Top Ten Reasons to Ditch Your Bra with a Ruby Ribbon camisole

  1. bye bye bra 2016Ruby Ribbon cami has 360 degrees of stretch, so it moves with you
  2. Surgical grade silicone gripper edge, so it doesn’t roll as you bend and move
  3. Supports your bust and replaces your bra
  4. Slims your tummy and smooths any love handles – can take up to an inch off your waist
  5. Shoulder straps stay in place (no fishing your strap out of your sleeve all day)
  6. Smooths you back, so no back rolls due to bra strap
  7. Patented technology allows fabric to stretch up to 3X’s original size and return to original shape (Fits women 32B to 50K bra size)
  8. Wicks moisture and heat away from your body
  9. Extra back support to stimulate improved posture
  10. Super comfortable with no underwires

Learn more about the Bye Bye Bra cami by joining this online group!  Or click here to find YOUR SIZE for a Ruby Ribbon cami!

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Female EMT loves Ruby Ribbon cami

emergency-1137137_960_720As a volunteer Emergency Medical Tech (EMT) in a small town, you need to be prepared. And part of being prepared means sleeping in something that can help you be ready fast if you get a call in the middle of the night.
This weekend, one local woman who volunteers as an EMT for an ambulance squad shared with me that one of the many reasons she loves her Ruby Ribbon cami is that it’s comfortable enough to sleep in, but it also gives her the support she needs when on a call. She can sleep in her cami, then pull on her clothes quickly and get out to help a person in need.
So glad I could help her be ready when someone needs her.

Sweet – Petite – Powerful

demietteOur Ruby Ribbon cami wearers have been asking for a bra-alternative without the cami, and that’s what Ruby Ribbon is delivering this season. Introducing the Demiette!
We think you’ll love this as a summer option. It gives the same support that you get with the Ruby Ribbon Full Support camis, and includes adjustable straps too. It’s just another Ruby Ribbon option to say “Bye Bye Bra.” (Women with a D cup or higher should go up one bra band size for best fit)
And, for those of you that love our tops with the shaping sleeve, this will be a great cami to wear under them. You will have the support you need but only one layer of tummy shaping.
This post is part of a series I’m doing on all the new pieces in the Ruby Ribbon Summer 2016 Capsule. Check out the others here!

Layering takes Spring into Summer

Are you ready for a fun Summer look?  Here’s something from Ruby Ribbon that will take you from Spring into Summer. Put on the Sheer Collection Classic Cami (no bra needed!) and layer on a Black Lingerie Tank.
Pair them with the Black Ruched Capris (which you can get right now for $29 when you buy the rest of outfit) and finally, add the Judi Cardigan and you have a great outfit. Add any accessories with a pop of color!

Bye Bye Bra! – Not Kidding

bye bye bra 2016If you take your bra off the minute that you get home, I have news for you.  You can ditch your bra for good. I haven’t counted but I don’t think I’ve worn a bra for more than five times in the last year.
I found the secret  – it’s an amazing Ruby Ribbon cami that can replace your bra but still provide the support you need, no matter what cup size you are!
I offer the chance to try one out for a few hours if you are skeptical (because most women are since this seems too good to be true.) I’ve helped hundreds of women ditch their bras over the past 15 months!

Ruby Ribbon February

Feb 21 OOTDI’m guessing if you read this blog occasionally, you think that since I love Ruby Ribbon so much, I probably wear it every single day. I guess, really, I do since I always have a Ruby Ribbon cami under my clothes. But I haven’t been wearing Ruby Ribbon “exposed” every day.
And this month, that’s gonna change. I’ve been thinking about this idea for a while now and thought now was the time to just “go for it.”
So, starting today, I’m going to share my Ruby Ribbon outfit of the day. I’ll try to get a picture every day, but who knows?  (I really dislike those pics where someone has their phone in the middle of the pic but I may even resort to that.)
So, Feb 1 — I didn’t go all out with Ruby Ribbon this first day.  I’m wearing the Ruby Ribbon denim leggings (great with boots because they sleek to tuck in) with a white Ruby Ribbon Full Support Cami. Then I put a long purple wrap tank over it with a comfy grey sweater that is quite long (the look I personally like with leggings).
And, don’t forget about the “skinny band” in the denim leggings that gives you a little secret non-invasive tummy tuck.
Link to February OOTD Summary

Give it a rest!

Yes, you need to give it a rest! Your Ruby Ribbon cami, I mean. If you’ve been wearing it (and loving it) every day, you may find that it’s not supporting you in the way that should.
The technology in the Ruby Ribbon cami means it has a memory, and needs to rest between wearings to ensure it gives you the support it needs.
We have a saying “wear one, rest one, wash one” and that will help you keep your camis performing as expected. wear 1 rest 1

Don't let this be you!

I’m sharing a link that is making it’s way around Facebook. It’s actress Rachel Bloom getting ready for the Golden Globes 2015 and posing (I don’t think that’s really the right verb, but you get the idea) in her corset and two layers of Spanx. (Yeah, you read that right!) Go ahead and check out the article and see the picture that took some guts to post.
gallery-1452475831-gettyimages-504365696The ultimate result was Bloom looking amazing in a deep green long dress, but oh, how uncomfortable.  Too bad no one had told her about the Ruby Ribbon secret — or I guess I should say secrets.
She could be wearing Ruby Ribbon shapewear and she would know that shapewear can be comfortable, but still hold in the places that need holding.
And, she could be wearing a Ruby Ribbon cami or slip that allows her to ditch her bra! (You also read that correctly!) She would have all the support she needed (even as a self-proclaimed woman with boobs). And, she’d have shaping, smoothing, really a great look.
Let’s hope someone tells her the Ruby Ribbon secret!

What if you didn't need a New Year's Resolution?

new-years-resolutions-2014Getting healthy is a great New Years resolution. But if you want some immediate results, here’s something amazing. Ditch your Bra, Lose an inch, Look 10 lbs thinner, and no dieting required! How cool is that?
All with the comfortable “Bye Bye Bra” cami from Ruby Ribbon. All sizes will work, try one on to see.  Two levels of support so that they work for anyone from cup size B to KK.  No obligation to have a try-on session and see if it will be right for you. What do you have to lose (except inches)?