A few "firsts" in my Mobile Boutique

Well, I went “mobile” with my Mobile Clothing and Shapewear Boutique for the first time this weekend, heading to Arthur ND on Saturday morning.
another collage for boutiqueMy boutique is a Winnebago Brave and man, do I feel like I need to be brave each time I get in and drive. Each time, I do feel more confident and I know that I’ll be fine, but each trip also has some firsts.
I got up early so I could head to the gas station before heading out. After a reminder that the gas tank is on the drivers side, and a quick assessment that I didn’t need to be concerned with the height of the canopy over the gas pumps, I drove up to take on what should be a simple tasks but another “first”. And guess what, it was simple!  Since it was 6:30 AM, there weren’t many cars also getting fuel and I was able to pull up easily. I hopped out, put in a ginormous amount of unleaded and was on my way. Not much bravely really needed!
It was a nice calm morning and Arthur is only about 15 miles away. I wasn’t sure exactly where I was going to set up and of course, as a worrier, I had that in the back of my mind. I also hadn’t yet gone over about 50 miles per hour, but I managed pretty quickly to overcome that next milestone, and I even tried out the cruise-control for the first time (in preparation for my upcoming longer trip to Jamestown).
Once I got to Arthur, it was a snap to  pull in near the grocery store (aka Arthur Mall) and get set up (I guess all that worrying wasn’t warranted). I did my best to make my boutique look “open for business” from the outside, even though a strong North Dakota wind was really blowing.
I spent about 3 hours in Arthur and met up with some current customers. Capri leggings were my best seller and a few “wish list” items also were noted for another day.  I didn’t get any drop-in visitors to the boutique but I’m working up some ideas for next weekend (when I manage another first, driving in a city much larger than Arthur or Casselton).  Stop in if you’re in Fargo Saturday!

Kind of my Sunday "uniform"

I’m getting ready today for a trip to the hair salon, and dressing pretty casual in what has almost become my Sunday uniform. I’m wearing the Ruby Ribbon black capri leggings (with a skinny band!) with a longer taupe “sweatshirt,” or as close to a sweatshirt as I personally get. It’s a cotton blend, no logos on it, fits pretty loosely. I’m not posting a picture (due to the hair salon thing – ha!) but I’m sure you’ll see it later this month. Or in another color since I have three of the exact same top in varying colors.
boots leggingsI’ll be sliding on my boots (we are supposed to be having a blizzard but so far, not even a flake of snow that I can see). My Sunday Tip is to wear capri leggings with boots for less fabric to tuck in and a sleeker look.
I knew when I started this month of outfits that I’d eventually have a post where my outfit was less than stellar; I guess today is the day.
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