Little Black Work Dress — a work wardrobe series

LBDI’m going to round out this series of “what to wear to work” with a dress, actually a traditional LBD (aka little black dress). But, we should call it a LBWD, right?
The Ruby Ribbon Fit and Flare dress is my go-to dress. It looks great on everyone, can be worn a thousand different ways, and washes well. It’s again made of our Ponte fabric and includes a shaping slip built in.
Every woman that has tried it on at my shows remarks about how it feels and how it flows. It hangs beautifully.
I like to say that we all could go to work in this same dress and none of us would look the same. Pair it will any fun chunky jewelry for a great look. Go on a search for just the right pair of shoes to work with that jewelry, if you’ve got the time.
Or, add on a different scarf each time you wear it and it will never feel like you’re wearing the same dress. Imagine all the great looks you could get with this variety! scarves
I sometimes pair my dress with a teal-colored short sleeve cardigan that I’ve had in my closet for a long time. But, it will also look so professional if you wear it with the Ruby Ribbon Ponte Jacket.
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No one knows how comfortable that suit is – a work wardrobe series

Now, we’re going to get sneaky. I’m going to suggest that you add in a jacket to give the look of a suit to either the pants or the skirt that we talked about at the beginning of this series.
When you choose the Ruby Ribbon Ponte Jacket, you get a versatile jacket in the exclusive Ponte fabric with flattering seaming detail. It looks like a great professional jacket but it feels so comfortable, more like something you would choose to wear on a weekend.
It will give you a very polished look when paired with any of the Ponte bottoms that we’ve been talking about. (Plus, you can pull it out on the weekend for a casual look when you need a cute layering piece.)
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Fashion layers for work — a work wardrobe series

Yesterday, we added two tops to our work wardrobe, selecting them from the Essentials with Shaping collection. Today, we’ll look for two additional fashion layers, which are also always figure flattering but their “built-in secrets” may be harder to find.
For a business setting, I’m going to suggest you check out these two pieces, but I have to admit it was a challenging choice to make:
marilynMarilyn top — This top comes in a choice of Heather Gray or Black and either would be a good choice. It features a unique shawl neckline and a shirring panel in the front that flatters your figure.
kimono floral.pngKimono top in Floral Pattern — My other choice is this sheer top that is designed to be worn over a Ruby Ribbon cami. It has a nice open neckline and kimono sleeves for a dramatic silhouette. And, the wide was it band helps slim you. If you’re less daring, you can also get it in black. (That’s me on the right, BTW)
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But I'll need some tops? — a work wardrobe series

You’re right, now that you have a pair of pants and a skirt, you’ll need some tops to wear with them. I’ll suggest a few tops today and tomorrow before we move on to a few other key basics for your professional wardrobe.
peplumtop_royal_frontYou likely have some blouses and other work-appropriate tops in your wardrobe, but I’ll suggest a few that will work great with the Ruby Ribbon pieces that I’ve already shown you.
Let’s start first with two tops from our “Essentials with Shaping” collection. These are pieces that include a hidden “shaping sleeve” in the garment that smoothes and shapes in the places that some of us need it. They are comfortable and flattering.
drapeneckshapingtop_scarlet_frontThere are so many great options to choose from, but I’m going to go with the Peplum Top and the Drape Neck Shaping Top because they will both pair so well with the pants and skirts from the last two days. The Peplum Top has a nice lace detail at the neckline, and the peplum is flattering as it helps accent your waist. This royal blue color will look amazing on so many women. The Drape Neck Shaping Top  is striking in a beautiful red with a subtle neckline.
Both of these are going to work great in summer since they’re sleeveless, but still layer well as the seasons change.
Stop back tomorrow to see even more options for fashion tops for business.
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Now let's add in a skirt — a work wardrobe series

Yesterday, I suggested that you check out the Ruby Ribbon Ponte pants as a foundation for your work wardrobe. Today, I’d consider adding in a black skirt too.
I understand that many women don’t choose skirts, but they provide a polished look. Plus, I find they can be more forgiving on your figure than pants, if you give them a chance.
For a great skirt for business settings, my suggestion would be the Ruby Ribbon Peggy skirt. This is a classic knee length style with a seam that gives it a tailored look and it can be worn so many ways. The fit is flattering on most women and it’s available in a range of sizes from extra small to 3XL. (Actually, most  Ruby Ribbon clothes in this wide size range.)  Besides having a skinny band, it also has a built-in slip to smooth and control from hip to top of knee.
Pair this skirt with a blouse and you are out the door! Toss on a tank, a cardigan and a cute scarf and you have a second outfit. I can go on and on here.
If you would prefer a longer length, check out the Ruby Ribbon Midi Skirt. This skirt features an A-line silhouette that gives has nice movement when you walk. It’s going to be warmer in winter, that’s for sure, but still stylish all year around. Super cute with black boots too!
skirt wear now wear later asymI’ll give you one final option for a profession skirt. If you already own a basic black skirt, and want to add in a bit of variety, check out the Asymmetric Skirt. It has a faux wrap with stylish tucks at the hit and subtle front slit. This skirt also will take you from day to evening so easily, mainly with a swap into evening heels.
All three of the skirts I’ve mentioned again are all in the exclusive Ponte fabric that washes well, and will last for years.
I hope to see you tomorrow as we continue on our journey of finding the best work basics to pull together so many outfits fast.
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Work Wardrobe Summary

I’m doing a collection of posts right now on how to pull together an effective, comfortable and professional work wardrobe.
Here is a link to each of the posts (will be updated as they get published).

What to wear to work tomorrow? – a work wardrobe series

Let’s kick off a short series on how to pull together a work wardrobe that is polished and perfect for a business and professional setting, but also so comfortable that you don’t mind wearing it into the evening.
I’ll try to even toss in some ways to wear these items for other occasions, such as a night out or an event at your child’s school.
I’m going to start by recommending that you get a pair of the Ruby Ribbon pants; we have two styles to choose from and they have a lot in common. Both are made of our exclusive Ponte fabric that is durable and comfortable and both feature our “Skinny Band” to help hide any tummy that you might have. Plus front seaming on the front of the legs give you a long, lean appearance.
pantsYou can choose from:
Slim Leg Pants — These are an ankle length path with a side slit detail. For most women, they hit right at the ankle and look great with flats, but shorter women may find they are “just right” in length to wear with a shoe with a heel.
Flare Leg Pants — This pair has a flattering flare leg and a back yoke detail that gives a flattering silhouette. They also come in a Short length.
To kick off your work wardrobe, I would recommend that you get one of these in the Charcoal Heather color that can be worn year around. They do also come in black if you wanted to add in a second pair.
Check back more this week to see what else I recommend to get you out the door for work quickly.
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