Gift Wrapping Like a Pro

While I was in high school, one of the part-time jobs I had was working at the gift wrap desk at a local department store. With hours of gift wrapping experience, sharing my tips on how to wrap your holiday presents like a professional gift wrapper.

Sidenote: At the gift wrap desk, I worked with a fabulous woman named Letta. She loved to joke around and would often say things in the back room like, “Of course, we would love to wrap your bird cage.”

One of the main items that we wrapped a lot was a single place setting of china. It was (and probably still is) a very common wedding gift. Even 30 years later, I could probably still tear off exactly the right length of silver wrapping paper to wrap a place setting. We even had paper that was the exact width to fit a single place setting. If you tried to choose another paper pattern that was a different, we did our best to talk you out of it (with a smile, of course.)

My best gift wrapping tips are below. But I also recorded this 2 minute video to show my gift wrapping technique in action. 

Here are the top tips I shared in the video:

Gift Wrapping Video

My Gift Wrapping Tips

  1. Cut the wrapping paper as close to the correct size as you need; you can wrap faster if you don’t have to keep trimming the paper
  2. Try to line up the seam of the paper with the edge of the box, giving the appearance of an invisible seam wrap
  3. Slip double-stick tape between layers of the paper; no tape will show on the outside of the package
  4. Fold all edges for a smooth and polished look; the raw edge of the paper shouldn’t show
  5. Crease all the edges of the box after wrapping for a crisp edge

ūüéĄHappy Holidays!ūüéĀ Just enjoy the time you spend gift wrapping. I often find myself thinking both about the person that I am wrapping the gift for, but also how much I think they will like that gift

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What’s a Capsule Wardrobe?

For a while now, I’ve been sort of infatuated with capsule wardrobes – and by infatuated, I mean both intrigued and a little scared. 

A capsule wardrobe is a curated set of clothing items that are designed to work well together in a mix-and-match way. Some women like to create a capsule wardrobe that they wear all the time, while other women create them for specific situations, such as a trip.

By creating and using a capsule wardrobe, you simplify your wardrobe and the process of getting dressed. You have to make fewer wardrobe decisions, but know that you look polished. You also may find you maximize your clothing budget. 

Here is an example of a simple capsule wardrobe featuring two tops, a pair of pants, a skirt and a shawl. (These pieces are all from the last two seasons of Ruby Ribbon collections.) These pieces give you six outfits. If you add in a few accessories, such as statement jewelry or a scarf or two, you will extend it into even more looks. 

I’m intrigued with capsule wardrobes because they seem so streamlined. Just a few pieces, some quick decisions and done! But they also scare me because I wonder if I might feel limited? Is just a handful of mix and match pieces enough to fulfill my fashion creativity? 

If you’ve ever tried out a capsule wardrobe, give us some feedback? What worked and what didn’t?¬† If you are interested in learning more about capsule wardrobes, take my Capsule Wardrobe Mini Course. You will learn the benefits of a capsule wardrobe, see some examples and get a free Capsule Wardrobe planning tool too.

Then, follow more blog for more on capsule wardrobes over the new few weeks. 

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What are the Holidays without plaid?

Now the holiday trees are going up… let’s talk about Plaid!¬† What are the Holidays without plaid?

One way to accent plaid is with great scarves.¬† Whether it is for a pop of color with an outfit or an to keep warm on these cold days…who doesn’t love fashion with a function too?

There are so many plaids to chose from and plaids work well all year round but at the holidays, we tend to gravitate towards a few favorites like Buffalo Plaid and Tartan, especially in holiday colors.

In fact the Red Tartan Print is a favorite for Christmas wrapping paper under the tree as well!

Here are some tips for wearing plaid this season:

  1. Go with an old-standby, the flannel shirt. It’s classic and always in fashion. Feel free to pair with jeans. I like to wear it over a tee with the buttons open, more like a plaid jacket (I also often wear mine with my Skirted Leggings on the weekend)
  2. Try a plaid scarf or shawl worn with a monochrome outfit such as head-to-toe black
  3. Find a plaid skirt and wear it with a crisp white blouse for instant classic; Our blouse, belted, would give this outfit a modern twist.
  4. Go fashionista by pairing two complementary plaids in a single outfit. Oh so bold!

How do you do your plaid?

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What’s happening this week at Style With Char?

It’s a super busy time for all of us, so I’d like to offer a bit of help. Here are a few upcoming things this week that you might find valuable for shopping for gifts or for holiday outfits, plus a chance to take a bit of time out for entertainment. (Each link will help you determine where online this event is happening.)

  • Our¬†holiDAYS sale¬†featuring 30% off fashion items and leggings starting Monday, Dec 3Holidays sale
  • A¬†Christmas Mystery event¬†online on Tuesday night at 8 PM Central with puzzles and prizes, including a chance to purchase a Ruby Ribbon cami for 50% off. Are you the one that will solve this holiday crime? ¬†
  • A Cozy and Comfy Style Show LIVE online on¬†Facebook¬†Wednesday night at 8 PM Central
  • Get¬†holiday gifts¬†on time with upgraded 3-day shipping FREE from Ruby Ribbon
  • Get reminders from Demi, my online assistant (she’s a style bot) by sending a message to me here; just type “Hi” or ask a questionDemi, the style bot

Oh, don’t forget to take a bit of time for yourself. I know it’s easy to put everyone else first, but you deserve some of your time too.

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Sheer Slip debuts just in time for Holiday Parties

As you plan your outfit for the holiday events coming up, I’d like to introduce you to our newest slip, the Sheer Slip.

Modeled after our Sheer Collection camis, this slip features a beautiful v-neck with picot edging. And the adjustable straps can be crossed if you need a racerback.

Ruby Ribbon Sheer Slip

Like all our slips, you can expect the following from this slip:

  • Support without underwires
  • Molded cups to ensure you don’t have the dreaded “uniboob” (and the best part is that no bra is required)
  • Variable compression for support and comfort
  • Wicking fabric to keep you cool and dry
  • Invisible gripper edge at the bottom to keep your slip in place all day (wear over hose or on bare legs, no worries of movement)
  • Support for all cup sizes (32 to 44 bra sizes)
  • Choose black or pale

Pair this slip with Ruby Ribbon Shaping Briefs, lightweight¬†Boy Shorts or the On-Waist Thigh Slimmer to create your smoothest look.¬† If you plan to wear a dress this holiday season, put this new Sheer Slip on your “must have” short list.


Have a question on the right comfortable shapewear under your outfit, join my Style Studio to ask!.

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Tips to Rock the Holidays (and Black Wednesday!)

I just wrapped up an online event where some friends of mine and I shared tips to help you take on the holidays with grace and ease. We gave tips on fashion, travel, cleaning, beauty, wellness, food and more.

I invite you to check it out and interact with others who are enjoying each post. I know I learned a lot in just 30 minutes.

One of the posts that I shared was this one about taking the worry out of holiday party dressing by wearing a Little Black Dress (aka LBD). When you wear an LBD, you’ll be dressed on-point no matter what the dress code is. You might even already have an LBD in your closet.

Pair it with something sparkly or festive and of course, your best black heels.

And, great news, the two of the LBDs featured in this graphic are part of our Black Friday (er, Black Wednesday) sale that starts tomorrow (Nov 21, 2018). The Wrap Dress (on the left) will be 70% off and the Fit and Flare Dress (on the right) will be 50% off. They will go fast so shop early (like on Black Wednesday).

Not only are these two little black dresses on sale, but we have our Sheer Collection camis also on sale (midnight blue, purple, silver and kiss red), plus a variety of other clothing and shapewear items ranging from 20-70% off.

If you have sizing or product questions, message me and I can help.

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Quality Leggings Make a Difference

What’s the old saying…. “You get what you pay for…..?” It’s oh, so so so true especially when it comes to key fashion pieces.

Leggings for instance, the cheaper they are, usually the “thinner” or more see-through they are, fade faster, fabric pilling occurs, and a few washes later and your money is down the drain.

Great leggings should be thicker, flexible, resilient and have some spandex to smooth any flaws (say “bye bye” to your situation areas).

Whether you are working out, dressing up or dressing casual- a great pair of quality leggings can tighten, smooth and flatter all shapes and sizes!

Here are a few¬† of my client’s favorites:

  • Denim Leggings — in black or dark blue, with working back pockets and our signature “skinny band”
  • Vegan Leggings — dressing up was never this fun, in a beautiful sable color. The flattering¬†cut elongates legs with tummy shaping too
  • Colorblock Crop Leggings — Strategically placed color block design will flatter while you’re working out. These leggings feature a back zip-pocket big enough for your phone and wicking, movable, durable fabric

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Shopping for your wife or girlfriend made easy!

You want a personal gift for your wife and girlfriend but just aren’t sure what she might like.¬† Here are tips for a thoughtful gift that she’s sure to love. Let me help you and I’ll even gift wrap!

  • Dream Cami with matching Lounge Shorts – The Dream Cami is lux but so comfortable she can sleep in it, and the shorts are both pretty and comfy. Choose black or white with pink, depending upon her style.
  • Lounge Hoodie –¬†Wrap her in luxury with our ultra-soft Lounge Hoodie.
  • Ruby Ribbon Bye Bye Bra cami – Surprise her with a beautiful Ruby Ribbon cami that is sexy, but will help her be comfortable every day and totally underwire free. If you’ve heard her say she can’t wait to take her bra off, this is just what she’s been waiting for.


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Blogger shares opinion on New Ruby Ribbon Nursing Cami

Thanks to JJ over at bellyitchblog who tested out and shared her thoughts on the new Nursing Cami from Ruby Ribbon.

Here is just part of what she said, “It was easy to release the snap to nurse her baby boy. The fact that the cami has a wire free nursing bra sewn in makes the cami wearable underneath a sweater, blouse or shirt. It has compression fabric that also does wonders to smooth and trim the tummy area. The compression also helps to support the back.

With an easy one-hand clasp, full belly coverage that smooths and trims, all while providing extra back support, the Nursing Cami does it all. You’ll never want to wear your old nursing bra again.

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The Power of a Great Belt

No matter what your body shape is, the perfect belt can give you curves in all the right places! Use a belt to enhance and flatter your look.

Here are tips on how to wear a belt for your body shape (from my friend Sunil):

  • AppleSoft knit belts or cord belts tied to the side create an illusion of a waist without emphasizing it. Never wear a belt across your mid section and stay with colors that match your outfit.
  • Pear – Choose a mid-width belt; avoid anything skinny or very wide. Stay in the same color family as your outfit and wear it slightly lower on your waist.
  • Pencil – Avoid anything too wide; wear it at your true waistband create a soft blouson effect by pulling at the fabric on top.This will give the effect of soft curves and is very flattering.
  • Hourglass – Belts are great on you and you should be wearing them almost all the time. They should always be worn at the middle of your waist and the smallest point and dark colors flatter you best.

Not only will a belt enhance your shape, it can be a pop of color that accents your waist over an all black ensemble or a neutral colored belt to cinch in your waist as an accessory, too.

In any season, a belt can be the perfect accessory to a shirt, dress or high-waisted pants.¬† It can make you feel “thinner” on those bloated days and/or give you the curves you are looking for all while being fashionable, too!

Want more style tips, join my online fashion tribe! We would love to have your opinions and ideas.

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