This is not me, but it's how I felt

rio burnout top
Sunday, we got on a plane and flew home from Vegas. With the time change not in our favor on the way home, it pretty much felt like it took all day to get home.
This is how I felt when we landed — Woo Hoo!  We are off that plane after three hours in flight.
And, this is the top I wore too — the Rio Tunic in the black burnout fabric. I wore it with my Bootcut Leggings. Comfortable outfit for traveling… (I also wore open-toed sandals home, and yikes, that was cold walking to the vehicle in ND!)
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Starting to get to me

rio (2)This whole idea of posting what I’m wearing every day is starting to feel just a little bit narcissistic (OK, not even a litte, quite a bit). But, I said I’d wear Ruby Ribbon every day this month, and keep you updated, so I’ll just keep going.
Today, I wore the Rio Tunic (click link to see the pattern better) in the black burnout print.  I always get compliments when I wear this tunic (and maybe that makes me wear it more often).  This top was part of the Holiday Collection, but it can be worn all the time.
I paired it with Ruby Ribbon Ankle Leggings and some cute shorty boots that are also black. I also wear it with a black skirt quite often.
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