Pants and Jeans that actually fit you – from Measure & Made

Don’t just buy pants, learn how to find pants that fit your shape. Measure & Made is a brand exclusively offering pants, jeans, joggers and shorts, but with a sizing twist that changes the way you’ll shop for bottoms.

Think about it – three women with different body shapes are all expected to fit into the same pants or jeans. And we all know that often, that’s not happening, or not flattering for all three.

Finding pants and jeans that fit can be a challenge.

That challenge is rooted in a sizing system that is outdated. This system was created in the ’50s by the Department of Agriculture (yes, you read that correctly) and assumes that all women fall into just a few size options (14 total choices if you’re using a range of sizes from 0-28).

But look around you – are all the women you know the exact same size? We all have different body shapes that definitively impact how pants fit. If you picked several women of the same “size” and compared them, you would see the variances in their bodies overall.

Women shopping for jeans or pants share issues like these with me:

  • Gaping in the back at the waist
  • My thighs are too large to fit into most pants
  • Zipper won’t stay zipped
  • Too baggy in the butt
  • Waistband rolls
  • Confusion over inconsistent sizing, even within the same brand

With Measure & Made, each size of pants (0-28) comes in three body shape options, meaning a better fit for everyone. You will embrace your shape by finding pants that fit without waist gaps or alterations.

Take the ShapeLogic Quiz to learn YOUR unique size and shape combination for Measure & Made.

Pants perfect for You

Spend your days (work or casual) in comfortable pants that are just right for the occasion.

Your New Favorite Jeans

Skinny, straight-leg, bootcut or cropped, no matter your preference, we have the jeans that fit.

Shorts designed to Fit

Spend summer days in the best-fitting Bermuda or 6-inch shorts in your choice of colors and fabrics.

Your next step in finding pants that fit

Ready to take the next step with Measure & Made pants, jeans and shorts?

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