemonade. The idea spread and over the years peoples of all ages and backgrounds have celebrated National High Five Day by giving high-fives all day to friends, co-workers and strangers.
So step up and join in! Celebrating NH5D is easy — just give high-fives each year on the third Thursday in April!
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Online sample sale coming Sunday!

sSample sale graphicsI’m planning an online sample sale of Ruby Ribbon clothing items from past seasons. These items will be at an amazing discount!. It will be Sunday, May 22 in the evening from the comfort of your computer (Ha!).
I’ll be adding in a few other surprises too, so you won’t want to miss this! There will be more than 20 items offered, in a range of sizes.
It will be a Closed Facebook Group and you will need to contact me to be invited. Feel free to also let your friends know about it and they also should contact me for the invite.

A few "firsts" in my Mobile Boutique

Well, I went “mobile” with my Mobile Clothing and Shapewear Boutique for the first time this weekend, heading to Arthur ND on Saturday morning.
another collage for boutiqueMy boutique is a Winnebago Brave and man, do I feel like I need to be brave each time I get in and drive. Each time, I do feel more confident and I know that I’ll be fine, but each trip also has some firsts.
I got up early so I could head to the gas station before heading out. After a reminder that the gas tank is on the drivers side, and a quick assessment that I didn’t need to be concerned with the height of the canopy over the gas pumps, I drove up to take on what should be a simple tasks but another “first”. And guess what, it was simple!  Since it was 6:30 AM, there weren’t many cars also getting fuel and I was able to pull up easily. I hopped out, put in a ginormous amount of unleaded and was on my way. Not much bravely really needed!
It was a nice calm morning and Arthur is only about 15 miles away. I wasn’t sure exactly where I was going to set up and of course, as a worrier, I had that in the back of my mind. I also hadn’t yet gone over about 50 miles per hour, but I managed pretty quickly to overcome that next milestone, and I even tried out the cruise-control for the first time (in preparation for my upcoming longer trip to Jamestown).
Once I got to Arthur, it was a snap to  pull in near the grocery store (aka Arthur Mall) and get set up (I guess all that worrying wasn’t warranted). I did my best to make my boutique look “open for business” from the outside, even though a strong North Dakota wind was really blowing.
I spent about 3 hours in Arthur and met up with some current customers. Capri leggings were my best seller and a few “wish list” items also were noted for another day.  I didn’t get any drop-in visitors to the boutique but I’m working up some ideas for next weekend (when I manage another first, driving in a city much larger than Arthur or Casselton).  Stop in if you’re in Fargo Saturday!

Be the first to check out the area's new mobile boutique

Check out the Events Page on this site to keep track of where you can find me with my mobile clothing and shapewear boutique, featuring Ruby Ribbon’s figure-flattering fashion and radical shapewear.
If these events don’t work for you, let me bring my mobile boutique directly to you — just ask!
convertible skirtpersonal styling appt spring 2015

North Dakota's First Mobile Boutique Launches

Announcing the launch of my Mobile Clothing and Shapewear Boutique — feature products from Ruby Ribbon.
Booking now for private events, shopping parties, Girls Night Out, trunk shows, fashion shows, personal styling appointments and other ideas that you and I haven’t even thought of yet!
Room for seating up to about nine people, and dressing rooms for three people.
mobile boutique photo collage

A lace version of the demiette

Earlier, we introduced you to Ruby Ribbon’s newest cami — the demiette. Now, check out the second version that also is available — a lace alternative that comes with a v-neck. Both offer enough support even for larger bust sizes, but more of a “bra-like” feel for someone not looking for a cami.
This post is part of a series I’m doing on all the new pieces in the Ruby Ribbon Summer 2016 Capsule. Check out the others here!demiettes

Convertible Skirt now Available for Anyone

convertible skirtBack in March, Ruby Ribbon offered the new Convertible Sash Skirt only to hostesses as a thank you. That same skirt, in a cool matte jersey fabric, is now an option for anyone!
This skirt can be worn both as a skirt or a dress, and offers a lot of flexibility on how and where you tie the sash. It would be perfect to bring along for a vacation and have fashion options.
As a skirt, pair it with the versatile tank or top, or the new empire lace tank. Add a cardigan or jacket as the weather changes.
This post is part of a series I’m doing on all the new pieces in the Ruby Ribbon Summer 2016 Capsule. Check out the others here!

Red, White and Black!

Remember the old joke — “what’s black, white and red all over?” – Do you remember the answer? Comment below?
Anyway, what are the colors now available in the Ruby Ribbon versatile tank?
I guess the joke probably gave it away, huh? In addition to the popular black and white options for this tank, you can now add it in red to your summer wardrobe.  It has a shaping sleeve for more smoothing. What color would you wear?
This post is part of a series I’m doing on all the new pieces in the Ruby Ribbon Summer 2016 Capsule. Check out the others here!

A new take on the lace lingerie tank

empire lace tankOur lace lingerie tanks, which are designed to be worn over the Ruby Ribbon award-winning cami, have been popular, and with a fresh design for Summer 2016, they are going to be even more popular.
Check out the new Empire Lace Tank that includes straps wide enough to cover your cami straps, but still in the lace that you love! It comes in the basics — black and white — and will be a great layering piece with many of the spring and summer pieces.
It’s long enough to leave out or tuck it in if that’s how you like it. Wear it under the Judi or the Ponte Jacket. I also like it as a summer tank on the hottest days.
Like the lace scarf, this also is a Ruby Ribbon Club item. If you’ve ever purchased a piece of Ruby Ribbon shapewear, you can but this amazing lace tank at a $10 discount.
As of today, you can order any of these new Summer pieces from my Ruby Ribbon website. Or, get in touch with me if you want to see some of these pieces and try them on!
This post is part of a series I’m doing on all the new pieces in the Ruby Ribbon Summer 2016 Capsule. Check out the others here!