A new take on the lace lingerie tank

empire lace tankOur lace lingerie tanks, which are designed to be worn over the Ruby Ribbon award-winning cami, have been popular, and with a fresh design for Summer 2016, they are going to be even more popular.
Check out the new Empire Lace Tank that includes straps wide enough to cover your cami straps, but still in the lace that you love! It comes in the basics — black and white — and will be a great layering piece with many of the spring and summer pieces.
It’s long enough to leave out or tuck it in if that’s how you like it. Wear it under the Judi or the Ponte Jacket. I also like it as a summer tank on the hottest days.
Like the lace scarf, this also is a Ruby Ribbon Club item. If you’ve ever purchased a piece of Ruby Ribbon shapewear, you can but this amazing lace tank at a $10 discount.
As of today, you can order any of these new Summer pieces from my Ruby Ribbon website. Or, get in touch with me if you want to see some of these pieces and try them on!
This post is part of a series I’m doing on all the new pieces in the Ruby Ribbon Summer 2016 Capsule. Check out the others here!

Show me 6 ways to wear that scarf

The peacock green scarf in the Fall collection from Ruby Ribbon was a sellout — so fast that many of my clients didn’t even get a chance to see it.
Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen to you with the black lace scarf that debuts with the Summer 2016 capsule.  This versatile scarf is made of a stretch lace and can be worn six different ways, possibly more!
It’s also a featured “Ruby Ribbon Club Item,” which means that anyone who has purchased a piece of Ruby Ribbon shapewear at any time will get $10 off this scarf, while supplies last. What a great deal!
Our Lace Scarf 6 Ways.jpg
This post is part of a series I’m doing on all the new pieces in the Ruby Ribbon Summer 2016 Capsule. Check out the others here!

Spring (fashion) is just around the corner

springSpring with Ruby Ribbon is just around the corner!  Set to launch on January 24, the spring capsule from Ruby Ribbon features pinks, corals, ivory, navy and even a floral pattern. Here are a few other key aspects of the collection:

  • Arm candy — you’ll be seeing sleeve details that you’ve never seen before (and a couple that are more familiar)
  • spring black topMore lace — Ruby Ribbon always has some lace pieces or items with lace accents and this season is no different. The lace items are on trend and different from what you might be expecting
  • LBD  — watch for a new version of the Little Black Dress
  • Sheer and flowing — several of the new spring pieces have a sheerness to them (I guess this also is a Ruby Ribbon trademark) and many are more loose fitting and flow around your body

I can’t wait to show these pieces to you. Let’s get together soon for a personal styling appointment so you can try them on!