August 11, 2020

About Char

I think it dates way back to my teenage years, but possibly even earlier. I love clothes!

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So it’s not all that surprising that I would have a business based on what you’re wearing, and what you’re wearing under it. It’s all about what to wear!

Welcome to Style with Char Studio. It’s stylish and on-trend clothing, brought to you either in my studio in Fargo ND, or online where ever you may be. But either ways it’s about the clothes, and also what’s under your clothes.

I offer a curated collection of clothes that I selected because I wanted clothes for you to wear to the office (and be comfortable all day, even while you’re co-workers are remarking about how great you look!) And I wanted cute and fun clothes for you to wear on the weekends, something unique and special and that go with you from grocery shopping to a early evening out with friends.

And somewhere along the way, I found out that I also could help you ditch your bra, and that’s where the focus on what you’re wearing under your fashions comes into play. Not only can I help you love your clothes, but I can help your clothes hang smoothly and give you a little shaping, but without any feelings of constricting fabrics. Plus, remember, I can help you say Bye Bye Bra (for real, yes, even you, no matter your cup size. Try me!).

So let’s go back to when I was a teenager, where did my love of clothes take me? It took me to a part-time job at Dayton’s, a local department store where I lived in ND. It’s where I learned how to colorize clothing so that the displays were super pleasing to the eye. I learned to size pantyhose and I learned about jewelry and handbags and other accessories.

It’s also the place where I fell in love with colorful shoes (and I just can’t break that one!)

I’ve had my fashion business since 2015, and it’s taken me lots of place – literally. From in home trunk shows to “driveway parties” (you see I used to run my business out of a RV), to my cozy studio today, where you can shop while sipping a glass of wine or your favorite beverage.

And just in case you’re interested, I also have another full-time job on the side. I work as a manager at a real estate software company. I often marvel at the similarities I see in how agents run their businesses and what I am learning is important in running mine.

Why you’ll like what I offer

As I mentioned above, I selected the lines of clothing that I offer for specific reasons. I wanted great looking and easy to wear clothes that you’ll love wearing to the office, date night and maybe a casual event. Before I added each of the three lines of clothes that I offer, I did extensive research to find lines that offered quality, a range of sizes to fit all of us (me included) and really great looking items that I personally loved.

Here’s a bit more info on the three lines that I carry:

  • Peach — I loved Peach for the fashions – including trendy stylish pieces that are unique. They are grounded in a line of “Essentials” that are the staples in your wardrobe, and then sprinkle in seasonal items with pizzazz. They also offer accessories with each season.
  • Storyline Collection — Two of my friends started Storyline Collection, and I was honored to be one of their founding partners (they call us Editors). It’s a well-defined line of classic pieces, centered around a mix-and-match concept designed to make getting stylished dressed each day simple. Think versatility without complexity.
  • Ruby Ribbon — I’ve offered Ruby Ribbon the longest (just over five years!) and it’s the workhorse of your wardrobe. It’s built around the world-s best shapewear (think shaping and smoothing, but super comfortable), and we offer the Bye Bye Bra cami, which will replace your bra (no more underwires), no matter what size your are. The line rounds out with slimming swimsuits too, and a selection of leggings and pants that feature a skinny waistband to give you a little tummy support.

A Peek into Char’s World:

  • Where I grew up: Casselton ND, just outside of Fargo (yeah, that Fargo!)
  • My pets: Right now, I have on fun and lively dog, a German Wirehair Pointer named Libby
  • My favorite music: My all-time favorite artist is Uncle Kracker, but I like a lot of other music too!
  • My favorite foods: I like fresh food, not processed and I lean towards ethnic like Mexican or Chinese (oh, and sushi)
  • What I like to do in my spare time: For the last couple years, I’ve been escaping the ND winter by moving to Arizona for a couple months. In the summer, I like camping, boating and swimming. I like the outdoors and walking my dog, and quiet time with a book or a new magazine. (What’s your favorite magazine?)

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2 thoughts on “About Char

  1. Hi Char,
    My name is Annie McKenzie, and I live in Bismarck, ND. I’m messaging you because I’m wondering if I could ask you some questions about Ruby Ribbon? I love their camis. I have 4 of them and thought it would be fun to host a party. Would you believe that I couldn’t find a stylist interested? So, I decided to become a stylist myself! I have my trunk, and I even have two people’s orders. I’ve called Ruby Ribbon multiple times, left a couple emails, attended a zoom meeting, and I just can’t get anyone to respond! Here are my questions: 1. What is the best way for me purchase camis for myself AND to add to my trunk? 2. I see that stylists can host 1 trunk show a month. Will I be able to earn hostess rewards AND commission if I do this? 3. I read that stylists receive 40% off for the first 60 days, and then after that we can sample the current collections. What does that mean? If we sample the current collections, do we send them back at some point? I have a trunk show scheduled for June 25th, and I want to make sure that I am 100% ready to go. Would you be able to answer these questions for me? I would appreciate any help you could give me!! Thank you! ~Annie McKenzie

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