Little Black Work Dress — a work wardrobe series

LBDI’m going to round out this series of “what to wear to work” with a dress, actually a traditional LBD (aka little black dress). But, we should call it a LBWD, right?
The Ruby Ribbon Fit and Flare dress is my go-to dress. It looks great on everyone, can be worn a thousand different ways, and washes well. It’s again made of our Ponte fabric and includes a shaping slip built in.
Every woman that has tried it on at my shows remarks about how it feels and how it flows. It hangs beautifully.
I like to say that we all could go to work in this same dress and none of us would look the same. Pair it will any fun chunky jewelry for a great look. Go on a search for just the right pair of shoes to work with that jewelry, if you’ve got the time.
Or, add on a different scarf each time you wear it and it will never feel like you’re wearing the same dress. Imagine all the great looks you could get with this variety! scarves
I sometimes pair my dress with a teal-colored short sleeve cardigan that I’ve had in my closet for a long time. But, it will also look so professional if you wear it with the Ruby Ribbon Ponte Jacket.
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Spring (fashion) is just around the corner

springSpring with Ruby Ribbon is just around the corner!  Set to launch on January 24, the spring capsule from Ruby Ribbon features pinks, corals, ivory, navy and even a floral pattern. Here are a few other key aspects of the collection:

  • Arm candy — you’ll be seeing sleeve details that you’ve never seen before (and a couple that are more familiar)
  • spring black topMore lace — Ruby Ribbon always has some lace pieces or items with lace accents and this season is no different. The lace items are on trend and different from what you might be expecting
  • LBD  — watch for a new version of the Little Black Dress
  • Sheer and flowing — several of the new spring pieces have a sheerness to them (I guess this also is a Ruby Ribbon trademark) and many are more loose fitting and flow around your body

I can’t wait to show these pieces to you. Let’s get together soon for a personal styling appointment so you can try them on!

Little Black Dress, but with Options

How often do you have wear your favorite LBD (little black dress)?  Not enough?  I think many of us have our favorite dress in the closet and not that many occasions to wear it.
What if you could make your LBD a part of your standard wardrobe?  You can with Ruby Ribbon!
ruched fake dressWe offer two pieces, the ruched skirt and the ruched tee, that when worn together make an amazing LBD for any occasion.
But the best part is that when you don’t need a dress, the ruched tee is great with many outfits. Pair it with jeans for a super casual look. Or put it on with dress pants and a jacket for something a bit dressier. Make sure to add in the right jewelry or scarf.
And, the ruched skirt doesn’t look that great on a hanger, but it looks amazing (!) on most women. The ruching is so forgiving. I like to wear my ruched skirt with a longer top for a chic look at work. (Hey, that reminds me that I haven’t worn my ruched skirt in a while but that’ll change tomorrow).