Female EMT loves Ruby Ribbon cami

emergency-1137137_960_720As a volunteer Emergency Medical Tech (EMT) in a small town, you need to be prepared. And part of being prepared means sleeping in something that can help you be ready fast if you get a call in the middle of the night.
This weekend, one local woman who volunteers as an EMT for an ambulance squad shared with me that one of the many reasons she loves her Ruby Ribbon cami is that it’s comfortable enough to sleep in, but it also gives her the support she needs when on a call. She can sleep in her cami, then pull on her clothes quickly and get out to help a person in need.
So glad I could help her be ready when someone needs her.

A lace version of the demiette

Earlier, we introduced you to Ruby Ribbon’s newest cami — the demiette. Now, check out the second version that also is available — a lace alternative that comes with a v-neck. Both offer enough support even for larger bust sizes, but more of a “bra-like” feel for someone not looking for a cami.
This post is part of a series I’m doing on all the new pieces in the Ruby Ribbon Summer 2016 Capsule. Check out the others here!demiettes

Sweet – Petite – Powerful

demietteOur Ruby Ribbon cami wearers have been asking for a bra-alternative without the cami, and that’s what Ruby Ribbon is delivering this season. Introducing the Demiette!
We think you’ll love this as a summer option. It gives the same support that you get with the Ruby Ribbon Full Support camis, and includes adjustable straps too. It’s just another Ruby Ribbon option to say “Bye Bye Bra.” (Women with a D cup or higher should go up one bra band size for best fit)
And, for those of you that love our tops with the shaping sleeve, this will be a great cami to wear under them. You will have the support you need but only one layer of tummy shaping.
This post is part of a series I’m doing on all the new pieces in the Ruby Ribbon Summer 2016 Capsule. Check out the others here!

Bye Bye Bra! – Not Kidding

bye bye bra 2016If you take your bra off the minute that you get home, I have news for you.  You can ditch your bra for good. I haven’t counted but I don’t think I’ve worn a bra for more than five times in the last year.
I found the secret  – it’s an amazing Ruby Ribbon cami that can replace your bra but still provide the support you need, no matter what cup size you are!
I offer the chance to try one out for a few hours if you are skeptical (because most women are since this seems too good to be true.) I’ve helped hundreds of women ditch their bras over the past 15 months!

What if you didn't need a New Year's Resolution?

new-years-resolutions-2014Getting healthy is a great New Years resolution. But if you want some immediate results, here’s something amazing. Ditch your Bra, Lose an inch, Look 10 lbs thinner, and no dieting required! How cool is that?
All with the comfortable “Bye Bye Bra” cami from Ruby Ribbon. All sizes will work, try one on to see.  Two levels of support so that they work for anyone from cup size B to KK.  No obligation to have a try-on session and see if it will be right for you. What do you have to lose (except inches)?

Announcing Full Support Cami with Adjustable Strap

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 12.08.37 PM.pngA highly requested modification for the Ruby Ribbon Full Support Cami is in the works. I’m pleased to announce that this cami will be transitioned to an adjustable strap, making it easier to fit for many of you.

We found the perfect balance of comfort and adjustability to meet your needs. We kept the same great shape in the front. The straps are still wide and padded over the shoulder and then taper slightly where it is hits the adjustment. The adjustment is only in the back the garment. The rest of the garment is the same with the same great power and comfort you and your loyal clients have come to love.

We will transition to this style as we sell out of current inventory. If you want to make sure you get the current style, be sure to place an order soon. And, you will also benefit price — camis stay at $69 until Feb 1, when the price will increase to $74.

Contact me with questions or to place an order. I can also give you the latest on if your style is shipping in “adjustable strap” yet.


Benefits of shopping with a Ruby Ribbon stylist

What’s the benefit of shopping with me? Simple. another rr rack
You get to try on ALL these fabulous pieces in the comfort of your home or mine. Besides saying “Bye Bye Bra”‬, you can also say goodbye to crowded stores, crappy lighting and terrible customer service and say hello to a personalized and fun shopping experience.
What’s the benefit of working with me? All of the above plus mentoring from a business woman with a proven track record of success and YOU earn a nice additional paycheck!

Who is ready to ditch their bra?

A main stay of the Ruby Ribbon shapewear line are the Classic and Full Support camis. When Ruby Ribbon was founded, the company had TWO missions: to make Shapewear Comfortable, and to make it Pretty. Shapewear is the secret weapon that can help women feel confident and look their best. The goal of shapewear is to help you sculpt and shape your figure effortlessly.
4 Womans Day No Bra slide 4Our shapewear is everyday, comfortable, wearable shapewear…not what you might be used to wearing to special events underneath your dresses. You will be comfortable wearing Ruby Ribbon shapewear all day, every day. These camis also are award winning; our Classic Cami won a Great Value award in Woman’s Day magazine in March 2014. And this is just one of the awards that Ruby Ribbon has won.
So unique!
So what makes these camis so unique? First, it’s the fabric and the way the shapewear is made.The fabric is called Lycrasoft. It has 3-way stretch and memory. This cloth can expand to three times its size…and bounce back! And we build seams and release points into our Shapewear.
6 molded cups better oneTraditional Shapewear has UNIFORM compression – it’s like Sausage Casing. Ours has VARIABLE Compression – it’s strategic.But let’s not forget…they DO shape. Ruby Ribbon measured our model without the Classic Cami and again with it on. Her waist size reduced by an inch!
Ruby Ribbon camisoles are also so supportive they can replace your bra, even if you have a larger cup size. The cups are molded into the camisoles, providing you a great look and a lot of support.
Are you skeptical? Sometimes, those of us that are more “well endowed” (what word do you call this, LOL?) may still be skeptical. Here’s a quote from someone that is a size 36G, yep, you read that correctly. She is saying that the Full Support Cami gave her more than enough support.
6.5 still skeptical
The other issue with shapewear can be that it doesn’t stay where it’s supposed to. Ruby Ribbon products have grippers and they stay in place. Most of them have an Invisible Edge. When you put this edge next to your skin, it forms a seal that holds it in place. These products DO NOT ROLL OR MOVE. But they don’t welt and they don’t cause allergic reactions.
Seeing really is believing, so here are a few pictures of one person who tried on a variety of tops with and without a cami. You can really see the difference, can’t you?
7.5 Seeing is believing
Try one on!
If you’re ready to try a Ruby Ribbon cami for yourself, please contact me to schedule a time to try one on. If you are out of the area, let’s talk about options. If you are ready to buy, check out my website.