50 degrees in Febuary?!?!

IMG_20160226_170104Yesterday, I dug around a bit in my close to see if I could come up with a Ruby Ribbon top that I hadn’t worn yet this month. It was a super warm 50 degree day in ND and I chose this black Ruched Tee with short sleeves.
I paired it with jeans and this blue top with faux leather trim. (The jacket looks too big on me in this picture, but I don’t think it is?)
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Casual, comfy, put together

IMG_20160210_071116You can’t tell too easily from the colors in this picture, but I choose the peacock (aka teal blue) ruched top with “bracelet length” sleeves as my Ruby Ribbon item to wear today.
I paired it with jeans and tan cotton “jean” jacket thrown over. Casual, comfy but still put together. (Should have saved this outfit for tomorrow since I’ll need something warm for my nephews hockey game in the evening and jeans are a good bet.)
The ruching in this top (at the waistline) hides some of the “situations” that some of us have in the tummy area. And, the top also has a built-in shaping sleeve to give you even a bit more help in that area.
12717455_10153593131133579_1231283849307873947_nJust for fun, I’m also posting just one of the pics that I got while trying to take the picture for today. I still haven’t mastered the selfie in the mirror (and maybe never will)?   And wait, what, all those bottles! They can’t all be mine?
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So, what is a shaping sleeve?

hidden-shapewearWith Ruby Ribbon clothing, one of the unique ways that the clothes are made to help you look sleeker and slimmer is the “shaping sleeve.”  So, what it is?
A shaping sleeve is an inner slip built right into many of the tops, as well as all dresses and skirts. This sleeve has a silicone gripper edge to ensure that the garment stays in place.
The shaping sleeve in the tops also has a shelf bra included. Depending upon your size, you may be able to wear one of the Ruby Ribbon tops without a bra. If you need more support (and many well), layer in a Ruby Ribbon Classic Cami or wear a lightweight bra.
Here are a couple of my favorite Ruby Ribbon tops that have shaping sleeves built in:
Versatile Top
This top is versatile because it can be worn with your choice of two necklines — a flattering scoop nect or a complimentary crew neck. It also comes in a berry color that looks great with a black skirt.
Ruched Top
I have worn the Ruby Ribbon Ruched Top a lot this summer. Both the ruching and the shaping sleeve slim you throughout the bodice. This top looks great with a black skirt and is a basic piece to have in your wardrobe to wear under jackets.
ruchedtop_black_frontCheck out my Ruby Ribbon website to see many other options for shaping essentials to help you look great!