Happy Leap Day!

feb 29As the final outfit of the day that I selected for my month of wearing Ruby Ribbon every day, I selected two of my very favorites – the Manhattan Tunic and the Lace Panel Ponte  Leggings. I added some cute black ankle boots and a long silver necklace.
This month of blogging my outfit has made me hyperaware of what I wear each day. I paid a lot more attention to my accessories, and my shoes and even putting lipstick on before I left the house (because I didn’t want a pale face on the web every day).
I did find that it was easy to mix and match my Ruby Ribbon to come up with varying outfits every day. I don’t think I had too many repeat outfits. I also enjoyed selecting items from my Ruby Ribbon rack that I hadn’t worn yet, or were from the new Spring 2016 collection.
I hope you enjoyed this. I’m going to now start brainstorming on fun and fashionable topics to blog about in March.
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My "go to" skirt

feb 25We are nearing the end of February and I’ve been able to keep my commitment to wear something from the Ruby Ribbon line every day (in addition to my Ruby Ribbon ‘Bye Bye Bra’ cami that is a given).  Today, I wore a pink top with the Fit and Flare Skirt.
This is my “go to” skirt during any season – looks great with tights and boots this time of year, but super cute with summer sandals and a short sleeve top too.
I don’t want to double-up on outfits, but I’m kind of running out of ideas. If there is something you want to see in the next few days, drop me a note and I’ll see what I can come up with.
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My favorite top from Spring Collection

IMG_20160219_110549 (2)By far, my favorite top in the Spring  2016 Capsule is the Mesh Sleeve Tunic Sleeve Tunic that I wore yesterday. I like that it’s a little longer in the back than the front, is very soft fabric and the mesh sleeves are so unique.
I wore it yesterday two ways. Most of the day I paired it with this patterned skort. Then, when it was cooler, I changed into capri-length jeans. I liked it with both.
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Signs of Spring?

feb 18It feels very odd to post a pic on the days when my Ruby Ribbon isn’t the highlight of the pic, but here’s another one. I wore my Bootcut Leggings with a green top and a scarf to sort of “pull it all together.” (You’ve seen me in these “yoga pants” leggings before this month already. Only about 10 days to go in this month-long challenge)
I must be feeling a bit like Spring since I dug in my closet to find this top, and it has shorter sleeves that I might typically wear this time of year.
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Casual day at work

hepburnHere I am today, keeping it more casual today in my jeans, patterned top and the Ruby Ribbon Hepburn Cardigan.
I’ll be at work all day, other than a stop somewhere to get a new pair of summer shoes. We’re going on a trip to a warmer climate this weekend and I need some shoes that are super cute with shorts but also comfortable enough for a lot of walking.
I’m also mentally planning what I’m packing for the trip, keeping in mind my commitment to wear Ruby Ribbon every day this month. I got some great suggestions over on my Facebook page. Feel free to keep them coming!
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Out and about

IMG_20160215_094624Here’s a quick snap from what I’m wearing today. I have the day off for President’s Day and plan to run some errands and have Book Club later today.
It’s the Ruby Ribbon Lace Panel Leggings (you can see a pic of the lace panel close up here) and a longer dark green top. I added a scarf (to make it look more slimming – smirk) and a pair of boots.
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Wear it now, wear it later

IMG_20160209_063732I decided to wear another piece from the Ruby Ribbon Spring 2016 capsule today, showing how you can take some of the new spring pieces and incorporate them into your winter wardrobe. (It’s certainly still winter here!)
I paired the new Judi Cardigan over a pair of black leggings and a leopard-print tunic from my “before Ruby Ribbon” wardrobe.  I added some black boots.  Not much jewelry is required with a patterned top like this.
I can see this cardigan worn continuously in the Spring; the color and fabric weight are going to make it be a staple in any wardrobe.
I took about 15 different pictures and this is the best I could do. Sorry.
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Almost a repeat of yesterday

Today I am working from home, due to mildly bad roads and blustery weather in North Dakota. I’m sure I could have made it to work, but why try if you can occasionally work from home. Thankful for technology!
And, my Monday Ruby Ribbon outfit is a lot like yesterday. I’m wearing a pair of Ruby Ribbon leggings, along with a loose-fitting but super cute teal colored long top that’s been in my closet a few years.  (And slippers, which is something new for me; I’ve been anti-slipper most of my life)
This Monday, Ruby Ribbon has a special event going on tonight too!  We have a special Monday night “Learn more about Ruby Ribbon” Call tonight at 7 PM CST and my friend Amy Scott will be the special guest on tonight’s call! (She’s wearing pink in the pic below) I met Amy at the Ruby Ribbon conference last summer and learned about how she decided to change her life for the better by getting out of a marriage that wasn’t working for her and how she transitioned her Ruby Ribbon for a hobby to how she pays her mortgage.
This is such an exciting time to join Ruby Ribbon. North Dakota is wide-open in most communities, and the company is experiencing record growth. Maybe it’s time for you to just learn a little more?
Call in and just listen, and you’ll be entered to win a free prize too!12654557_761623637306161_2392239329186903914_n

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Kind of dressy for Saturday?

IMG_20160206_081246 (003).jpgToday is Saturday, and I normally would be a bit more casual, but I had some meetings today and wanted to look pulled together.
I went with a royal blue skirt from my closet, paired with the Lana blouse worn open as a jacket, over a black Lingerie Tank (which was worn over a black Ruby Ribbon Classic Cami).
This blouse has lace panels, plus sheer sleeves and is so easy to work with. Tonight, I changed out the skirt for jeans and had an appropriate evening look.
They are forecasting a blizzard for our area tomorrow. What is the appropriate blizzard attire from Ruby Ribbon?
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And today the dress

the dressToday, I wore the new Ruby Ribbon Fit and Flare Dress (since the jacket won out yesterday.) When I saw this dress originally, I wasn’t sure I would like it. In fact, when I ordered it, I expected to just put it on my rack as a sample.
But after wearing it, it’s mine!  I guess I’ll need to get another one as a sample for my rack. There is NO WAY I’m giving this dress up! The fabric is so soft, the fit is so flattering and it makes me feel so good about myself (which is what we really want from our clothes, isn’t it?)
I paired it with a teal colored sweater and a long necklace. I can think of a thousand ways to style it. And I got my hair styled by Ashley H at blow this morning too.
Since I’ll be ordering another one, what size do you think I should get for my rack? Who is ready to try this dress on?
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